Dark Side

Night of Souls 2

Few hours ago...

Air was hot and dry. It always was hot and dry. Claw, young apprentice of Inquisitor, was training next to croft of dragonmounts. Although he was hot in his black robes, he couldn't take them off. Father demanded absolute obedience. He ordered him wearing black outfit; he musted wearing black outfit. The boy repeated the movements observed in a master/father's fight style. He was so tired...

"You're cruel" Eris snapped at Inquisitor. She felt sorry for kid.

"I've told you once, my dear. You can go, if you want" said Pau'an watching boy. He's made a lot of progress.

"And let you hurt him more than before?! No way!" she was really upset now. "And so today you go to take care about the grave. Give the boy free time"

"No," the man snapped, "I don't want him to become lazy. He has to be disciplined..."

"... thoughtless and dependent on you," finished woman folding her arms. Inquisitor looked at her menacingly. "Go ahead; punch me. It's even easier than hitting kid"

"I know," the man sighed and embraced Eris "I'm sorry. I'm just trying to help him. And I don't know other methods, you know it well"

"I do. So show him the warmer emotions. Give a brief respite..." she advised him.

"No, I have a better idea," Inquisitor raised his finger, "You will. You're better in that"

And he quickly fled before Eris reached for the frying pan. Maybe he was a Force user, but in a fight against angry Eris no one had ghost of a chance.

Claw didn't interrupt his training, when Eris came up to him. She had cold expression, as usual, but she was milder for him.

"Miss Eris" he bowed his head to her, but didn't stop. He had his orders.

"Boy, you can stop. Your Master gave you a free time" Eris said keeping a safe distance. "Please, switch this damn lightsaber off!"

"Yes, miss" Claw obeyed her. Father/Master once ordered him to respect and listen Eris. She was like mother sometimes "I'm sorry"

"Stop with this 'miss' and come with me" young woman embraced the boy and led him to house. In the kitchen, she gave him water and something to eat. Boy was uncertain, but began to eat. It was his first meal this day.

"Thank you, mis... Eris" Claw blushed slightly. Eris smiled. She liked this kid.

"This evening we'll go to town. There is big festival tonight" her slim fingers stroked navy hair of the boy.

"But Master's said..."

"He's not just your teacher, master or however you call him. He's also your keeper. He must let you go sometimes"

"I udnerstand" Claw muttered. Sometimes, he was wondering who really has the power in this house.

It was... magnificent. Beautiful. Breathtaking. Colors, lights, scents, images... Claw was chuffed. Eris gave him free hand; he could wandering the whole evening, unless Master will come back.

The boy took few round cookies from one table and little bottle of some juice, and quickly ran away. Stealing was easy as pie for him, but he didn't remember that Master ever teached him that. Claw sat on the roof of one building and started eat. Cookies were stuffed with chocolate. Delicious. After little meal, the young apprentice started wandering again. He watched people during having fun. He envied them.

Suddenly, somebody bumped into him and made him fall. It was girl in black, Mandalorian armor.

"I'm sorry, kiddo. Are you okay?" she asked, helping him get up. It was... nice. And then their eyes met "Ezra?"


These eyes... These beautiful, amber-brown eyes... But where were her colors? Now she was black and scarlet. Could she be a ghost?

"You're alive!" girl whispered and hugged him "Oh, Gods, they must've switched cargo chests."

"It's impossible" Claw was trembling "You can't be here"

"But I am, look" she took his gloved hand and put it on her cheek "You see?"

"You're dead" the boy still didn't believe in that "I've killed you..."

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