Dark Side

Showdown part 1

Inquisitor's freighter landed behind the garrison in the Capital. Tua and Aresko were waiting for Pau'an with large smiles on their faces, but they stopped smiling when they saw angry glare of Inquisitor as he was dragging handcuffed boy.

"Hey, I know this little rat!" Aresko grabbed the boy's hair "Dev Morgan, what a nice surprise"

"His name is Ezra Bridger" Inquisitor corrected him "I need some abaddon, empty area, where Kallus won't disturb me in my job!"

"I have something like that" officer stepped back, just for some case "Sector O-15. Factory of TIE fighters. It's closed now; we had problems with workers"

"Good, it will be perfect place"

Hera sat the Ghost on the edge of a city. Kanan had to go alone. He did not want to risk the life the next crew.

"Go back soon. And bring our boy back," asked Hera kissing the cheek of the Jedi "Or you'll regret it"

"I understand, Captain," whispered Kanan "Watch to Sabine won't invent anything stupid"

And he went. But not just he.

Kanan didn't meet any stormtrooper, or even barricades. It certainly was a trap. He felt the presence of darkness. But from this darkness came the echo of Ezra. There was no turning back.

The Jedi came to the big hangar, open to the sea. Under the ceiling hung unfinished TIEs and on the floor lay debris of machines. Someone fought, probably workers with the soldiers of the Empire.

Then he noticed Ezra. His Padawan was kneeling on the floor, with hands tied behind his back and taped mouth. He looked as if someone had tried to rip to shreds, but has changed his mind.

"Ezra!" Kanan embraced him and freed from tape on lips "Kid, please, tell something"

"He won't, Jarrus" said cold voice behind him "I've given him a strong somnifacient. He will sleep for three days"

"Why are you doing this?" asked Jedi with fury "He's just a kid. Innocent child!"

"I also was an innocent child, when my so-called honorable Master shut me in dark room for few months" Inquisitor spatted. "Padawans always are a big weakness of their Masters. So they must eliminate it in such or other way"

"If that so..." Kanan activated his lightsaber "I'll eliminate your Master's weakness. For ever"

"Very well, Dume"

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