Divergent High

Chapter 5

Tris POV

The smoke was overwhelming, setting into my lungs and making me cough harshly. But that didn't stop me. I crouched next to the school wall and looked around at the ground, for anything that could help me break in. Nothing on the ground. Next I tried to find a door somewhere. If thos was the field side, there should be a door around... There! Quietly I walked through, not taking notice of it being unlocked.

Inside, a sinister silence fell upon the school. I looked down the corridor I was in. Empty. Everywhere was empty. Too empty. Too silent. Suddenly I felt an explosion behind.

I flew forward, so surprised I couldn't even use my arms to help the fall. A horrible pain sparked in my ribs. But apparently that wasn't it. From behind came soldiers dressed in white and blue, swarming around me, taking ropes out to tie me up. As they rolled me over, the pain in my ribs exploded and that was the last straw. I kicked out, screaming, forgetting about the pain. I think out of the corner of my eye I saw Tobias through the crowd. Was he holding a knife? I could never be sure because at that moment they put a cloth to my face. It's intense stench was enough to make me drift away into unconscious.

Tobias POV

The knife was already flying. I saw one of the Allegiants crumble to the ground. With that they all turned around, letting me see Tris on the ground behind them, tied up and unconscious. Two of them raised their weapons pointing them straight at me. The last thing I remember was extreme pain and writhing on the ground, unable to do anything else.

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