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euphoria ☆


"we were the two who found our destiny." lowercase intended.

Romance / Drama
malaika ☆
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“redamancy is the very existence of us, the act of loving back. without you, without me, there is no point of being half when you’ll never be whole again. that’s why i need you, even though i don’t deserve you. i still need you.”

he was everything i could’ve wanted, yet didn’t deserve.

we met when the cherry blossom trees were at their prime, a windy day that led to meandering thoughts.

you were wandering to clear your mind. i was wandering to find muse among the blossoms.

we met exactly in the middle of the cherry blossom path. i had tripped carelessly over mere air, my face about to meet the concrete before being suspended in mid-air.

you had caught me.

this mere action, often thought to be the cheesy addition to a sappy romance novel, was the beginning.

the beginning of the path to love.

. . .

you came off cold at first, reprimanding me brashly for my clumsy actions.

i apologized profusely, hanging my head in embarrassment.

i rushed past you after the strew of apologies, not wanting to look into your eyes after i had embarrassed myself in front of you.

i did look after you as you departed though, a foreign feeling arising in my chest as i gazed.

you didn’t look back.

. . .

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