Dark Side

Night of Souls 1

Action was easy as pie. The Ghost's crew delivered the goods to the recipient, a group of gangsters from Tentikal City, who gave them a chest with money. It was so simple that even boring.

"We're losing standard" growled Zeb picking a toothpick in his fangs. "No stormtroopers, nothing! This is a total shithole! To whom will they shoot? To ducks?!"

"Come on, Zeb. They took it, gave us the money, and previously Hera's negotiated for us 60% of the five million" Kanan smiled and patted Lasat on his back. "It's not so bad"

"Maybe you're right, boss" Orrelios muttered still chewing toothpick.

"Hey, guys!" it was Sabine in her new, horrible black armor. Her amber-brown eyes shone with excitement. "We can stay here for a little bit?"

"What?" Kanan and Zeb looked at her in amazement. They hadn't seen her so joyful since the kid... Nevermind.

"They have very cool fest in this city" mandalorian girl explained. She still smiled. "Colors, music and other cool stuff. Please, stay here for one night". She used the most imploring look, what she had in her sleeve. Lasat and the Jedi felt that their resistance (if any was) disappears.

"I have no objection" from the hold smiling Hera came out. "I think one day off will kill nobody"

Night of the Souls was a celebration, organized by the residents of Tentikal City from ages. This special night, everyone living in the city, went out the streets to enjoy their life and perpetuate the memory of the dead ones. This event was so important for them that nobody didn't hesitate to reach for the last pennies to help in organize the festival.

With the coming of dusk, lanterns on the streets flashed a riot of colors, and the musicians started playing lively tunes on drums, flutes and stringed instruments. Boys took girls into swirl of dance. The chefs and innkeepers set up tables of food and drink. Sabine watched it all with silent awe.

Pau'ans were the most characteristic group. They wore rust-red light clothes; the men had pants to the knees, and women- pants to mid-thigh and bras. Their legs, arms, shoulders, bellies, chests and faces were decorated by paintings. Males used different shades of red, orange, yellow and brown. Their emblems were were angular, harsh. Females preferred blue, purple, emerald and silver. Paintings on their bodies were gently, undulating.

Delighted Sabine began to take pictures. Suddenly music became wilder and Pau'anian youth began to hiss and growl at each other. They bared their fangs, claws excelled in themselves; They changed in their ancestors- semi-wild warriors who even fought for the right to love.

It was chaos. Everywhere were screams, animal noises, and the air was filled with a pungent smell of sweat, musk and alcohol. This was too much, even for Sabine. Enough is enough.

She covered her ears and withdrew in one of the side streets. Then she bumped into someone. It was a boy in heavy, black robes. His face was covered with hood.

"I'm sorry, kiddo. Are you okay?" Sabine helped him get up and then she saw his face. Oh God... It was... "Ezra?"

While Sabine admired the festival in the city, the Ghost's crew hid in a quieter neighborhood. They saw a group of people, pilgrimage to the cave, where they were the graves of their dead ones. Kanan watched them carefully. He kept thinking about Ezra. Poor child. They, his family, even couldn't find time to honor him.

Suddenly, his sixth sense has detected a other Force user- tall, male figure in a black cape, walking in the shadows. He had a specific aura. Jedi gritted his teeth. So here was hiding this murder... The second such opportunity may not hit.

"Be right back" Kanan whispered to Hera and before she could protest, he followed the Hood. All the time he kept his hand on the handle of blaster. Just in case.

He followed the man through extensive tunnels, lit by torches that produced so much smoke as factory chimney. In the end, the Jedi reached the burial cave, where was a statue of a beautiful female Pau'an in a long dress. The sculpture was decorated with strings of beads, silk scarves and garlands of purple flowers. Hood was kneeling before the statue and mumbled a prayer. Kanan reached for his lightsaber. Now or never.

"Hello, Jedi," suddenly said Inquisitor "Or should I call you Kanan Jarrus?"

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