Divergent High

Chapter 3

A/N: I do not own Divergent.
Veronica Roth does.

Tobias POV

I was in the gym when I heard the alarms go off. I tried not to panic although I knew what these alarms ment from my time at this school. It ment an attack.

Earlier in my school years we'd had a few drills for these. They always had to evacuate us somewhere and then break the news that we were just practising. Then I would have panicked instantly. But now, after all those times, I had only one thing on my mind. Tris.

Tris POV

Some teacher ran in screaming for us to get out from the cafeteria. I didn't understand anything she was saying so Christina and I just followed everyone else. I heard people saying something about attacks and drills and that there wasn't a practice scheduled.

They took us out to the field but then lead us away from the city. I couldn't understand why they would do this until I heard the boom.

Tobias POV

I ran to the cafeteria, hoping to find her but in vain. It had already been evacuated. In fact, the whole school had been evacuated except me, Zeke and Tori. I was about to sprint back out again when I heard the boom of explosives and gunshots. I realized what was happening instantly.

There had been news reports lately of a secretive organization calling themselves the Allegiant. We had been warned that they were armed and likely to attack Chicago at any moment. They said they were doing this for liberation or something like that. I had one question though: Why did they attack here?

Tris POV

I fell to the ground with Christina. My ears were ringing and by the look of her face her's were too. The same happened to everyone around us, and it was at that moment I realised how terrified everyone was. Everyone but me.

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