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Short BNHA Ship Stories!~


A compilation of your favorite BNHA ships in mini stories!

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Erasermic- All Tied Up



Damnit, he HAD to be home. Of course, Shouta thought, especially now that he actually NEEDED him.


Shouta called out with a little more panic in his voice this time, and it echoed throughout the basement’s den, and up to the door.

“Yo? What’s up, Shouta?”

To the ravenette’s relief, he noticed a blonde head peer in through the doorway.

Well, upside down, at least.

Shouta was in quite the predicament. Everything was upside down.

Or, maybe everything was right side up, and he was the one that was upside down.

He may or may not have been working with his new scarf for his hero costume, it may or may not have been made to be a bit too binding...

And he may or may not have gotten himself tied up in it.

Now, the poor man was hanging upside down, trapped in his own costume and feeling pretty lightheaded at this point.

And the sight of this sent the blonde standing on the staircase into a fit of laughter.

“Well, isn’t this a lovely sight after a long patrol?” Hizashi snickered, putting his hands on his hips as he leaned against the railing, lost in his own amusement. “What’d they make that thing out of, duct tape?”

“Very funny,” Shouta huffed, casting the other a deadpan look. “Whenever you get finished laughing at my misfortune, I’d appreciate it if you’d get me d o w n.”

The blonde cocked an eyebrow at the other’s tone, and a sly smirk spread across his face. Oho, not yet, he was gonna have fun with the other first.

“Whoa, there, don’t get your panties in a twist, Shouta-” he chuckled, pushing himself up off the staircase and jogging down the steps. He began to circle the other, observing the cocoon that Shouta had accidentally put himself in.

Shouta tried to crane his neck so he could see where the other was going, but this proved to be useless, thanks to the binding hold his weapon had on him.

Finally, he felt gravity give way, and his still-tied body hit the ground with a thud. He let out a groan, before shoving his shoulder into the ground, heaving his body upwards.

“You know, you could’ve just- !”

He was quickly cut off after he felt a weight shove him back down onto his stomach. He heard a teasing giggle from behind him, and he let out a growl.


“How do you expect me to resist THIS?” the other purred, and Shouta bit back another growl as he felt Hizashi prop his elbows up on his back. “You’re all tied up nicely, like a present!~”

“Hizashi Yamada-”

“Aww, come on, love!~” the blonde cooed, leaning down to plant a kiss on his boyfriend’s cheek. Shouta pouted a bit, and tried to pull away, but his restraints kept him from effectively doing so. Despite how annoying the other was acting, he felt heat rise to his cheeks.

He turned his head a bit to try and look at the other, which he immediately regretted doing after he caught a glimpse of the playfulness sparkling in Hizashi’s green eyes.

“So, what’s it gonna be, dear?~” Hizashi tilted his head a bit, grinning mischievously at the other. “You have two options- numero uno being I untie you, and you give me a shoulder massage, because patrolling is painful~” He cast the other a puppy-eyed look, and Shouta pretended to gag a little.

He had started to feel the blood rushing to his head, like he could pass out any second. So he was sure that Hizashi’s shoulders were just fine.

“Ugh... option two?”

Hizashi frowned a bit at the other’s response, and huffed a bit. “Option two is that I leave you here to sleep for the night.” he raised his eyebrows, giving the other a devilish smirk.

Shouta narrowed his eyes. “You wouldn’t.”

“Try me.”

“...alright,” the raven haired man sighed in defeat. “Go get a knife and cut me loose.”

Hizashi gasped a little, and inched closer to the other, wiggling excitedly. “Doooes this mean I get a massage?”

“Yeah, yeah... whatever... just don’t expect anything more...”

Shouta felt the other’s weight lift off of him, and he heaved another sigh of relief. He was soon met with a pair of bright green eyes, and the blonde planted a quick kiss on his lips, before standing to his feet.

“Heh, of cooourse nooot, wouldn’t dream of it!~” he chuckled as he made his way up the stairs, and Shouta already felt a sense of dread. He knew what after patrol Hizashi was like. Ruthless. And very affectionate hungry.

Maybe the second option wouldn’t have been so painful.

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