Divergent High

Chapter 2

A/N: I do not on Divergent.
Veronica Roth does.

Bored. To. Death. This morning I had to wake up early because my parents had something important to do at work. This meant that I had to walk to school becuase there was no point in me waiting for the school bus so long. I got there just in time because class was abput to start. When I walked in and sat down Christina whispered ,"where've you been?" I imitated a disturbed sleep and she stifled laughter. Our horrible, strict, mean teacher gave us a disapproving look but didn't say anything. I silently sighed in relief.

The first class we did was math. I couldn't believe the amount of homework we had to do for the next day. Christina had the same shocked look as me when we were throwing it into our lockers. I checked my watch and then looked at the piece of paper above our lockers. It showed the times of different lessons; according to that sheet it was now supposed to be an introduction to science. But we got a different lesson instead. It was much funner than the science we would have done otherwise.

So today we found out that a new teacher had come in for the week. Max was his name (he didn't like being called by his last name). Instead of science we got to do P.E. I was disheartened becuase I thought it just ment running and stretching for a while. The thing we actually did was paintball. THE LESSON WAS JUST PAINTBALL! There were two teams: Max's and Tobias'. I luckily ended up with Tobias and Christina. The other people in our group were called Will, Zeke, Uriah, Marlene, Lynn and Edward. I'd seen some of them because they hung out with Tobias. So we played a capture the flag in the school field and it was so amazing. First , we had to find a hiding spot for our flag and then got some time to make a startegy of how we woulg get the other team's flag. Me, Tobias and Christina went around the field to attack from behind while the other part of our group either rushed in or stayed behind. We got to their flag before they even noticed us and started rolling around in laughter when we saw their shocked and puzzled faces. On our way back our whole team started chatting with eachother and giggling.

Later on in the cafeteria I noticed Christina staring at Will endlessly. She looked like she was in some kind of trance or something. "You know Will, that guy from paintball," she said,"I think he's really cute! I wish he will one day be mine." Suddenly Will turned his head and noticed her. Christina blushed and quickly looked away but not quickly enough for Will not to notice her. He got up, walked over to us and whispered something in her ear. He left and Christina opened her mouth in a big grin about to tell me what it was. That's when the sirens went off. And not the fire ones either.

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