Dark Side

Chase 2

Young Bridger ran as fast as he could. He was terrified. Gangsters, Inquisitor in civilian disguise, and what else?! Then, as if out of spite, he ran into a group of stormtroopers. It looked as if they recognized him.

"Oh, fuck" gasped Ezra. The road of retreat was cut off by a trolley with fish.

"Hands up, kiddo" growled the commander pulling out handcuffs.

"Okay, okay," Ezra stepped uneasily, and suddenly looked at something above the attackers "Oh my God, it's tax collector!"

The effect was startling. The soldiers turned around horrified, and Ezra climbed up the drainpipe on the roof. Next part will be easy. The boy maneuvered between chimneys and antennas. Piece of cake. Suddenly, when he was about to jump to the next roof, around his legs wrapped steel cable and pulled him down. The boy fell to the ground. The impact force caused him to spit out the air from the lungs. For a moment he could not breathe, what gave a new attacker time to take away boy's slingshot.

"Nice try, Morgan" The Inquisitor looked at small trophy. Energy slingshot looked tiny in his fingers. Ezra saw on his wrist device that shot up the cord. Sabina had similar but didn't use it very often. Young Bridger tried to crawl away from Pau'an, but long fingers clenched in his hair, "Where are you going, boy? Where is your braid? For sure you're Padawan?"

Angered by this question, Ezra dug his elbow into the stomach of a man. Oddly, blow hurt the boy more than Pau'an. Inquisitor blew out air with a sigh and took out a syringe from the bag on his belt. It was filled with translucent liquid.

"Shhh, quiet, child. It's just put you in sleep" he whispered to the struggling boy and plunged the needle into the Ezra's jugular.

Kanan and company came up with the main market. Finding Ezra in the crowd was nearly impossible, and Jarrus couldn't find him. Kiddo, come on, where are you?, he sent a telepathic message into the ether.

I'll prompt you, Jedi, said a cold voice in his head, Not here.

For surprised Kanan, time slowed. Between people he saw a tall, male figure in black, with his face partially hidden by hood. The man had yellow eyes and a mischievous grin. The Inquisitor.

"Kanan!" Hera cried, when the Jedi ran into the crowd, but he didn't listen. He wanted to hunt down that damn monster and find Ezra.

Inquisitor smiled, when he noticed that Jedi follows him. That's good. His shareholders will have enough time to hide the boy.

"You do not have to worry about him! Boy's in good hands!" Pau'an laughed. He wanted move him out of balance. It worked, like the damn.

"SHUT UP, YOU SICK FREAK!" Kanan roared and jumped. He grabbed him around the waist, rolled and pinned to the ground. He put barreled of blaster to his cheek, "Where the boy is?! What have you done to him?!" His turquoise-green eyes were now yellow.

"Absolutely nothing," chuckled the man. He was in great humor, as if it was a fucking picnic! "If you run into those streets, maybe you even still can locate him. Who knows?"

Kanan bit his lip. So much he wanted to shoot this bastard... But Ezra needed help. There are things more important or more.

"You're strong" Pau'an said admiringly "Congratulations. You've made an impression on me."

"I don't care. I just want find the kid" Kanan growled leaving in the direction indicated. He could still hear amused chuckle Inquisitor "Bloody lunatic"

"Greet Fulcrum when you meet each other!" Pau'an shouted goodbye and took com-link from his pocket. He merged with a certain person, "Eris, my dear sweetheart, pack up. I need you"

Kanan came to the district, where sellers and buyers loaded their goods onto trucks (I have no idea how to call such vehicles, I'm sorry, serious Star Wars fans). He saw several men packing something to the chest. It had humanoid shape. Jedi saw a slightly tanned skin, navy blue, messy hair and a pair of hazy blue eyes.

"Leave him alone!" Jarrus attacked the men with his fists. Unfortunately, they had the advantage of numbers and Kanan soon lost sight of the cargo chest. The porters dragged the package at a government vehicle to transport lunches and ammunition for stormtroopers. Ezra treated as a portion of meat or bag of grenades. Nightmare. The vehicle began to move. Kanan took out his blaster and fired in unarmored part of the machine. That was huge mistake.

A huge explosion engulfed the truck, its crew and cargo. Kanan's eyes widened. Tears ran down his cheeks.

"What have I done?" whispered trembling Jedi and then something in him snapped.

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