Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir


A supervillain with the name of Hawk Moth has surfaced in Paris. The only thing powerful enough to stop him is the Ladybug and Chat Miraculous. Marinette Dupain-cheng had never had to worry about much in her life. Her biggest problems were forgetting about homework, and Chloe Bourgeois. Throw in a best friend, a new found crush, and being a superhero, Chloe Bourgeois is still her biggest problem. Luka Couffaine isn't as shy as his sister but he still prefers the quiet life. A random act of kindness leaves him with a cheese loving, flying ball of destruction that he can easily call his best friend, and a crush on his sister's friend who hides a secret that might be just as big as his own. Characters belong to Thomas Astruc

Action / Romance
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Origins, Part 1

Many centuries ago,

magic jewels with

extraordinary powers were created,

these were the Miraculous.

Throughout history, heroes

have use these jewels

for the good of the human race.

Two of these Miraculous

are more powerful than the others,

the earrings of the ladybug,

with power of creation,

and the ring of the black cat,

which grants the power of destruction.

According to legend,

whoever controls both these jewels

will achieve absolute power.

"I want that absolute power Nooroo. I must have those Miraculous." The villain clicked the locket shut.

He stood in his lair. White butterflies scattered about on the floor, waiting for his command.

In front of him floated Nooroo, the kwami of the purple moth miraculous.

"But nobody knows where these Miraculous are." Nooroo cried out.

The villain huffed. "I found you though, my little Nooroo." He touched his finger tips to the outside of the locket. "Your miraculous, remind me of its powers again."

Nooroo, ever so excited to impart his knowledge onto young fledglings kindly obliged. "The moth brooch allows you to give someone a super power and to make that person your follower."

The villain continued to rub at his locket. The little black and silver locket that he had designed to hold the photo of his beloved wife. "And when it comes to luring superheroes, what could be better than creating super-villains."

The plan was perfect. All he had to do was to create super-villains to lure out the holders of the ladybug and cat miraculous. And when he had them in his grasp, he would use that absolute power to bring his beloved wife back from the dead.

"But master, the Miraculous aren't meant for evil purposes."

The villain stomped his foot, tired with his kwami's excuses. "I must have that absolute power! Your miraculous is in my control" He pointed a finger at the startled Nooroo. "I am your master now! And you must obey."

Completely defeated, Nooroo closed his eyes and lowered his head. In a small voice he lifelessly answered. "Yes, master."

The villain reached for the moth miraculous from within his pants pocket and placed it onto the collar of his shirt. The butterflies on the floor took flight. "Nooroo, dark wings, rise!"

The butterflies surrounded him, completely covering his body. He lifted his arms, spreading them out. The sudden action caused the butterflies the fly away from him, scattering around the room.

The transformation had only taken a couple of nanoseconds. The villain now stood in the center of his lair dressed in a purple suit. The black winged collar of the suit flared out like the wings of a moth.

"From this day on, I shall be known as Hawk Moth." Hawk Moth cackled.


Wayzz, the turtle kwami slept in an empty match box. His postage stamp collection taped to the wall of his room which was a Victrola.

An over-whelming sensation filled him. He bolted awake and flew to his master.

"Master, master."

His master's patient heard him and looked toward his master.

His master, who was a wizened Chinese man, feigned ignorance at his patient's confusion. Perfectly covering up Wayzz's mistake by waving his hands over the patient's body and chanting master, master.

"Chanting, it's all part of the treatment." He continued with the rouse then quickly pushed the young man out of the room. "Thank you for coming. See you next week."

Once the door was shut, Wayzz flew out from behind his master's back. "Master, the Moth Miraculous, I felt its aura."

The master grabbed his chin, pulling at his grey beard, lost in concentration. "I thought it was lost forever." His voice was hopeful at the fact that the Moth Miraculous had finally been discovered.

"But master, it's a negative aura. I fear it may have gotten in the hands of a dark power." Wayzz' worried voice warned his master.

"We must find Nooroo and his Miraculous." The master walked over to the Victrola. "If it has gotten into the wrong hands, there's no.telling what evil will come upon the world."

The master held up his arm with the Turtle Miraculous on it. The Miraculous was a simple looking tweed bracelet with a green turtle stone. "Time to transform! Wayzz..."

He started to do the poses that came with the transformation. A sharp pain rose from his lower back, spreading to the rest of his back and throughout his legs, reminding him that he no longer possessed his glorious youth.

He leaned onto the floor, waiting for the pain to subside.

Wayzz flew to him. "Master, be reasonable, you are..."

"Still young. I'm only one-hundred-eighty-six." His master cut him off.

The master pushed himself up off the floor, still holding onto his back. "But you're right, Wayzz. I can no longer do it alone. We'll need some help."

He pressed on the eyes of the Dragon inlays on the base of the victrola. A secret latch opened, revealing a set of buttons. He punched in the combination that allowed the victrola to open, revealing an old ornate wooden box that was painted in red symbols.


"Marinette!" The alarm rung out, ringing in unison with Sabine's voice. "Your alarm's been going off for fifteen minutes. Your going to be late for your first day."

Marinette reached a hand out from underneath the blanket and covered her phone.

"Got it mom." She called out steeply as she lifted the sheet off of her.

Slowly, she made her way down the steps to the main part of the house. "Coming..." She yawned.

She walked over to the small kitchen area and kissed her mother on the cheek before taking a seat.

"I bet Chloe will be in my class again." She said in a dreary tone. She grabbed the carton of milk and poured some into the waiting bowl.

"Four years in a row? Is that possible?" Her mother said, stunned. The odds of having someone in the same class four years in a row with so many students was highly unlikely.

"Definitely. Lucky me." She poured some chocolate powder into the bowl.

Her mother looked at her, holding a pot in her hands. "Don't say that. It's the start of a new year. I'm sure everything will be just fine.

Marinette nodded, believing in her mother's optimism. Just then, an orange fell out of the fruit bowl and rolled across the table bumping into the milk. Milk spilled out onto the floor at the same time as the container of chocolate powder fell into the fruit bowl. The orange continued to roll until it knocked over the cup of yogurt.

Just her luck. She was most definitely the clumsiest and unluckiest person in the world.

Her mother quickly came to her aid, cleaning up the spilled milk. She rubbed her daughter's cheek to let her know that everything would be fine.

Marinette finished her breakfast then grabbed her jacket and purse. She and her mother made there way down to the first floor where the bakery was.

Her father hummed out a song as he handed his daughter a box of neatly decorated green tea macaroons.

"Dad! These are so awesome!" Marinette climbed out as she looked at the present that she would give to her class.

"Glad you like 'em."

"Thank you dad, my class will love them. You're the best."

Her dad rubbed a large hand against her head. "We're the best. Thanks to your amazing designs."

Marinette dropped the box of macaroons and jumped up to hug her dad's large neck. He caught the falling present with one large foot, making sure that they didn't fall out onto the ground. He handed the box back to his daughter.

Marinette kissed both of her parents on the cheek before leaving. "See you tonight." She called out to them.

She rushed out the door and stopped at the crosse walk right out side of the bakery waiting for the light to change.

In the middle of the road was an elderly Chinese man crossing. He was leaning heavily on his cain.

Marinette panicked as she saw a car heading straight for him.

Not thinking anything about it, she ran into the street and pulled the elderly man across. Once they reached the sidewalk, she fell face first, spilling the box of macaroons.

"Thank you miss."

Marinette scrambled, trying to save the fallen macaroons.

"What a disaster."

She laughed, brushing off the comment. "Don't worry. I'm no stranger to disaster. Besides, there's still a few left."

She offered the elderly man one. He graciously accepted, taking a bite. "Delicious."

The school bell rings in the distance. "Oh, no! I'm late!" She closes the box and bows to the stranger. "Have a nice day sir!" She dashes across the street heading toward the school.

The elderly man holds a small wooden ornate box in his hand and chuckles. "Thank you very much young lady." He puts the box back into his pants pocket, continuing on his walk, no longer bothering to use his cain.


Marinette ran into the school yard and up the steps haphazardly carrying the box of macaroons.

Busting in through the door, she found a few familiar faces. There was Nino who was forced to sit in a row in the front by miss Bustier. There was also Max, Kim, Myléne, and Rose sitting at the back. And of course, there was also Chloe and Sabrina.

Marinette ignored her bad luck and took a seat in the second row directly in the middle. Chloe just couldn't leave things well enough alone and marched over to where she sat and slammed a palm down onto the table.

"Marinette Dupain-Cheng." Chloe's voice grated Marinette's ears.

"Ugh, here we go again." Marinette felt defeated by her own bad luck.

"That's my seat."

Marinette sighed and looked at the mean, rich girl. Chloe's blonde hair was tied into a tight ponytail and she wore white sunglasses on top of her head. Marinette locked bluebell eyes onto icy blue ones. "But Chloe, this has always been my seat."

Chloe's sidekick, Sabrina, slid onto the bench beside Marinette. "Not anymore. New school year, new seats."

No matter how mean Chloe was to Sabrina, the redhead would always be beside her. It really did stun Marinette at how someone could stick beside someone so mean.

"So why don't you go and sit by that new girl." Chloe turned and pointed toward a girl Marinette had never seen before.

The new girl wore an orange and white plaid shirt. Her long curly brown hair fell in waves down her back. She glanced up from her phone to briefly look at the exchange.

"But..." Marinette started her weak argument before Chloe rudely cut her off.

"Adrien's arriving today, and since that's going to be his seat," She pointed to the row in front of Marinette. "This is going to be my seat." Chloe slammed both hands onto the table. "Get it?"

Nathaniel and Ivan came into the classroom and claimed the rows behind her.

"Who's Adrien?"

Chloe and Sabrina burst into a fit of giggles. Crossing her arms, Chloe asked no one in particular; "Can you believe that she doesn't know who Adrien is?"

Her icy blue eyes narrowed. "What rock have you been living under?"

Sabrina leaned in close, almost sounding helpful as she explained to Marinette who Adrien was. "He's only a famous model."

Chloe placed one perfectly manicured hand on her chest, looking very stuck up, which Marinette had to agree that it wouldn't be very hard for her to accomplish. "And I am his best friend. He adores me. Go on, move."

If this Adrien was Chloe's best friend than there was no way that she wanted to meet him. He would probably be just as mean and stuck up as Chloe was.

Just then the new girl walked over. "Who elected you queen of the seats?"

Chloe took the challenge. "Look, Sabrina. We've got a little do-gooder this year. What are you going to do, shoot beams at me with your glasses?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" The new girl snarled at her. Brushing past Chloe, she grabbed Marinette by the wrist, dragging her to her seat in the front row beside the windows.

At the bottom of the steps, Marinette tripped, spilling the rest of the macaroons except for a couple. "Sorry, sorry, sorry."

"All right, has everyone found a seat?" Their home room teacher, miss Bustier asked.

"Chillax, girl. No biggie." The new girl said once Marinette was seated.

"I so wish I could handle Chloe like you do." Marinette confided to her.

"You mean the way Majestia does." She held up her phone with a picture of a blonde super heroine wearing a red and blue costume. "She says that all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing."

She grabbed Marinette's shoulder and pointed to Chloe. "Well, that girl over there is evil, and we're the good people. We can't let her get away with it."

"Easier said than done. She likes to make my life miserable." Marinette whispered.

"That's because you let her, girl. You just need more confidence."

Marinette liked the girl. She was brave and spoke how she felt.

Reaching for the only macaroon that Marinette could save, she broke it half and split it with her new friend.

"Marinette." She introduced herself with a smile.

"Alya." Her new friend accepted the offered gift.


Luka walked beside his sister, hands stuffed into the pockets of his coat. "You're going to be late for your first day if you don't hurry." He chuckled.

Julika, his younger sister, walked behind him a couple of paces. She picked up her speed till she was walking beside him, matching his pace. "It's alright. Thanks for walking me there."

"It's fine." He was still in bed asleep when he had heard a noise from outside.

He had walked out to the deck of the ship where he and his sister lived with their mother to find his sister looking at her bike. The back tire had popped after running over a nail.

Worried about his sister and having nothing better to do, he decided to walk her to her school. Guess it would have been their school if he hadn't asked their mother if he could be home schooled this year.

They reached the steps and Julika ran up them. When she reached the top, she turned around and waved goodbye.

Luka was turning around to leave when a flashy silver car pulled to a stop. A gorilla like man and a dainty business woman climbed out and stopped a boy who had just reached the first step.

He knew that boy. Or at least recognized him from somewhere. He looked like that young model who was postered everywhere.

Luka saw an elderly Chinese man loose his balance on his cain and fall. Without thinking, he rushed past the three strangers to the old man. He picked up the fallen cain and handed it to the man as he helped him up.

"Thank you, young man." The man thanked him.

"No problem. Are you all right?"

"Thank you, I'm fine."

Luka smiled and waved bye to the elderly man before he walked passed the blonde boy who had been on his way to help. He was ready to be back home by his guitar.


The elderly Chinese man waited for everyone to leave before he turned around to face the way that he had just come from.

Lifting the cain behind his back, he took off, whistling the tune to an old song. His plan had been to find the perfect candidates for the ladybug and the black cat miraculous and he had succeeded. It sure felt good to see that young people of this generation could be so caring and considerate.


The school bell rung, ending the class, or at least until the next one.

"Kim!" Ivan got out of his seat, clutching a piece of paper in his hand. He reared back his arm as if he was going to punch the class jockey.

"Ivan, what is going on?" Miss Bustier asked.

He lowered his arm for a second to point at Kim. "It's Kim! I'm so gonna..."

"Ivan!" Miss Bustier's voice turned stern. "Go to the principal's office."

Ivan balled up the piece of paper that he was holding. His eyebrows knitted together in anger.

Clutching the balled up paper in one hand, he threw on his backpack and walked out the door.


The still doors on the large window slid open. Hawk Moth stood in the middle of his lair surrounded by white butterflies.

"Negative emotions. This is perfect. Just what I need." He lifted a clawed hand in front of his masked face. "Anger, sadness... Burn a whole into his heart my little akuma."

A white butterfly landed onto his open palm. With his other hand he covered the tiny, winged creature.

Black spherical bubbles floated around his closed hands. Sliding into the cracks to cover the little butterfly.

When he removed his hand, the white butterfly was now black with bright purple markings. "Fly away, my little akuma, and evilise him!"

The newly turned butterfly took fly. It disappeared out of an opening in the middle of the large window.

Flying in the sky, above the Parisian city, it made its way to the school where Marinette attended.


Ivan pushed open the door to the principal's office.

"Excuse me young man. Hasn't anyone ever taught you to knock?" Mr. Democlese, the short, owl like man said from his seat behind the large wooden desk. He waved his chubby hands at Ivan. "Go on, out you go. Let's try it again."

Feeling frustrated, Ivan went back out the door, closing it behind him. Without him noticing, a little black butterfly flies to the crumbled up piece of paper in his hand, absorbing itself into it.

The outline of a purple moth covers his face. Inside his head, a voice begins to speak. One that he didn't recognize.

"Stoneheart, I am Hawk Moth. I give you the power to seek revenge."

The offer appeals to Ivan. "Okay, Hawk Moth." It was finally time for Kim to get what he deserves.

Black bubbles radiated out from his close fist, covering him. When they disappeared, Ivan was no longer there. In his place was a giant rock monster who was bent on revenge.

None the wiser of the events taking place outside of his office, Mr. Democlese grew frustrated with the student who obviously lacked manners.

"Well, come on in." He figured that the trouble maker needed to be told what to do, if he was even still out there.

The door slammed open, breaking off of its hinges. A towering boulder of rocks squeezed through the tight door frame and stood up to its full height. Letting out a ferocious roar, it lumbered over to where the stunned principal sat.


Marinette, Alya, and some of the other students were sitting in the library when a roar rung out. It was powerful enough to shake the walls and floors of the school causing some of the students to fall onto the ground.

Marinette laid on the ground, rubbing her ears. She wasn't sure what was going on but it sure sounded scary.

"C'mon!" Alya, ever quick with action, grabbed Marinette by the wrist and pulled her up, dragging her out the door.

They ran to the front of the library where there was a TV. The monitor showed that a giant rock monster had jumped out of the school, landing on the sidewalk beneath.

"Kim!" It roared out in anger before stomping off out into the city.

Marinette grew shocked and confused at the monster's voice. "What's going on? He had Ivan's voice."

Once the other hand, Alya seemed to be amazed and excited. "It's as if he's been transformed into a real-life super-villain." She pulled her phone out and started going through its settings. "GPS, check. Battery, check. I'm so outta here." She rushed off, her excitement visible.

Marinette hollered out to her new friend. "Where are you going?"

Alya stopped and turned around to face Marinette, rushing out an explanation so that she could be on her way again. "When there's a super-villain, a super hero's not far behind. No way I'm missing this!" Alya rushed out of the library's doors, leaving Marinette behind.


The master stood outside of a large wooden ship, a small wooden ornate box in hand.

The sounds of a guitar floated out of a lower deck window. Unfortunately, the boy he had chosen to be the holder of the black cat miraculous was home. How would he slip the box containing the Miraculous in there without being seen?


"Yes, master?" His kwami, Wayzz, floated out in front of him.

He handed the box to the turtle kwami. "Fly this in and place it somewhere where the boy will find it and make sure to stay hidden."

"Yes, master."

Wayzz awkwardly carried the box in his arms, bobbing up and down in his flight.

He reached the window where music was floating out through the small crack. It was just wide enough for Wayzz to squeeze in through.

Before he did, he made sure that the blue haired boy wasn't looking in his direction.

The boy sat on his bed Indian style. His eyes were closed as his hands strummed the strings on his guitar. He was dressed in this age's fashion. Black ripped skinny jeans, a white v-neck tee, and an over-sized jacket. His finger nails were even painted black.

Just because the boy didn't look like hero potential didn't mean that his heart wasn't. The master wouldn't have chosen him otherwise.

Wayzz slipped in, carefully carrying the Miraculous box so that it didn't scrape against anything. Quickly, he flew to the guitar case and placed the box into the pocket where spare strings and picks were kept. He figured that would be a good of place as any.

Wiping his forehead from imaginary sweat, he flew out the window back to his master.

"Well done, Wayzz." Their job distributing the two miraculous was finally done. Now it was up to the chosen ones to find them and to properly use them.


Luka's phone vibrated from inside his pocket. He carefully sat his guitar down. He would normally leave his phone on silent when he was playing but he didn't today just in case his sister needed him.

There wasn't a phone call or a text message from his mother or sister. Instead there was a new notification under the news. Since he already had his phone out, he clicked on it. The screen loaded into a video of the mayor holding and emergency press conference. "All Parisians, stay at home until the situation is under control." The mayor looked frantic as the mics were thrown into his face.

The screen switched over, showing the anchor women pointing to a small sized screen that showed a giant rock man attacking a barricade of police vehicles. The news title was labeled 'a super-villain in Paris?'

Worry for his sister and mother who were out in the city near the incident coursed through him. He grabbed his guitar and gently placed it in its cover. Something hard bumped into his hand while he was pulling it back.

Reaching into the pocket where he kept the spare items needed for his guitar was a small wooden ornate box. "What's this doing here?" He opened up the box to find a black ring nestled inside. Carved into the ring was a green paw print.

Yellowish-green light began to emanate from the ring. The light floated up into the air. The light left a small black floating cat in its place when it disappeared. The creature yawned, it's eyes still closed.

"What are you?" The words escaped from Luka's mouth before he could stop them.

"I'm Plagg. The kwami of the black cat miraculous." Plagg yawned, looking extremely worn out; just like a real cat. "Got any cheese? The stinkier the better." He rubbed his little blag stomach.

"Hmm. I'll go look."

Luka came back in carrying a box of yellow cheese. "This is all we have right now. If you're staying, I'll go pick some more up. You can choose which flavor you like."

"I'm gonna like you kid." Plagg took the offered cheese and swallowed it whole.

"Um, may I ask what you are doing here. Or how you got here?"

"I'm not sure how I got here, even though it's a good guess that the Guardian is involved."


Plagg shook his little black head, his whiskers flying around. "Looks like I have my work cut out for me. You owe me more cheese." Luka nodded his head. He was willing to oblige if it got him answers and quick. He sent a quick text to his sister and mother, making sure that they were alright and out of harms way.


Marinette sat in her chair back in her room, watching the news. "I hate first days at schools." It was true. For Marinette, first days of schools were the worst. If anything could go wrong then it would.

Marinette looked over the back of her chair down at her desk. Sitting on it was a small wooden ornate box that she had never seen before. "What's this doing here?" She reached for it and opened it up. Nestled inside was a pair of red and black spotted earrings. A red light emanated from them. Freaking out, Marinette dropped the box.

The red light floated above in the air. When it disappeared, in its place was a giant floating bug.

Marinette jumped out of the chair and clung to the pillar in her room. "Help, it's a giant bug!" She shrieked. She really didn't like the sight of bugs.

Was this thing even a bug? "A mouse... a bug-mouse." What was that strange, scary, red floating creature?

The bug-mouse flew closer. "Everything's okay. Don't be scared!" The bug-mouse tried to reassure her.

Freaking out, Marinette started throwing anything that she could grab at it.

"Look Marinette, I know things may same strange to you.."

It knew her name. It knew her name!

Marinette grabbed the glass jar that was in her dresser. With quick movements, she placed rhetoric jar over the bug-mouse.

"Okay, if that makes you feel safer." The bug-mouse said.

Marinette peered down at it through the glass. "What are you? How do you know my name?"

The bug-mouse proudly placed an arm against its chest. "I'm a kwami, and my name is Tikki. Now, just let me explain."

Marinette opened the latch to her door and lifted it up as far as she could without letting go of the jar. "Mom! Dad!"

"No, no, no." Tikki went through the glass and flew in front of Marinette, trying to stop her from retrieving her parents. "I'm your friend, Marinette. You must trust me. You're the only one who can stop Stoneheart."


"Do you think they'll be up to it, master?"

The master paused with his hands on the box that contained the other miraculous. "I only got it wrong once before. It will not happen again. At least I hope not."

He closed the lid on the box and clicked the button on the Victrola. The box slid inside the base and locked itself tightly.


"This has got to be some kind of mistake." Marinette tried to reason with Tikki. "The only super power I could have is super-awkwardness. Oh, I know. Alya would. That's my friend. At least I think she would. She loves superheroes. She'd totally be up for the job. You should totally go see her." Alya would make a really great superhero. Way better than she would.

Tikki flew closer to Marinette. "Marinette, you're the chosen one."

It took some time, more than Tikki would have liked but she finally got Marinette to agree to do the job. She explained how the Miraculous worked to her new holder.

"So, all I have to do is to rip up the thing the whatcha ma call it is hiding in?" Marinette put the earrings on.

"It's called an Akuma, which you must capture."

Marinette turned toward Tikki, still completely unsure about all of this. "Got it. Capture it. What's that charm thing again?"

"Your lucky charm, it's your secret super power."

Marinette fanned herself, reaching information overload. "This is all going to fast, Tikki. I...I..I won't be able to pull this off."

"Trust yourself Marinette. Just say spots on."

"Spots on?" As if she had spoken the magic words, the black earrings began to glow.

Tikki's little red body swirled in the air then was sucked into the earrings. "What is going on?"

Whitish-pink lights floated out of the earrings and swirled around, covering her entire body. She felt something smooth slide across her body and face.


"Is that everything?" Luka asked Plagg.

For the past ten minutes, the kwami had been flying all over the room, checking everything out as he explained the details his powers.

Luka could tell that Plagg wasn't one for details and could easily lose track but he been able to tell that the tiny guy could easily be swayed, and he was. Luka had received the information that he wanted by promising to take Plagg to pick whatever cheese he wanted after they defeated the super-villain.

"Yep. I think so."

"Okay then." Luka held out his arm with the ring on it. "Plagg, claws out."

Plagg's tiny black body swirled around until it was sucked up into the ring. Luka seriously hoped that the little guy didn't feel any pain.

His ring, which had turned silver after the kwami came out, now turned black again as green bubbles floated out from it. The bubbles swirled and danced around his room till they converged around his body.


Marinette looked at herself in the mirror. Her pink pants, white floral shirt, and black jacket had been replaced by a one piece ladybug spotted suit. Covering around her eyes was the mask to match.

"Ugh! How does this thing come off?" Marinette turned away from the mirror and looked for the spotted kwami. "Tikki? If you can hear me, I want my normal clothes back. I'm not going any..."

Just then, the news flashed onto the monitor screen that she had left on. It showed a video of the giant boulder monster called Stoneheart stomping down the streets. Behind him was a brunette wearing an orange and white plaid shirt riding a bicycle behind him. "Alya?"

"Marinette, did you get home okay?" Her mother called up to her.

"Yeah, mom, just super." Marinette rushed up the stairs in her room that lead to the balcony on the roof. She had to hurry if she wanted to stop Stoneheart before Alya was hurt.

Once on the balcony, she stopped to gather herself. "So, I have super powers. And apparently this amazing super yo-yo thingy."

Testing out the yo-yo, she slung it as far as she could while holding onto the string. The yo-yo sailed across the sky and wrapped itself around the ear of a gargoyle statue.

Without warning, it slung her into the air. She flailed over the rooftops and fell into some trees, becoming entangled in the string of the yo-yo.

Buildings down the street crumbled over. Falling into each other.

After she untangled herself she tried traveling by her yo-yo again. Heading toward the collapsed buildings, betting that that was where she would find Stoneheart.


Kim was in the school's football field with some of the other students. He paid no mind to them as they were weaker than him.

Rumbling sounds could be heard in the distance, growing louder. They grew louder and louder till one final shake. A voice roared out. "Kim! Who's the weaker of use now."

Standing on top of the bleachers was the giant monster that Ivan had become.

Everyone around him grew into a panicked and took off screaming. Not wanting to be left behind, he followed them.

The monster jumped down onto the field and started chasing him.

Kim glanced behind him to keep track of the monster. Big mistake. Taking his attention off from focusing on running caused him to trip and fall.


Luka was running on the rooftops getting used to the new dexterity that came with his transformation. Following the trail of knocked over buildings till he came across the football gym to the school where his sister attended.

A boy wearing a red hoody was laying on the ground. The monster loomed over him, getting ready to strike.

He took his baton and extended it so that the base of it landed in between the boy and the monster. He slid down landing beside the fallen boy.

"Are you all right?" He offered a hand. The boy took it. "I need you to get away while I'll keep him distracted."

The boy didn't need to be told twice. On unsteady legs he ran for the nearest exit.

Frustrated, the monster attacked. It slammed it's giant rock hands onto the ground trying to crush him.

Luka jumped back just barely making it in time. He gripped his baton with both hands and parried with the monster.

He wasn't very good with parrying or any kind of sword fighting technique but for right now it was the only thing that he could do. He just prayed that Plagg was right about him having a partner. One who supposedly was supposed to be the holder of the ladybug miraculous, and the only one who could transform this monster back into his normal self.


Within his dark lair, Hawk Moth stood laughing in glee and triumph. "It's just as I expected. Ladybug and Chat Noir's miraculous have been activated. Here they come to save the day and now my super-villain will destroy them."


Luka used his baton to fling himself in the air. Using his momentum, he brought the baton down onto the monster's head. The clinging of metal against rock rung out, the impact vibrating all the way down to his hands.

A yellow light leaked out from the cracks of the monster. In an instant the monster had grown twice its size.


Marinette had reached the football field in time to see a guy in a black cat costume parrying with Stoneheart. She had to admit that he was doing pretty well. Far better than she ever could.

She watched as he flung himself in the air and struck Stoneheart directly in the head. Did he do it? Was this it?

But no, the fight wasn't over. A bright yellow light shone from within Stoneheart. When it disappeared, the boulder giant was twice its size.

"I can't. I'm not going to be able to do it." She covered her eyes as the panic swelled within her.


The monster picked up a goalie net and through it at him. Luka dodged, rolling on the ground. He jumped back up, ready to continue the fight when a shout echoed from behind him. Looking back, he saw a girl filming the fight, and the goalie net was headed straight for her!

Judging the distance, he knew that he wouldn't make it to her in time. Praying that he could make it, he threw his baton. It soared through the air and extended, catching itself in the entryway, easily bouncing the net off and away from the girl.

He started to run toward his baton, not liking being weapon less when the monster's giant stone hand wrapped around him.


"What are you waiting for super red bug! The world is watching you!" Alya shouted up to the ladybug transformed Marinette.

What was she waiting for? Alya had almost been crushed by the thrown goalie net and the boy, who had to be the holder of the cat miraculous, was in Stoneheart's grasp, literally!

Going against her better judgment, she leaped into the air. She used her yo-yo to wrap around Stoneheart's legs and propelled herself to the other side by sliding in between his legs. She planted her feet firmly on the ground and gave a hard yank, knocking Stoneheart to the ground.

The boy was released from Stoneheart's grasp. He rolled across the ground landing inside the goalie net.

Marinette ran over to him and helped him to stand. "Sorry it took so long." She apologized.

He shook his head, the black ears on his head not moving. "It's all right. As long as you showed."

He reached out a hand for Marinette to take. His blue eyes showing nothing but kindness. "Call me Chat Noir."

She took his hand and smiled. "Let's do this."

"Do you have any plans? The more I attack, the bigger and stronger he gets."

"What about are super powers?"

Chat Nior nodded his head. "It would certainly give us an edge. Since I have the power of destruction, I was planning on using mine when I found the object the akuma was in."

"That's makes sense." If they could just find the object, it would be a snatch for Chat Noir to use his power.

The sooner they could finish this the better. She was ready to go back to being plain old clumsy Marinette.

"Where do think the object is?"

Marinette looked at Stoneheart. The entire time that he was fighting, he kept his right hand closed. That's it! "It's in his right hand. It's like the Russian dolls, the object isnt on him, its hidden in his fist."

"I'll use my power first. You try to save yours." Chat Noir nodded, seeming fine with the plan.

Marinette raised her hand and called out the magic words. "Lucky Charm!" A ladybug printed diving suit landed in her hands.

She looked around her surroundings. Alya, the water hose, and Chat Noir shined red and black, indicating that they were necessary for her plan.

She placed the water hose in the diving suit.

"Don't resist, trust me." She wrapped her yo-yo around Chat Noir's legs and slung him back into Stoneheart's free hand.

With the diving suit in hand, she jumped at Stoneheart. "Catch me if you can!"

Just as she knew he would, Stoneheart let go of the object in his hand and caught her. "Now, Alya, the tap!"

Alya sprinted forth and turned on the tap to the water hose. The diving suit filled in an instant, swelling up, causing Stoneheart to let go of her.

Landing on the ground, she ran to the object that Stoneheart dropped and smashed it with her foot.

A black butterfly flew out from the smashed object.

The transformation of Stoneheart disappeared, leaving Ivan and Chat Noir on the ground.

"What's going on? What am I doing here?" Ivan looked around the football field in confusion.

"Looks like I didn't have to use my power this time." Chat Noir smiled at her. "You were amazing."

She felt a small blush creep into her cheeks at the unexpected compliment. "We both were."

"Pound it." They both pounded their fists in unison.

"I should get going. It's about time that my mother will..." He stopped when he realized that he leaked personal information.

"It's fine. Go ahead." Chat Noir thanked her before retrieving his baton and leaping up into the bleachers. Before he disappeared over the wall he turned around and waved bye to her.

She picked up the akumatized object which had been a piece of paper. Uncrumpelling it, she read aloud.

"You haven't got the guts to tell Myléne you love her. Wuss!"

"Kim wrote it." Ivan admitted quietly. "He's always making fun of me."

Marinette sat down beside Ivan and placed a hand on his shoulder. "You know, you shouldn't get so bent out of shape about that. There's no shame in telling someone you love them, Ivan."

"Hey, how do you know my name, miss?" Marinette started panicking, unsure of what to tell him.

"Uncanny, amazing, spectacular." Alya raved from where she filmed them. "Are you going to be protecting Paris from now on? How did you get your powers? Did you get stung by a radioactive ladybug? Oh, I've got a ton of questions to ask you!"

Marinette was confused and had absolutely no idea what to tell her. Instead, she got up and walked off, leaving Alya to her filming.

"What do I call you miss...?" Alya asked.

Finally, a question that Marinette could answer. She turned to face the camera and struck a power pose, knowing that Alya would love it. "Ladybug, call me Ladybug."


The black Akuma landed on the tip of the eiffel tower. Fluttering it's wings, frantically, multiplying itself.

The newly made akumas took flight, landing on random citizens and being absorbed into them.


Luka sat down on his bed and opened the grocery bag. Inside was bundles of Camembert. Apparently, the only cheese that Plagg seemed to like.

He carefully unwrapped a piece of the smelly cheese and handed it to his kwami. He placed the rest on his dresser and grabbed his guitar.

Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, he began to play.


Marinette was sitting in the living room with her family watching the news when the cameraman focused on some stone beings. Scattered throughout town were smaller, inmobile versions of Stoneheart.

Marinette ran up the stairs and found Tikki in her room. "What's going on Tikki? I thought we defeated the akuma."

"Did you capture it? The Akuma?"

Marinette looked back onto the events that had unfolded. "No."

Tikki gave her a kind smile, hoping to reassure Marinette as she delivered the grim news. "If you don't capture the akuma, it will multiply, spreading it's evil."

"Oh, no!" She knew it. She was never cut out to be a superhero. "Tikki, I told you I couldn't do this. I just screw everything up."

Setting her resolve, Marinette removed her earrings and placed them in their box. "Tikki?" She looked around the room but found that her kwami had disappeared inside the earrings.

With a final look at them, she closed the lid and put them in her dresser. She fell down onto the floor in defeat. "I'm really sorry Tikki."

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