Divergent High

Chapter 4

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Veronica Roth does.

Tobias POV

As the question started tiring my mind, I stopped thinking and just went where I thought Zeke would be. I was going to look in the gym but as I was walking through a corridor I saw him with Tori in one of the teachers' offices. When I walked in, the room was eerily silent, and both of them stared at me. I think I saw both of them slightly relax. None of them would speak so I near-silently whispered, "Anyone know what's going on?" Tori slightly nodded and I saw slight surprise in Zeke's face as she started saying something about the school's actual meaning.
"The first thing I'm going to say is that if we don't get caught then you will not be allowed to tell anyone. I only know this by accident anyway," she took a deep breath and spoke again. "This is not just a high school. It was built to filter normal people from people that are slightly...different. I think you have both heard of the orginization named Allegiant. It is most likely that at the moment they are searching the whole school for everyone who didn't get out. They are all people who are slightly different from others." I noticed that she didn't say us when she said that. "Have either of you two thought about why they attacked this school?" Both me and Zeke nodded. "Well that reason is that they are rebels. And they want more recruits for their organization. Those people have to be different." She looked down and I noticed that when she looked up she had a slight look of pity on her face. "The school has found two people at the moment that are different. The Allegiant know them as well." Zeke looked up with a questioning look. The next sentence Tori spoke reluctantly. "Tris and Tobias are those people.

Tris POV

Everyone started running in random directions but I seemed to be the only one who wasn't fazed by any of it. I just stood there in the clearing, looking around at all the distress. A small voice inside my head urged me to laugh at them. Christina ran to me eyes open in fear like she had just seen a ghost. That's when I noticed the fire behind the school. The only unusual thing was that the smoke seemed to be forming into the different form badges. I shook my head thinking I was seeing things but when I looked back it still looked the same. I felt Christina tugging on my shirt and I felt her voice in my head, but I couldn't hear her even though it felt like she was screaming. Suddenly, I started to walk in the direction of the school with determination like never before; although I can't remember willing my feet to move. They just took me in that direction. As much as I tried to fight back I couldn't. Turning around to look back, I noticed all the people who were running staring at me. Christina stared at me wide-eyed and her hands clasped over the mouth. Right at that moment I smelled smoke. I thought that it was the school until I looked down and saw the field was starting to catch fire. For some reason this urged me to keep on walking even more. I thought I saw silhouttes inside running as I edged closer to the school.

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