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it's all pure insanity, the demons in our minds. soulmate au!

Romance / Scifi
malaika ☆
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what even is that term?

two people whose souls are forever linked. two people who, no matter what, are destined to find each other.

they become each other’s other half. they are never complete until they meet each other.

everyone is born with a crescent moon tattoo on their right arm.. everyone’s design is different, it being unique to your personality.

mine is purple, but shrouded with a black tint.

if your crescent takes on a darker form suddenly, it means your soulmate passed on.

but if its just shrouded in a black tint, it’s something within yourself.

when you meet your other half, some sort of tingling sensation is supposed to occur within your right arm.

when you kiss, this tingling sensation becomes an uncomfortable heat. this is where your tattoo begins to change its form.

but it’s not until you engage in the desires of the physical body that your tattoo takes on its complete form.

a full moon.

what was once but half of a moon becomes full, as you have connected with your other half.

all of this sounds insanely cheesy, i know.

but it’s real.

and it happens all around me. and yet never directly to me.

i have yet to meet my soulmate.

if he even exists.

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