Dark Side


Dragonmounts. The whole big flock of bloody dragonmounts! Green, brown, violet and in many others colors. They looked at boy with an unreadable expression on their beaks. Ezra felt a cold sweat all over his body. Oh, shit, he thought trembling, Lucky me.

"Good birds, pretty birds, you don't want to eat me, right?" He chuckled nervously fighting with a flap. Hell, it was open! "Damn it"

He rushed to escape. He didn't care about Inquisitor, storm troopers or everything else. He just wanted to escape, far away from here. Ezra avoided the surprised animals, but suddenly one of them, slim and very colorful, jumped on him and pressed the boy to the sandy ground. It was staring intently at the face of a young Padawan. Ezra was breathing hard. It's gonna eat me, he thought with horror, It's gonna eat me as a fucking snack!

Then dragonmount licked his cheek and put him on its paws. Subsequently it laid its head on the Ezra's back and began to lick his hair.

"What the...?" Bridger frowned. Animal held him tight "Let me go, the heck! Do you hear me? Let. Me. Go!"

But dragonmount didn't hear him. It started purr softly and Ezra felt somnolence. It was like lullaby, a little. His eyelids grew heavy as lead. After a while, Padawan slept in the arms of a huge, fledged lizard.

"Did you sleep well?" voice reminiscent of the thunder above his head woke him. Ezra looked up and saw a mad Inquisitor. The man rested his hands on his hips and his eyes squinting menacingly.

"Oh, boy" gasped Ezra desperately fighting against dragonmount's weight. Inquisitor shook his head and slid into the animal's nostrils his wrist with an orange cloth on it. Padawan recognized shred of his jumpsuit. It sniffed a piece of cloth and let boy go. Pau'an tightened his grip on Bridger's shoulders.

"That female lost her hatchling. Now she cares about every child that will spot," said the Inquisitor and began to drag Ezra to house. It was getting dark and cold.

Inquisitor pushed the prisoner to a small, dark room. The boy looked at him angrily. He wanted to hide in the corner, but Pau'an grabbed him by the throat and forced him to look up, in his golden eyes.

"Tomorrow morning you have to be ready to workout, whether you like it or not, boy," hissed the man, "I warn you, my patience is running out. Don't force me to do something worse"

"Screw you," Ezra spat in his face. Inquisitor wiped the spit in disgust. In his eyes was barely suppressed fury.

"It was your choice," he warned and left, leaving the boy in complete darkness. Sometimes this treatment gave very good results.

Ezra wasn't sure what was happening. One moment he was in his cell, and the next moment he was on the outside. He was kneeling on rocky ground, bound to pole, and the Inquisitor was whipped him. It wasn't even the worst. The worst was drugs. Pau'an injected him a powerful dose of a booster and forced him to fight. The real lightsabers. Of course, Ezra and Kanan also used normal lightsabers, but one didn't attempt to cut off leg of opponent!

At the end of the day, Ezra, battered, stoned, bleeding and reeking of burning, been pushed into this terrible, dark room.

"Get used to it, my little" laughed mockingly Inquisitor "Your friends have abandoned you. They won't come"

"Don't be so sure," growled weakly boy. Pau'an just laughed and closed the door. Ezra was again in complete darkness. He curled up in ball, in the corner and began to sob quietly.

Your friends have abandoned you...

They won't come...


You're totally alone, Bridger...

Hours of intense training sessions...

Foot to the left!

It's lightsaber, not a stick!




You little idiot!

Count whips, brat.

Don't even think about helping him, woman!

If you don't be obedient, I'll whip you a gain and again...


What are you waiting for, pest?!

You're alone; understand it!

They don't want you!

Please, help me!


How long am I here?

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