Dark Side

Showdown part 2

Just two chapters and the end. This part may be weak 'cause I'm not good in descriptions of duels and battles, but I swear I did my best.

The Minister Maketh Tua looked at the hangar on a coast. She hoped that the Inquisitor will be fine. She did not doubt in him, she saw him in action and not just once, but... what if his opponent turns out better warrior? Let this plan will successful or...

"Maketh!" agent Kallus completely forgot about his rank and rank of Tua. "Where is he? I need to talk to him!"

"The Inquisitor has forbidden me to give you this information," she said a bit chilly. She liked Kallus, but won't allow him to be lord and master.

"This is important! Rebels are here and..." she silenced him with a gesture. He looked at Tua with indignation.

"Agent Kallus, I haven't given you permission to enter my office, first of all. Secondly, if you want to speak with Inquisitor, you have to find him by yourself. Now please leave. I have a lot of reports to review and..."

He punched her in the side of her face. Firmly. When she fell on a floor Kallus grabbed her by the throat and pressed to the window. She tried to call for help, but the emphasis on the larynx effectively silenced her.

"Just because you're a minister doesn't mean that you can set me what you like," he growled. He was genuinely angry. "I earned to my post. You got yours as a gift from your aunt. So I'm standing higher than you, princess. Now tell me where this human-pretending beast with a lightsaber exactly is"

And then they heard the unmistakable sound accompanying the launch of lightsabers. Kallus and Tua slowly headed their eyes to the coast. ISB Agent's face twisted into a triumphant grin. With satisfaction he released the young woman and left the office. He had what he wanted.

The duel moved onto the unfinished TIE fighters hanging from the ceiling. Inquisitor and Kanan were trying to keep their balance on ion engines and cockpits, which at any moment could fall.

In some moment, the Inquisitor gained the upper hand and pushed Kanan from the starship. Jedi happened to catch the edge of the ion engine. From the corner of his eye he saw Ezra. The boy's eyes were blue, not yellow. And disbelief. You came for me?, asked a faint echo in his head.

Of course, kid, Kanan said, trying to sound like the most convincing.

"Oh, it's so touching" Inquisitor mocked and laughed "When I finally kill you, Jedi, your Padawan will be property of my Master. And then..."

"Rakhesh!" female voice snapped "Stop it NOW!"

Both Force users looked in that direction. It was young, blue-skinned woman with blaster in her hands. She was standing on cockpit of one from TIEs. Her eyes were red with anger.

"Eris?" Pau'an looked at her with surprise "What are you doing here? Stay out of it!"

"No! No, now you will be listen to me, Rakesh!" Eris bares her fangs "You will switch off your light-toy, leave these two alone and come with me! We both know that Empire is using drugs on you! You need help!"

"No, I don't, woman!" Inquisitor didn't pay any attention on Jedi and his Padawan now. He was totally focused on his partner. "It's my job! You know that I've no choice!"

"Yeah, sure. If you were a puppet!" in her voice appeared mockery. "But you're not. So let me help you"

"You won't shoot me," chuckled Inquisitor "We both know it well"

"Fact" then Eris put barrel near her throat. Pau'an stopped smiling "I caught your attention. Great"

"Eris, you don't want shoot yourself" Kanan sensed that Inquisitor uses the Force to control his girlfriend. She laughed.

"It doesn't work on me" Eris smiled and took something from behind. It was a lightsaber looking a little like a katana. It had a dark blue blade with silvery glow. Inquisitor was stunned. "I'm not sensitive to the Force, if it's on your mind"

"Right," the Inquisitor smiled, "You are simply clever"

And they started fighting with each other. Kanan seized the opportunity, jumped down and took the boy. He removed the tape from Ezra's mouth and released him from the handcuffs. Ezra was on the verge of sleep.

"Relax, kid, don't fall asleep," the Jedi whispered "I promise that you can sleep, but somewhere else"

"Right, Jedi," crackled the unlocked gun. Kallus "You both will sleep somewhere else. In the cell"

LOOT! and the agent fell to the ground with a groan. Sabine stood behind him with clenched fists.

"You had to be on the ship!" Kanan shouted, "How did you slipped away from Hera and Zeb?"

"Smoke bomb" the girl helped him raise Ezra "Let's get out of here"

Eris smiled triumphantly and hit Inquisitor in his stomach. Firmly. Pau'an down on one knee. TIE where they stood plummeted to the ground. The woman managed to jump off, but her opponent strongly battered.

"Forgive me, darling," Eris stroked his cheek Inquisitor "But such is life"

And she ran away, leaving a smoke bomb. Later the stormtroopers had to borrow from the miss Minister a decorative fan to disperse a smokescreen.

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