Dark Side

Other rebels

Sabine entered to Zeb and Ezra's cabin. Boy lay on his bunk with hands tied above his head. His yellow eyes were half-closed. He looked so peaceful... Young Mandalorian girl hoped that will be just a dream. These three months, this whole anger, fury, hatred... And Ezra's current state. It could be great.

"Are you ghost?" asked low voice of young Padawan. Sabine looked at him with surprise.

"What?" the girl raised her eyebrow. It was second time, when he told it to her!

"I've killed you" he whispered with wide eyes "I remember it. So you have to be a ghost"

"Oh, God" Mandalorian girl trembled. What the heck this monster has done to him?! "Ezra, I'm alive and real! Do you hear me? This memory must be fake!"

"No, no... I've killed you. I saw" Ezra repeated it like manthra. He squeezed his eyes and didn't want to look at her.

"Sabi" Zeb put his hand on her arm "Maybe you should go rest? I'll take care about him"

"Okay" Sabine whispered, suppressing tears. She ran away to her cabin. How this whole, fucking mess could has happened?!

Master? Can you hear me?

Of course, my boy. Where are you?

I don't know. It's spaceship, I think. Master, I'm afraid.

I feel it too, Claw. Easy. I'll find you soon.

You promise?

Yes, my boy. You're my Padawan, after all.

The Inquisitor woke up in his bed. Alone. Could Eris finally fulfilled her threats and left? In the end, the boy was out of his reach. The man got up on his elbows and then he noticed that he had a bandage on his stomach. What happened? He began to bleed over a stupid needle from the syringe?!

Inquisitor took his shirt and quickly dressed up. He still heard voice of his little apprentice. If he wanted reclaim the boy, he had to find help. He took out a comunicator from drawer and switched it on.

"Inquisitor? Is that you, sir?" it was Aresko. Good.

"Yes, it's me, commandant. Is Agent Kallus here?" Inquisitor asked.

"Yes, sir. We had... hmm, moment of relief. I can inform him about Your call immediately"

"I'll be grateful, commandant. And if it's possible, arrange a small squad of stormtroopers. I have a problem with my Padawan..."

Fulcrum's new behest brought the Ghost's crew on planet Aquatoris. Its surface was almost completly covered with ocean full of magnificent animals, useful herbs and valuable minerals. Cities were structured on artificial islands, under special domes, which protected residents from sea carnivores.

The Lothal Rebels had simple mission: meet with Nixes gang in storeroom no. 5, in old part of Seaweed Town, pick up holo-disk with saved Empire's trade routes and deliver it to Rebellion's commanders. Nixes also promised to take care of Ezra; They have access to meds that could help him.

"I'm not sure about that" Kanan whispered to Hera and looked at senseless boy in Garazeb's arms; they had to drugged him, before they came out from the Ghost. "Can we trust them?"

"Fulcrum trusts them. For me, it's enough" Twi'lek said firmly.

"Yeah" Sabine's tone was full of sarcasm "Cause Fulcrum is so unsuspected guy" She and Zeb chuckled.

"Silence!" Hera hissed at them "We're in rallying point. I will talk, understand?"

"Yes, mom" was the answer. Green Twi'lekian woman send them a Glare and came in to warehouse.

In the Nixes gang were four persons: male, muscular Wookie, girl with blue, scaled skinn and fins (native resident of Aquatoris), a male, green Rodian and human girl with dark skin. The last one was a commander of this group.

"You're late" said human with hands on her hips.

"I'm sorry, commander..." Hera didn't know name of this girl.

"My name's Dhara Leonis, Captain Syndulla"

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