Dark Side


Agent Kallus, Commandant Aresko and Lieutenant Grint stared angrily at the supplier and a small detachment of stormtroopers. The Inquisitor hasn't returned yet. It was already evening. Over the imperial garrison appeared a bright stars and ribbons of nebulae, but smoke from factory chimneys and mine slowly covered them.

"Transportation has been blown up" Aresko asked, tapping his fingers on his forearm, "How?"

"Some desperate man tried to steal a merchandise, and when we caught him, he shot at the truck," explained vendor cowering in fear. "He hit a sensitive part of the machine, a continued you know, sir"

Aresko with delight could shut this alien idiot in prison, but a hard look of Kallus ordered him to sit quietly.

"I understand," the officer growled, "You may go. But you have to deliver all ordered goods two times. Tomorrow"

"What?!" shocked merchant shouted. Suddenly, through the gate drove a truck with several boxes in the back. The driver approached the officers.

"I've got the goods for the garrison," the driver reported. Aresko looked at him with surprise.

"What? How...?" he started, when from the vehicle's back jumped the Inquisitor with some young lady with blue skin and navy hair.

"Sir?" Kallus raised eyebrow. Inquisitor looked so otherwise, when he hadn't imperial suit.

"I'm sorry that I used the military property to carry my plan, but it paid off," Pau'an said with a smile when one of the porters had brought him one of the chests. Curious Kallus opened it and peered inside. He smiled broadly.

"How did you...?" asked Agent, but Inquisitor closed a chest.

"Easy, agent Kallus" said 'Baldy' "I take this cargo onto Utapau. I'll send you raports. You don't have to worry about Rebels"

Hera (as has been said) has something like sixth sense and found Kanan in one of alcohol bars. Jedi looked completely broken and he was drunken.

"I've killed him" was whispering it like mantra "I've killed him"

"What?" Hera frowned "Kanan, what did you said?"

"I've killed Ezra!" he cried out; on his cheeks were streams of tears and his eyes were... yellow a bit.

"Easy, boss, easy!" Zeb put his clawed hand on Kanan's shoulder. "What's happened?"

Jedi told his crew about Inquisitor, chase, Ezra in box and explosion of the track. Hera, not knowing what to do, hugged her friend. She was crying as Zeb and Sabine. That day few hearts and one power supply have been broken.

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