Dark Side



Tentikal City once was beautiful, rich city. Unfortunately, the years of splendor of this place are long gone. After the collapse of the Sabra family, rich merchant families has lost a moderation and ruined Tentikal with their recklessness and greed. Inquisitor sighed with nostalgia. So many memories. Some wonderful. Other nightmarish.

"Explain me something, Rak" Eris asked looking inside of box "Do you want have family so badly? First me, now this kid..."

"Shut it!" Pau'an snapped during landing on platform. "Later, you can watch him how often you want! But for now, shut it, the heck!"

"Okey-dokey" Eris closed the chest, trying to ignor muffled whimpers from inside. Poor kid.

Two levels above the lake of Tentikal City, was an old house, once belonging to the local Jedi. But now, this place was Inquisitor's property. The previous owner had been dead for two hundred years.

Pau'an pulled out a magnetic card from his pocket and put it into the lock. The door opened slightly, and the Inquisitor pushed it into a wall.

"I must fix it" he said to his companion with apology in his voice.

"It's still better than my old house" Eris tried to comfort him when she noticed a lot of sand on the floor and few rats in the corner "Or not"

"Women," said the Inquisitor, raising his eyes to heaven (or rather to a ceiling), and opened the chest, "Help me take him out of this"

Blue-haired boy, known for Rebels as Ezra Bridger, was pale and had nightmares. Drug, which was used by Inquisitor on young Padawan, could put a victim in deep sleep, but also caused unpleasant hallucinations. Inquisitor put two fingers to Ezra's forehead to ease slightly side-effects of poison.

They closed Ezra in hot, dry cell. It was forged in the rust-red rock, and the floor was covered with harsh sand. Ezra was sitting on the ground, in front of a metal door. The boy had handcuffs on his hands and ankles, and a collar that connected him to the wall. He was still unconscious.

"When he wakes up?" Blue-skinned girl folded her arms across her chest. Her violet eyes with a vertical pupil glowed when she looked at the Inquisitor.

"I think it'll be tomorrow or after two days" Pau'an shrugged and put his hand on girl's arm "Come on, Eri. We must make some order in this place"

When Ezra regained consciousness, he had no idea where he was and how he get here, but handcuffs and a gag didn't bode anything good. The boy began to struggle frantically, but, unfortunately, this fight wasn't long because the air was hot and dry, making it difficult to breathe.

"Good morning, Dev," to the cell came Inquisitor in white, light shirt, pants of desert battle dress and black lace-up ankle boots. On his hip he had a lightsaber, but other than that Ezra had seen before. "How are you today?"

Answer was the muffled growl from behind a cloth in Ezra's mouth.

"Well, yes, I forgot," Pau'an smiled apologetically, "Sorry"

He took the cloth from the mouth of the young rebel. The boy spat grimly to get rid of the remnants of cloth. He felt dry in his mouth.

"That's better, huh?" Inquisitor stroked Ezra's cheek. The boy was very similar to certain woman, who Inquisitor once met in interview room (or rather, torture chamber). "And now, tell me, boy, what's your real name"

"Why? You know it" Ezra growled "You're climbing into my head since a week"

"Yes, indeed, but in this whole thing is a catch" Pau'an sighed and started stroking his prisoner's hair thoughtfully. "In minds of sentient beings are blockades, which don't let me know some information. Real name is one of such information. So?"

"Fuck off" was the answer. Inquisitor blinked and chuckled.

"I don't know that is courage or smokescreen" hand in glove again stroked boy's cheek. Ezra tried bit Pau'an but it didn't work. "Easy, boy. That will be your new home for a long time. Better get used to it"

That said, the Inquisitor left the cell. Ezra pursed his lips. He had to invent something. He was, admittedly, a skeleton key in his sleeve, but it was not enough. Suddenly, he saw something metal under the sand. The flap. Sure input to effluents in this place. This could be good.

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