Dark Side

Month later

Minister Tua was in seventh heaven. Agent Kallus was so full of vigor and energy... She could be with him for life. Unfortunately, they were called by duties. Kallus had just finished dressing, when he noticed that his beloved companion was awake and watching him with a slight smile on her lips.

"Good morning. Did I wake you?" man smiled and kissed the woman on the forehead.

"No," Maketh shook her head "Although if you did not get up, it would be better"

Suddenly they heard an angry roar somewhere outside. It was a furious Grint, to who he joined also furious Aresko. Surprised imperialists quickly brought to order and ran outside. The two officers looked with disgust at the wall of the garrison. It was decorated with colorful spots and caricatures of officers, agent and miss minister. Tua felt her jaw drop.

"Who... Who dared to...?" she hissed, feeling that the blood boiled in her veins.

"Our rebels," Kallus growled pointing to the purple phoenix. Next to it, someone painted black "S" with bloody red line on it. Mandalorian symbol of revenge...

Sabine Wren has changed. Ezra's death touched her more than anybody else in Ghost's crew. She still painted pictures inspired to fight against the Empire, but in her missed former energy. Revenge. It's the only thing she thought about. Revenge for the death of an innocent child, her friend, brother...

Rage of imperialists made her satisfaction, but only their death will make her happy.

"Hey, Specter 5, do you copy?" it was Zeb. She disappeared in the middle of the night, but they quickly figured out where she went.

"This is Specter 5, yes, I copy, Specter 4. What's the matter?" she responded with obvious irritation to the microphone of her com-link.

"The captain said that you have to immediately return to the ship. Better prepare yourself a good excuse," growled Lasat and then he sighed, "Sabi, we know that it's hard for you, but we had to stick together, right?"

"Tell Mom and Dad...!" Sabine shouted angrily.

"RIGHT?" Zeb was adamant.

"Ugh... Right" girl capitulated. God dammit.

On board of Ghost was videoconference. Hera, Kanan, Zeb and Chopper sat around the holo-projector. They spoke with Cikarto Vizago.

"Honey, I'm home!" Sabine yelled from the hallway. Twi'lek and Jedi slumped angrily.

"Can you tell me where you wandered?" asked Hera and her eyes widened when Mandalorian girl entered the living room "What have you done with your armor?!"

Armour, once in cheerful colors, was now completely black. The only color addition was a red symbol of revenge, painted on the helmet. Also, the girl's hairstyle has changed. Her hair was shorter, and dyed black with dark scarlet tips. Rounding out the whole image was black, gothic makeup on her eyelids.

"Karabast" Garazeb muttered.

"Oh, this time when kids finally grow up" Vizago smirked. Attention of the rebels again focused on him. Adults had angry glares "Uhm, as I said, I got a big order from some group from Utapau. You will take them five boxes of imperial blasters, and they will give you five million credits. You will take money to me and then I'll give you... 40%?"

"60 and a penny less" Hera snapped. She was a tough negotiator.

"What?!" Vizago did a purple face. After a moment, he smiled amiably and extremely false "Hera. Miss Syndulla. My pretty, pretty sunshine. Are you crazy? Do I look like a charity?!"

"And we do? You want us to have done the lion's part of the job! You pay us 60% or look for new partners in business!" Twi'lek shouted, pounding her fist on the table.

Vizago bit his lip. He didn't relish losing that such money, but malicious smiles of rest of the crew said him that there is not much choice.

"Okay" he sighed "You won, Hera. Blasters are in Tarkintown, in ordinary hideout"

"It's been nice doing business with you," chuckled Captain Syndulla.

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