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euphoria ☆


then it was the coffee shop, only but a week later.

i had rushed in to order my usual americano fix, already late to my dreaded college lesson.

i hung my head as i searched through my messy bag for my wallet, unaware of my surroundings.

you were the barista still a bit fatigued from your lack of sleep, plastering a welcoming but fake smile on your face as you came across customer after customer.

“hello, welcome to serendipity cafe. may i take your order?”

it was here that i raised my head, my wallet still left unfound in my messy bag.

it was you. we had met again.

do you remember? the feeling we both shared once i looked into your eyes? the feeling that this meeting isn’t coincidental, that we had found our destiny?

it certainly didn’t feel like it at the time, as we were mere strangers who had happened to cross paths again.

of course, you were unaware that you had been racing through my mind since our previous and first meeting.

the boy in the yellow jacket with dark brown hair.

what was his name? what was his story? would he think i’m weird now for having to literally catch me as i fall?

and yet you were here, right in front of me. and it made me more insane.

i quickly ordered my drink, ignoring the look of shock on your face as you remembered where we had met before.

and yet again, as i left the calm serenity of the coffee shop, i thought of you once more.

this time i noticed all the small details.

the deep brown orbs that were your eyes. the dull pink of your lips. the small black rings through your earlobes.

it’s as if i was already beginning to form a love for you i didn’t understand yet.

. . .

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