Dark Side


Sabine carefully entered to cabin, where they put Ezra. The boy was sitting on a bunk and looked suspiciously at his black robes. He was sleepy a little.

"Hello, kid" Sabi smiled "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine" Ezra didn't return a smile. His eyes were blue, but... "I'm sorry. For everything. I should go away"

"No way!" Mandalorian girl grabbed him for his arm "We lost you once, Ezra. There will no second time! I know you're scared and don't trust yourself. But this is what they want from is how they find the best recruits. Among scared and doubtful ones"

"Do you..." the boy was surprised "trust me?"

Sabine hugged him firmly.

"Of course, kiddo!"

It's been two weeks. Two damn nervous weeks. Storm troopers and cadets were accurate like a bloody watch, and Kallus (with a black eye and a sore butt) avoided Miss Minister, who attacked all who provoked her. In the whole garrison only Aresko avoid a potential revenge. No one knew how he did it, and Aresko stubbornly refused to cooperate.

Maketh's grim mood was stoked by the fact that shortly after the defeat at the factory Inquisitor has disappeared. He went to his superiors and... nothing. One day Maketh went to the tattoo studio in the suburbs. She came just in time when someone set the fire. Fortunately the owner was on the trip. No one knew where.

"Excuse me, ma'am" Grint entered to her office "But there is package for you"

"Package?" Tua forget about irritation caused by intrusion. "What kind of?"

"It looks like shorter coffin" Aresko said when the whole cadre was outside. Extremely accurate observation.

"Bullshit," said Tua and opened the chest. And she screamed in horror.

The riddle of Inquisitor's disappearance was solved. He lay on the bottom of the box, his whole body was in bruises and small wounds. Everyone here present could bet is that Pau'an has an internal bleeding.

"Oh, my Godness!" Minister had a little problem with breathing, and two officers looked like they're going to throw up. "Find a medic! A good medic, the hell!"

"Holly shit, he looks like a minced meat!" Kallus giggled and Tua punched him in face. She was more furious than a moment ago. Inquisitor was one of best men from her people and whoever has done that will be damn sorry.


I know You were expecting a more detailed reconciliation of cosmic family, so ... treat it like the first epilogue.

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