Dark Side

Market Town

The captain Hera Syndulla was the heart of the entire crew. Their mother, keeper. And although she wasn't a Jedi, she sensed the Kanan's anxiety. Her friend went into the cockpit clearly thoughtful.

"What happened?" asked the captain putting her hand on his shoulder.

"Something's wrong with the kid," said Kanan looking grimly into space "He's no appetite, becomes aggressive... Sometimes I can hear him saying something in a dream. I've a bad feeling about this"

"You know that there are things about which he doesn't tell us," Hera reminded him, "He's suspicious, secretive. Needs some time"

"Maybe," said the Jedi "But I'm afraid that we don't have the time"

The Ghost landed near a small market town. The crew welcomed came out into the fresh air. Even Ezra felt a little better. Sabine took one of her sketchbooks and began to draw new objects. Zeb, Hera and Kanan discuss the details of your stay. Ezra sat down on the grass and watched the city- island of 'civilization' on the sea of savannah.

"Sabine, Ezra!" Hera cried out to two teens, "today you stay on the ship"

"WHAT?!" the kids shouted, "Why?!"

"Because we say it," growled Garazeb frowning "Don't discuss, tiny ones!"

And they went to the city. Mandalorian girl and a street boy were left with Chopper and sour humor. He kicked a clump of grass. She began drawing caricatures of the other Specters.

"It's not fair!" Ezra shouted, grabbing a stone and throwing it into the distance. From the bushes came the indignant snort. Loth-cat. "Oops!"

"The big one" added Sabine "Maybe we should go back on the deck?"

"Good plan" said Padawan and ran together to kitchen. There, Sab made ice tea and some sandwiches.

"You know Ezra, I agree with you" Mandalorian girl sat down next to the boy and her arm around him. "They treat us like children!"

"Stupid Inquisitor" growled angrily Ezra and added a few words in different languages. If Pau'an heard that... scary to think how he would react.

"I have an idea," said Sabine suddenly after a few minutes of silence, "I'm almost an adult. If I'm with you, you will be protected, so they won't be able to find fault with anything"

"A good plan," Ezra grinned mischievously. "Market?"


Meanwhile, in Lothal's Capitol City...

Inquisitor woke up with aching head. The boy, his eyes flashed, He's here! Male Pau'an took his com-link.

"Agent Kallus" he said to device "Inquisitor's here. Order to prepare my speeder. I must go"

"What's happened?" asked Kallus "Rebels?"

"No" snapped Inquisitor "Padawan. Out"

When he got up, from under the covers pulled up a low moan, then dark blue shag got out into the daylight.

"Rak, where are you going?" a sleepy girl asked, rubbing his eyes.

"To work, sweetie" said the man hurriedly putting his pants on "Don't wait with breakfast"

He ran out from the small apartment, dressing himself up in the run. The girl sighed and fell back on the pillows.

"I can blame only myself," she sighed, "Never do tattoos for imperialists!"

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