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Kaatil (Killer)✔️


New Description A killer on the lose... Why is he or she after Manik and Nandini? Will his or her attempt work out? Who is Kaatil? Someone known or unknown who finds pleasure in killing and is not scared of anything? What is the reason of becoming a serial killer? To know the whole story, you have to read this part of the story as well as season 2 as it immediately starts off where season 1 was left off! New cover credits go to @Suk-24

Mystery / Thriller
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Preview, Cover and Review Credit

Hola Twisties, this is only a preview of a story, that was stuck in my mind for a while.

If there's a large number of reviews and votes, then I'm going to write this one or else I won't!

I hope you guys like it and without further ado...

Manik and Nandini were doing their weekly movie night as they hadn't had time for themselves since after their marriage. They were lost in each other instead of the movie. They are feeling the immense happiness, they hadn't felt since so long as they had been separate for a while and the only contact they had was per Skype.

They did not know, that their life is going to change forever soon.

Suddenly the doorbell rang marking the end of their romantic evening and the destruction of a beautiful life. They looked at each other before she got up and went to the front door. She opens it and salutes her boss, who had come. He looks at her angrily and asks, "Is your Manik here?!"

"Yes, he is! Why?" She asks suspiciously, her boos ignores her, walks inside and says in an authoritative voice, "Manik Malhotra or should I say, Anurag Basu, you are under arrest of the murder of your fiancée miss Prerna Sharma!"

Silence had overtaken the house of theirs, while another officer came in and cuffed both hands of Manik. Nandini walks towards him grabs his collar and exclaims with hurt, "you promised me that you didn't do anything!" She broke apart in front of them.

Her boss sternly said, "Officer Murthy you are withdrawn of this case as the prime suspect is close to you."

After that, they left and she was left to be shattered...

Disclaimer: Welcome to my new murder story!

Now to the cover credit and it goes to AGSR2016 for this mind-blowing cover...

Now the review credit which goes to @KaynatK01 of @featherymusicclub. Thank you so much for the lovely review✨✨✨


Amplify (Cover)

The cover is apt for your story.

I choose of red colour for background was good idea as it matched perfectly with the theme of your story.

Accent (Title)

The title was simple no new. Even though your story is about Kaatil but viewers get attract with the title and just a word Kaatil won't attract viewers much!

Crescendo (Blurb)

Your blurb gave a slight idea that your story is about murder mystery.

But a little more description could have made it more appealing.

Like which woman is stuck between love or allegiance? Because some would assume it as Nandini or Prerna.

Hook (Prolouge)

Prolouge was interesting.

Prolouge is something how you start the story and I like your start. Where Nandini and Manik are enjoying their personal time and then suddenly a shock comes which makes audience hooked to read further as what actually happened?

So the prolouge was good!

Ballad (Plot)

Coming to plot many things are twisted and making readers eager who is kaatil?

Coming to stuffs like nandini and manik's relationship am seriously curious why is Manik involved in that case and How?

Ensemble (Characters)

One thing I have to appreciate you for the unique way of characters introduction.

I liked the way you how characters gave their own self intro.

I find Anurag's character interesting among all coz he has secrets, mysteries with him.

Avant Grad (Storyline)

The story line is going great.

You are indeed keeping the readers on hook that what's gonna be next. And am also waiting how the story will unfold in further chapters.

Just an advice start giving dates or time(if you can) because many things I wasn't understanding when is happeneing?

I know the story is all about twist but making it so twisty will loose the interest of the readers.

Cantabile (Grammar)

You have a good hold in Grammar dear. It was hard to find mistake in your story.

So good job there!

Dolce (Reviewer's opinion)

According to my personal opinion dear, You shouldn't have given your story for a review because a suspence story should only be reviewed totally while it's completed.

Because as a reviewer it would have been more interesting if the story was completed, because it's just the starting of the story and many thing would be unfolding that time the review is important.

But otherwise I liked your story, It's kind of new type of story which am reading, So am also eager to find out. All the best for coming episodes!

Hope the review was helpful!

Kaynat khan,

Reviewer of FMC

As a payment, I'm giving one of her stories a shout out too, I honestly haven't read it, because I generally do not read about SwaSan, but I'm sure that some of you guys are gonna love it✨✨✨

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