Dark Side

Chapter 17

His apprentice was safe and that was one and only important thing. Inquisitor quickly freed Claw from the bonds and led him out from the hideout of the rebels. Dhara and her affiliates were just stunned. The Inquisitor did not want to kill them. They awakened before Kallus and his troopers realize that their boss cheated them.

"Master, I'm sorry" whispered Claw with repentance in his voice.

"For what?" Inquisitor looked at him with surprise.

"For that I've been caught" boy explained "She took me by surprise"

"It doesn't matter now" Pau'an stroked his apprentice's hair "You're safe and that's most important for me"

"Oh, here you are!" it was very angry Agent Kallus with his troops. They looked like after war or something like that.

"You didn't find the Rebels?" Inquisitor pretended surprised.

"I've found them" hissed Kallus into Force user's face. "When they flew and shot to us! And everything just for that you could take your fucking brat back!"

ISB agent grabbed Claw's hair. The boy hit him with Force and took his lightsaber, but Inquisitor stopped him.

"Easy, boy" he said calmly, but Claw knew that he's very upset "Agent Kallus, I expect that you and your troops will be ready for return to Lothal Capitol in next ten minutes, or my apprentice and I will fly there without you. We understand each other?"

"Yes, sir" mumbled Kallus and go away. Why the hell Inquisitor cared about that rebels' brat so much.

"Specters, Dhara's here" com-link said "I have bad news: your kid's been taken by Pau'an Inquisitor"

"Again?" Zeb moaned with irritation, for what Hera hit him in back of head. "What? It's true"

"Do you know where they are going?" asked Kanan and then he heard Lothal in his head "What?"

"I said I don't know" Dhara repeated "Are you okay?"

"Yes, yes, I'm fine" muttered Jedi "We will call to you" and he switched device down "I think... that Ezra is on Lothal, in Capital"

"How?" Sabine looked surprised "Force trick?"

"Something like that. I have good source of information"

Easy, kid; Kanan send a mental message in cosmos; We're on our way.

Something stirred in Claw's mind. The boy shook his head. He heard sounds of hyperspace, his vision was blurred, someone held him familiarly, but he smelled desert and... drugs. Something was wrong.

"Claw?" familiar, silky voice touched his ear, "Are you okay? Ezra?"

Then the boy banged this someone in face.

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