Dark Side

Chase 1

This and next chapter is heavily inspired by chace scene in Egyptian market from "Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark"- one of favorite movies of my childhood.

Sabine didn't know who has threw the smoke bomb, but she was grateful for the gesture. She and Ezra didn't waste time and fled in two different directions. Separated, they had a better chance to successfully escape. Mandalorian girl found way to main market. There was a crowd and the crowd equals the hideout. She wasn't mistaken. When she entered into between traders, businessmen and customers, the thug, who followed her, lost her trail for good.

Ezra wasn't so lucky. Sewick really wanted to get him and still was after him. The boy tried to slow them down, using a slingshot, but gangster easily avoided missiles, and fibroid simply didn't feel it. Damn drugs!

A problematic situation, isn't it?, chuckled hated voice in Ezra's head. The boy groaned in despair.

It's very unsuitable moment, snapped the boy, You'll bully me later.

Hmmm, nope, voice laughed, I'll bully you now.

When angry and unfocused Ezra ran into other alley, he ran into someone. The long, strong fingers jammed on the boy's shoulder.

"Hello, Dev Morgan" Inquisitor's fangs flashed ominously when he smiled.

Hera, Kanan and Zeb just came out of the tavern, where they've met with the informant, when they observed running Mandalorian girl in colorful armor. It looked as if she wanted to hide from someone.

"Sabine!" Zeb quickly grabbed the girl by the back of neck, "What are you doing here? You and the kid had to be on the ship!"

"Sab, where's Ezra?" Kanan looked at her menacingly. He had bad feelings.

"Somewhere in town" croaked Sabine. She was in the Imperial Academy, where long-distance running was a daily routine, but it's a very long time she didn't participate in such a grueling workout. "A gangster attacked us. Ezra had pissed him off"

"Shit" Hera had her head "We must find him. Sabine, Zeb, go there" she pointed a mart "And Kanan and me will go there"

I hope he's alright, Jarrus thought, trying to ignore the odd twinge in the side of the skull.

"Hey, you!" angry Sewick rushed into the streets with fire in his eyes. He was smeared with fruit pulp. Chasing Ezra, he didn't happen brake on one of the turns and ran into a stall. Inquisitor looked at him with annoyance and disgust. It seemed that they know each other. "This little shit belongs to me!"

"Really?" Pau'an mocked clenching his fingers on the arm of Ezra "I don't see your name on him, smuggler"

The last word he said in such way, as if he say 'worm'. Sewick dangerously narrowed his eyes and snapped his fingers. The pupils of his companion suddenly narrowed and he charged on Pau'an. Inquisitor sighed and let the boy go. He'll escape, of course. But I can catch him later, and without problems, he smiled in mind.

Red mushrooms from the northern forests of Kashyyyk (called brain-scutcher) contained a muscarine and ibotenic acid. In any form, they induced euphoria, and also increased their fury of user. A fury stimulated secretion of adrenaline, and more adrenaline is more strength (as in mothers who are able to get their children out of cars, in an emergency). Of course, there were negative consequences: too high dose could put the culprit in hard, narcotic sleep*.

Unfortunately, Sewick know what dose administered to his men. But Inquisitor couldn't live 465 years if he couldn't fight. Even with junkies. Pau'an jumped up and kicked the attacker in the face. Muscles stumbled, but didn't fall. I can't just kill him. I must bowl him over, Inquisitor gritted his teeth, Think, man, think!

"Get him!" Sewick smiled with cruelty. "And later you can take his little bitch"

It was like a shot of adrenaline. Inquisitor, with a furious roar, lunged at a thug. Knife flashed and head of junkie fell from his shoulders. The body collapsed on the sidewalk. Sewick felt his jaw drops.

"Hashish?" he stammered with trembling voice, remembering uncle's tales about warriors from Utapau.

"Years of practice," said Pau'an coldly. He had blood on his face and clothes. Gangster wanted to escape, but the Inquisitor grabbed him by the collar "Don't come near Eris, nor to the boy, or I'll castrate you!"

"Yes, sir!" Sewick said with girlish squeak and fled away. Inquisitor smiled with satisfaction. And now he could to take care of the boy.

*Detail of the mashroom are taken from my favorite Polish historical magazine, where once was article about ancient Assassins, Berserks from Norway, contemporary pilots and drugs. Berserks probably were using toadstools, what was inspiration for me.

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