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Severus Snape, Harry Potter, and the Sorcerer's Stone


A story of a man who lost everything, but gets a miraculous second chance. That man is Severus Snape.

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The Professor Who Lived

Voldemort laughed purely with glee. Others around him shivered at his frightful laugh. The Death Eaters had been largely victorious in the Battle of Hogwarts. The wizarding world would crumble with time. Hogwarts was the first, large step. The atmosphere was filled with cruel laughter and unjust joy. Severus seemed to be the only one who wasn't in the celebrating mood.

"Severus, cheer up. We have won! The Ministry will soon fall, and we shall rule the world! Not just the Wizards, but those damned Muggles as well! Hogwarts is in ruins, and the Ministry will soon be overrun," said Voldemort. He smiled viciously. Severus put on a smile, hoping Voldemort wouldn't see through the false facade.

"Yes, sir. Today is a day that will forever live in history. The kids of the future shall forever remember our names and the destruction of Hogwarts, a school of weak-willed souls," said Severus. He smiled a little wider, although he felt like bursting into tears.

"Well, then. The redesigning of Hogwarts will have to begin soon. Let's discuss later. Right now, I'll be generous and allow everyone to bask in the glory of my regime to come. But, I was planning on you to be the first Headmaster of the New Dark Hogwarts. Would you be interested, Severus?" said Voldemort.

"Why, yes sir. I'd be very interested in filling that position," said Severus. Voldemort touched him lightly on his shoulder.

"You were always my most trusted and closest man, Severus. You shall be the Governor of the World. Just stick with me," said Voldemort. It'll be a shame once your death is staged, Snape read Voldemort's mind through Occlumency. Snape stared deep into Voldemort's eyes. The two shared a laugh, both aimed at the other's ignorance.

"I shall you soon, master. Allow me to walk through the battlefield, to witness our victory at its prime," said Severus. Voldemort nodded.

"Allowed," said Voldemort. Snape turned, heading towards the corpses piled atop the battlefield, and Voldemort turned the opposite direction, deciding to explore the wreckage of the formerly glorious Hogwarts.

The battle had been completely brutal. Everything had happened so quickly. Severus passed Neville. Harry had sprang to life, having been dead at Voldemort's feet. He looked at Neville's face, or what was left of it. Neville had suddenly attacked Voldemort with a simple 'Stupefy' spell. Voldemort had easily blocked it and responded with a 'Bombarda' spell, causing Neville's face to be blown off. Snape's eyes filled with tears. Harry had then viciously attacked Voldemort, throwing punches in an attempt to disorient him. A nearby Death Eater had then shot Harry with an 'Avada Kedavra'. Tears began to fall down his cheeks. The students of Hogwarts had then gone wild, attacking Voldemort's army in a final stand. The rest was total carnage. Snape had been walking for a while, and was quite a distance from the wreckage of Hogwarts. So, Snape fell to his knees and began to sob uncontrollably.

One of Snape's tears hit the ground. A light began to glow from the wet spot on the ground. A crack opened in the earth. Snape became startled and frightened, crawling away. The crack enlargened, becoming an enormous hole. The glowing light became brighter, beginning to personify itself. Its form was soon complete; the image of the lovely Lily Potter.

"Lily?" asked the confused Snape.

"Severus, help my child. Voldemort has prohibited any time travel past our deaths. You must guide Harry, in order to tone his abilities. In order to make him the strongest wizard of the century, maybe even of all-time. Hogwarts can only provide so much," said Lily.

"I shall do my best, Lily," said Snape.

"Promise me that you will keep my child close to you," said Lily. "Promise me you shall make sure he has the greatest care."

"I p-promise," said Snape. Lily outstretched her hand, Snape took it and closed his eyes. A green light surrounded them, and the two disappeared.

Snape opened his eyes. The overly crowded streets, the atmosphere of fun and joy, the sounds of kids begging their parents for this and that, and the sounds of people 'oohing' and 'ahhing' at every little thing. It could only be one place: Diagon Alley. He began to walk around, unsure of what he was searching for. He looked into a random store, but was stunned once he saw his reflection in one of the windows. He looked much younger. He had hair that had long-ago left his head, and brown hair that had once been gray. He walked away from the window.

Rather dumbfounded, Severus stumbled around and crashed into a wizard selling newspapers.

"Oh, forgive me. I wasn't, uh, watching where I was going," said Snape. The man shook his head dismissively.

"Don't worry about it," said the man. He bent down to pick up his fallen newspapers, and Snape helped him. Snape's eyes widened at the date. July 31, 1991. His right eye twitched and he dropped the newspaper.

"Are you alright there?" asked the wizard. Snape nodded vaguely. He stumbled away, beginning to break into a sweat. What happened? he wondered. Severus felt terribly sick, and felt like vomitting. The feeling of illness dissolved after spotting a certain raven-haired boy with glasses and round, green eyes. Harry Potter. Severus smiled a little.

Severus approached Harry and Hagrid. He thought of many different conversation starters. He wondered if he should inform Hagrid of his situation but thought that Hagrid would just pass him off as a loon. He finally decided to greet them with a simple 'hello'.

"Hello, Hagrid. And this must be Harry Potter," said Snape. He shook hands with Hagrid and streched his hand towards Harry. Harry reluctantly shook it.

"Herlo, Professor Snape. How've ye been, professor?" asked Hagrid.

"I've never been better," Snape nervously laughed," And what about yourself?"

Hagrid scratched his head, almost studying Snape. He was suspicious, Snape could tell by reading his body language.

"I'm fine. Er, thank ye Professor. Well, we shoul' be goin' now. There shoor are a lot of things on this heer list," said Hagrid. Hagrid and Harry began to walk past Snape.

"Well, actually, Hagrid. I was wondering if I could help Harry buy his supplies for school. I want to get to know my pupil," said Severus. What is this man up to? Snape read Hagrid's mind.

"Er, well, alrigh' Professor Snape," said Hagrid. He looked at Harry. Harry hugged Hagrid, embracing him for five seconds. Hagrid smiled warmly. "I'll see you at Hogwarts, Harry." Harry nodded. Hagrid then turned, and headed towards the ominous Gringotts Bank.

Severus saw that Harry had turned rather uncomfortable. "Ah, now. Let's see here. You're going to need: The Standard Book of Spells: Grade 1, Hogwarts: A History, A History of Magic, Goshawk's Guide to Herbology, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and the many other books you'll need. Not to mention all of the equipment you'll need."

Snape looked at Harry, who looked rather embarrassed. "What is wrong, Harry?" asked Snape.

"Professor Snape. I have no money," said Harry. He looked down at his feet. Snape smiled.

"Hey, it's fine. I can pay for your supplies," said Professor Snape. Harry grinned. The grin warmed Snape, allowing him another smile. Snape sensed Harry had gotten a little more comfortable. Professor Snape is as nice as Hagrid, Snape read Harry's mind.

"Well, we should head to Flourish and Blotts for all of these books," said Snape. Harry nodded excitedly, wanting to get a taste of the wizarding world he had recently been introduced to.

The two headed towards the store.

The pair didn't spend much time at Flourish and Blotts, quickly purchasing the books that Harry needed for school.

"Thank you, Professor. I really appreciate you buying my books and supplies," said Harry. Snape looked at him. He looked legitimately grateful.

"It was nothing, Harry," said Snape. The two then passed a pet shop named Magical Menagerie. Harry stared wide-eyed into the store looking at the variety of animals. Purple toads, rainbow-colored cats, rabbits, black rats, snakes, and beautiful snow owls. Snape saw that Harry was excited seeing all the animals.

"Harry, would you like a pet?" asked Professor Snape. Harry looked at him with awe.

"Really? Oh, thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" said Harry. He practically jumped with joy. He suddenly hugged Severus, startling him. However, Snape reluctantly hugged him back.

"Now, go look for a pet," said Snape. Harry ran into the store. Snape let out a chuckle, surprising himself. How could he possibly be liking this child? In the other timeline, he had hated this child immensely. He was the second James Potter.

Harry looked around the store, wondering on what his ideal pet would be. He had started a small chat with a male snake named Brazel. He, however, also liked the female snow owl named Hedwig. She was extraordinarily beautiful.

"So, which pet would you like Harry?" asked Snape. Harry looked at the snake and the snow owl. Which one would he choose? Snape saw Harry's indecision.

"You know, I can get you both," said Severus. Harry looked at Professor Snape.

"It says that I can only take a rat, toad, or an owl. And I'm only allowed one pet. That's what it says in the letter," said Harry. Severus smirked.

"I am the Head of Slytherin House. I'm sure I could tweak some rules," said Severus.

"Why, gee. Thanks, Professor," said Harry. Snape purchased Harry his pets and the two headed towards Ollivander's.

The two arrived at Ollivander's and were greeted by Mr. Ollivander.

"Well, hello there Professor Snape! Good day to you! And who is this young lad, Severus?" said Mr. Ollivander.

"This is Harry Potter," said Professor Snape. Harry brushed away the hair covering his scar. Mr. Ollivander gasped.

"How did I not recognize you?" asked Mr. Ollivander. "You are the spitting image of your father. So, are you looking for a wand Mister Potter?"

Harry nodded. "Yes, sir."

"Well, let's see. Here, we go. I'm going to try something a little strange," said Mr. Ollivander, shuffling through different wands. "Ah hah! Here we go." Mr. Ollivander handed Harry a wand.

"That's 11 inches long, made from holly and Phoenix feather core. Is it alright?" asked Mr. Ollivander. The wand made sparks fly, putting on a sort-of small fireworks show.

"That answers your question," said Snape. Mr. Ollivander's smiled.

"It's ironic. That wand's twin brother gave you that very scar," said Mr. Ollivander. He pointed at the lightning bolt stapled on Harry's forehead. Snape sensed Harry had become uncomfortable again.

"Well, we really should be going now," said Severus. Snape purchased the wand and the pair headed out of the shop.

"Have a great afternoon, Mister Potter!" shouted Mr. Ollivander as Harry left the shop.

"Well, goodbye Harry," said Professor Snape. The boy then gave him another hug, a second one. Snape hugged him back less reluctantly this time. He then turned Harry around and opened the door. Harry seemed paralyzed and Snape gave him a little push.

"Goodbye, Professor Snape," said Harry, turning to face him. Snape nodded and shut the door slowly. Snape then Apparated to Hogwarts, feeling a little lonely. It would be a long, long seven years.

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