Dark Side

Attempt to escape

Eris was angry and annoyed like a damn. She still didn't know what united her with the Inquisitor, but the more she thought about the rebel boy, the more she wanted to punch Pau'an. What did he really want? Earn his prestige in the Imperial Inquisition? Or maybe he wanted find himself a family and hide from everyone? It was logical. Rak and she hadn't genetically compatibility and couldn't have children.

Adoption could be a solution, of course. But the children of the Jedi always were sensitive to Force and the adoption of common toddler could be not good enough for him. He wanted not only his own child. He wanted the apprentice. Padawan.

With a sigh, girl finished making a meal. Then she prepared a portion for their prisoner and walked toward the cell of boy. He was sentient, living being; He had to eat and drink.

When Ezra heard a beeping of code lock, immediately stopped the work with picklock and hid tool in sleeve. To room came a young woman. She had blue skin, the dark blue hair, violet eyes, slim figure and black outfit. She smiled friendships and knelt next to the rebel.

"My name is Eris" she presented herself, "Don't worry. I won't hurt you, kiddo"

"Hey, I remember you," amazed Ezra whispered "You've been in this town, on Lothal!"

"I have a tattoo studio there, yes" Eris sat next to him and looked at the cuffs "You was tinkering with them. I see scratches"

She pulled out her feline claws and slipped one into the cuff's lock. After a while, the boy had a free hand and could start eating.

"Why are you working for Inquisitor?" Ezra frowned. "You can smell Jedi or what?"

"Not such thing" young woman chuckled "No, I just do tattoos. And sometimes I help him with wounds. Imperial medic-droids haven't Pau'ans' anatomy in their bata base"

"Did you two finish?" said cold voice from door's side. Eris sighed and stood up.

"Yes, honey" she snapped and left. Young rebel noticed line of spikes on her back. Inquisitor watched her for a while and approached to Ezra. He looked at removed shackles, then took off the chains from his ankles. Padawan looked at himself in amazement.

"Tomorrow you start training," Pau'an grabbed the boy's chin and forced him to look up, "Do you want it or not"

"Yes, sir" Ezra had no control over what he said. Inquisitor smirked and left his prisoner in his cell. Eris was waiting for him in the hallway, leaning against the wall. She narrowed her eyes menacingly.

"You're scum, Rak" Young woman hissed through her clenched teeth. "He's just a child, for gods' sake. What if his family will learn where you keep it?"

"They won't learn it because they think that the boy is dead," laughed mockingly Inquisitor "If you don't like what I do, my dear, you can go. At least no one will be near him"

He walked away chuckling ominously. Eris was alone with her thoughts.

Inquisitor made the mistake of releasing him with handcuffs. When Ezra was alone, he opened the hatch in the floor, which he had previously noted and ducked inside. Yes, it was the house sewer. Yuck.

Ezra was crawling through a sewer, trying to ignore the awful stench. I've became too gentle. I'm a street-rat, dammit!, boy thought angrily. After a few dead ends he felt the fresh air. Freedom, yes! Again flap under the thin layer of sand.

"I am free!" He shouted happily coming out on the surface and suddenly froze with terror "or not"

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