Dark Side

On ship

When he awoke, Claw was confused and scared. It was some unfamiliar room, which... smelled horrible. He noticed that his face is uncovered and his hand are firmly tied up above his head. He lay on his back in bed. Real bed with pillow, mattress and blanket. Nice kidnappers. Something new.

"He's awake!" said feminine voice. It was warm and maternal. And so familiar. "Kanan, come here! Ezra's awake!"

Ezra... How long he didn't hear this name? And Kanan... Who was he? Someone important?

"Kid? Can you hear me?" another voice, now masculine. "Ezra, please, say something to me"

"Where's..." Claw croaked with weak voice "Where's my Master?"

"I'm here, kid" the male was surprised. Now apprentice saw turquoise eyes above his face.

"You're not him" the boy whispered "Where's my real Master?"

Eris just practiced more brutal variant of Capoeira, when in the door stood Inquisitor. He had shattered nose, tattered clothes and a lot of bruises. The girl's eyes widened and opened her mouth, but she said nothing.

"You won't believe who I ran into tonight," he chuckled baring his teeth to her.

"You've been drinking?!" she yelled, reaching into her pocket.

"Maybe a little," Pau'an approached to her and before she could react, he took her around the waist, "When was last time when I told you that you have beautiful eyes?" when she tried to stick a needle in his arm, he grabbed her wrist, "Oh, my beautiful shrew... I love you, you know?"

And then Inquisitor felt sharp pain in his hip. Eris smirked. Oh, shit, he forgot about second syringe in her pocket.

"I know, you bastard" she hissed happily.

Kanan was in shock. Ezra, his Padawan, his boy... He looked so scared and confused. What the hell Inquisitor had done to him?! Well, it explained this Pau'an's strange satisfaction. He knew that Ezra won't recognized his family!

"This son of bitch" Kanan hissed "I should kill him when I had opportunity!"

"Kanan, easy" Hera grabbed his arm. Yellow rims around Jedi's turquoise irises concerned her. "Now, most important case is Ezra. We must help him, understand?!"

"Yes, I understand" Jarrus sighed. He was angry, but he still respected miss Captain. After all, he could retaliate on Inquisitor later...

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