Dark Side

Old acquaintance

The Market square was full of colors, aromas, shapes and sounds. Pair of teens walked among the stalls, watching the goods. Crowd of representatives of many different races was buying, selling and yelling top of her lungs. Ezra watched it all with delight in his blue eyes. Capital's main market couldn't offer him such a unique atmosphere. Sabine bought a packet of sweets and, together with Ezra, ate that, in the shadow of one of the buildings. The sun shone thoughtful and nothing disturbed peace of two young rebels.

"Funny" said Ezra with berry candy in mouth "I think I was here once"

"Really?" Sabine smiled. Her teeth were pink by cherry.

"Yeah. But I can't remember when and why" the boy frowned. "I think it was about a consignment"

"Exactly plasma rifle," a male voice suddenly snarled. Kids felt the smell of cheap alcohol and a special grade of tobacco. "You had deliver it to me, but you've sold it to competition, you little shit"

In front of them stood tall, slim man in red cout. He had few scars on left cheek, blond hair and black eyes. Behind him were few muscular men from different races. They had blank stares. They probably have used psychoactive drugs to slow tiredness of organism.

"Ezra?" Sabine hissed through clenched teeth.

"Hi, Sewick" the boy smiled nervously, "How are you getting on?"

"Better than the date on which you set fire to an ammunition magazine" gangster growled grabbing the boy's throat. "But now, brat, you won't escape" sudden he looked at Sabine "You brought your girlfriend. How nice"

Sewick pushed Ezra towards his thugs and approached to Sabine. The boy struggled angrily, but the man twisted his arm. Padawan didn't even squeaked. He was used to the pain.

Sabine sent anxious glances at him and at a gangster who pressed her to wall (sorry for that).

"You said what's your name, little one?" Sewick tried to kiss her, but she kicked him in the groin. Hard. Gangster cried out in pain and hit the girl in the face. Sabine fell to the ground.

"Leave her alone!" Ezra cried. Sewick punched him in the stomach and then grabbed the girl by the hair.

"Later, you two will say something else" he hissed.

Eris Nuirais had a small tattoo studio in one of the little streets of the market town near the Lothal's capitol city. She loved her job and hated Empire (but in secret). But gangs were even worse for her. Okay, okay, equal.

The day promised to be so beautiful that Eris thought that nothing would spoil it. She was wrong. Sternly. When a female tattoo artist saw the local mafia boss in the company of his thugs and pair of kids, she immediately guessed what was happening. Without thinking, she reached under the counter (her tattoo parlor was partly in the open air) and took out a glass bottle full of black powder. In good moment Eris threw it in gangsters. Cloud of black dust covered a view. When Sewick could see anything, he saw that Sabine and Ezra were gone. He sent a killer's glare to the woman.

"How dare you?! I'll burn this your brothel!" roared an angry man. Eris maintained stoic calm and impassive face. "And no dung from Utapau will prevent me!"

"I wish you luck," snapped icily Eris, folding her arms. Sewick spat in her face and ran to look for the little rebels.

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