Dark Side

Night of Souls 3

"How do you know that?" Kanan was surprised. Specters were very careful; they didn't use their real names during missions and when they were outside the ship.

"Your Padawan felt so lonely... And children don't like dark rooms" Inquisitor chuckled darkly "In the dark, your little Ezra so desperately needed company... We started talking. He's shared his biggest secrets with me" Kanan paled "Real names of your whole crew, history of his parents, his own history... Did you know his suffering? We started discuss..."

"Stop" Jedi growled.

"Why my new family doesn't come here?" Pau'an mockingly parodied Ezra's childish tone. "Why am I so useless?"

"That's enough!"

"Why am I so pathetic?"

"Shut up!"

"Why I can't cope Kanan's requirements?"

"I'VE SAID, SHUT UP!" Kanan roared and took out his lightsaber. Or rather, he wanted to take out. The weapon disappeared. What the hell...?

"Looking for this?" Inquisitor showed him the laser sword "This place is like a temple. Don't use such weapons here. I'm not going to insult religion of my people. And you?"

"I think I have no choice" Kanan sighed and he clenched his fists. Inquisitor smiled and stood in the attack position. Jedi was young and angry. It'll be easy fight.

Hera heard beeping. It was her communicator. She quickly answered.

"Here's Spectre 2, I copy" Hera recognized Sabine's frequency. And her nervous breath.

"Hera, you have come to me. I send you my coordinates" the girl was really scared.

"Sabi, what's wrong?" Zeb asked with worry.

On the other side of the connection, Sabine swallowed. What she should say?

"Well..." The mandalorian girl looked at the unconscious boy. She had to knock him out, 'cause he began to hyperventilate and lost control of his powers. "Let's say that you'll never believe who did I find"

Kanan had trouble. Inquisitor was strong and his main power was pure hatred. He was also better trained and knew more fight styles than human Jedi. Kanan's masters and teachers always warned him before succumbing to emotions. The Inquisitor was a living refutation of this doctrine.

"How does it feel to know that you failed the person who trusted you?" Pau'an constantly goading his opponent, "Are you able to still look into the eyes of your crew?"

"Silence!" Jarrus managed to hit him on the temple and overturn. Then he pushed Inquisitor to the ground and grabbed him by the throat, "Now tell me, where is the boy?"

"Without a word?" Inquisitor snapped. The emphasis on his trachea intensified "All right, all right! I don't know where your precious pet is now, but certainly he wanders somewhere in town"

"I should kill you right now," the rebel hissed taking his laser sword "But then I would be like you"

"If you think so," the Inquisitor shrugged. Then Kanan's communicator buzzed.

"Specter 1, Specter 2's here!" said Hera to her friend "If you hear me, come to place where the ship is. We have Specter 6, I repeat, we have a kid!"

"I think that your help was redundant, after all" Jedi smirked with satisfaction "Farewell, Inquisitor"

"I wouldn't be so glad, if I were you, Jarrus" Pau'an spat, when Kanan left the cave. Inquisitor looked at statue of woman. "Who laughs the best, who laughs last, huh, sweetheart?"

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