Dark Side


Mermaid girl from Dhara's squad was a medic and, when Ghost's crew left, she plugged Ezra to drip. The liquid that seeped into the veins of boy was an extract from a certain algae, which facilitated detox ocf the body. Claw/Ezra anxiously scanned the room in which he was placed. It was a small, sparsely furnished room. The rebels chained his arm to the frame of bunk. The boy felt numb. They gave him some drug or what?

Claw had no idea how long he was here. He smelled sea. Air was so fresh...

Claw, can you hear me?

Y-yes, master, the boy blinked. His master had to be close; his aura was so strong... Where are you?

Close. I'll be with you soon.

Reassured, a protege of the Inquisitor fell asleep. He already could not wait.

Inquisitor, Agent Kallus and three stormtroopers got off from the ship and looked around. The city looked normal, as always. And it stank a fish, as always. Kallus inadvertently stepped on a rotten morsel.

"Sir, are you sure it's here?" Agent wrinkled his nose in disgust.

"My sources are accurate" Inquisitor snapped. "Go with your people to south part of city. I'll take care about the brat"

And he left. Kallus was looking after him with mistrustful expression, but he obeyed the order. Later, he can explore what this non-human scum's hiding.

Dhara had a gift. She knew it for a long time and she could sense the danger that what was coming. She recharged her gun and ordered the rest do this same.

"Go on your positions. Rani" here she turned to the 'mermaid' "Keep an eye on the kid"

"Yes, sir," Rani saluted and ran to the second floor.

Then the door flew off its hinges and fell to the floor smoke grenade. Grey cloud covered whole room and rebels started coughing. Sudenly, in smokescreen appeared a crimson laser blade. Dhara paled. No... Not him!

"Hello, my dear apprentice" said cheerful, silky voice.

"Master..." in girl's eyes appeared big tears.

Rani heard screams of her friends. She wanted to help them, but orders were clear. Keep eye on the kid. This kid, who lay on a bed and giggled like a madman.

"He's here" whispered Claw. He was smiling wide, and his eyes were yellow. "He'll kill you, rebel"

And laughed. Rani trembled. Who was this He?

Then somebody hit her in head and everything went black.

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