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Arranged marriage


I'm a normal 17 year old girl that only has 2 best friends and is invisible to everyone else, sometimes my parents don't even notice me either. Well that was until I found out that I had to have a arranged marriage to my mate.

Romance / Drama
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It was early in the morning when I heard my mom yell "Honey, it is time to get ready for school!" I got up and said "be down in 10!" Then I got up and picked out my outfit for the day. It was a pair of skinny black jeans, and I white crop top that says it black "savage" on the chest part. I went to my bathroom and brushed my raven black hair. I also have ocean blue eyes and I was tan. I got dressed and went downstairs, my mom was there making breakfast. "Honey make sure you come back to school right away I have some important news about our pack." I nodded and left.

Once I stepped out of my car and in the school parking lot my friends Brian, and Emily came up to and gave me a bone crushing hug. They let go and Emily said "Omg hi, I have missed you so much!" Yeah it was the first day of softmoore year, and Emily went out to visit her family during the summer so that just left me, and Brian. "Hi I have missed you to!" I said. I looked over at Brian who was staring at Emily. I smirked because I knew he liked her. When the first half of my day was over, me, Brian, and Emliy sat in the cafeteria and ate our lunches. After a few minutes of silence Emily finally spoke and said "So how was your summer?" "Good nothing really fun happened, I mostly hung out with Brian, the only interesting part was what my mom said today." What she say!?" Brian and Emily said at the same time. "Well she said to come home straight away because there is something about my pack that we have to talk about." Emily and Brian were werewolves also, they were in a different pack than my though. Emily had blonde hair and beautiful grey eyes, and brian has black hair and Brown eyes. "Hopefully it is nothing bad." Emily said. Brian nodded his head at me in agreement.

After school I got in my car before saying goodbye to Emily and Brian. When I got to my house there was 2 black limos in the street. I made a face of confusion. I got out of my car and walked up to the front door, once I stepped in I was greeted by my pit bull, his name was buddy, he was 1 year old, I bent down petting him on the head. I heard talking in the living room, I hung up my jacket and my keys I sat my bookbag down, I said while walking to the living room "Mom why are there limos- I was cut off by a pair of green eyes staring at me and my body, I froze. He was one of the most beautiful man I have ever seen. He had brown hair, green eyes, tan body and he obviously had a six pack, his whole right arm was covered it tattoos. "I bit my lip, and said "mom who are they." "Come sit I will tell you everything." As I was sitting two older people were sitting on the couch across from me, they looked to be the boys parents. The women had brown hair and grey eyes, and was a few inches taller than me. The man had black hair and green eyes, they weren't as beautiful as the boys though. "So, sweetie, this is Jenna, and cole. And this is Liam. There son." My eyes mut his again I bit my lip while looking at my mother, she was trying to hold back tears I could tell. "I still don't get why they are here though." I said. "Well when you were a baby you were not in a stable condition so me and your father asked for the best doctor there is. And that doctor was cole. He said that he would save you but you would have to marry his son. Liam. I was in shock. I HAD TO MARRY A COMPLETE STRANGER?!?! I couldn't even say anything before my mother said you don't have to move or anything because they are buying a mansion here, so you will go to school with him for the rest of the year.But you have to stay at there place." I didn't say anything, I looked at Liam who looked at me and he smirked. HE SMIRED.He is going to get married in a year and what does he do. HE FUCKING SMIRKS. I walked to my backpack and walked upstairs without saying anything.

It was around 9pm and I was about to finish my homework when I got a text from Emily saying. Can me and brian stay the night? I texted back and said, sure, do you want me to pick you guys up? She texted back saying. No we are already on our way, see you in 5 xoxo. I laughed and finished my last bit of homework and put on a pair of shorts and a coral sports bra, I threw my hair into i messy bun. I heard the doorbell ring and i didn't notice a pair of eyes staring into the back of my head. I walked to the door, Emily and Brian came rushing in and tackling and I fell on the ground. They got off me and Brian helped me up. I than suddenly felt warm hand on my waist I looked and Emily who eyes were full of delight while Brian's were full of confusion. I turned around and met those green eyes yet again. Fuck. I took his hands off me and grabbed Emily and Brian's hands and walked upstairs and went to my room and shut my door. "Ok spill." They said. "Ok so he is kind of my fiance. Emily looked at me and then at Brian and than squealed and hugged me. Brian walked over to my bed and sat there. I sat next to him while Emily sat on my other side. "My mom and my dad are making me get married to him. His name is Liam." They looked at me while Brian said "are you ok?" I nodded to let them know I am fine. Than I heard giggles coming from outside. I opened my window and saw Jenna, cole, and my mom talking. If you wanted to know, my father died while trying to save me. I was 14 and some guys with a gun tried shooting me but instead my dad stepped in front of me and got shot in the head. I always say it is my fault but my mom says that it isn't. I was disturbed from my thoughts when Emlit said "how about we go watch a movie?" Me and Brain nodded.

Me and Emily got the blankets and picked out home alone. While Brian was getting popcorn. Than I heard a deep silky voice say "Can I join you?" I turned around and found Liam standing there with his arms crossed over his chest. I said "sure." Emily and Brian sat on one couch while me and Liam sat on the other. I felt a little self conscious because I was wearing a sports bra. But it wasn't horrible. I was about to start the movie when the back door slid open revealing my mom, Jenna and cole. "Lily, Liam will be staying the night." I nodded and blushed a little. "Also your twin sister is going to come back home in a few minutes ok?" I nodded while Emily and Brian rolled there eyes. Yes. You heard it right I have a twin. She is the complete opposite of me. She always brings home different guys almost every night. I cover for her because she is my twin. He name is Leah. She looks the same as me but she is a little less tan than me and I have bigger breast. Not that is a competition or anything. My mom had a work thing to do, and Liams parents left so it is me my two best friends and my fiance. I know fun right.

We weren't even 10 minutes in the movie before I heard the front door open. I heard heels clicking against the floor. "Here we go." I mumbled. I sat up and then a say two legs and then a club dress that was neon green that didn't even cover her breast. Than I met her eyes they are a darker blue than mine. She didn't even notice anyone else in the room before smaking me across the face and than punching me in the stomach. I get this greet every night from her. Yeah she is an abusive sister. Brian and Emily didn't do anything because I told them about this. As much as they want to help, I tell them not to. I look up at them and I can see the fear in there eyes. Leah kicked me again and I moaned in pain. She is not drunk or anything, she just does it for fun. Before she can kick me again I felt two strong arms hold onto my wait and push me on the couch. It was Liam. "IF YOU EVER FUCKING TOUCH HER AGAIN I WILL BREAK YOUR NECH DO YOU HEAR ME!" I was shocked. Leah just rolled her eyes and came up to me and whispered in my ear. "You think this hot piece of sex could stop me from abusing you? Well your wrong." She stayed there a few minutes, and I was afraid to move. Liam was about to grab her but I took my hand I brought it up to him and made him stop. He looked confused and it looked like there was something in his eyes but I didn't know what. I was disturbed from my thought as I was punched in the stomach once again. I started crying at that point. Liam tried going to Emily but I told him not to. Emily and Brian stood up and helped me. "I will help her." Liam said. I didn't say anything so I just nodded and he went over to me and helped me to my room he told me to take a shower. So I did. He waited on my bed. All I could think about was trying to explain to him about this. I finished and wrapped a towel around body and stepped out. As soon as I did i felt warm hands on my waist, I turned around and saw Liam standing there I started turning as red as a tomato. He opened his mouth to say something but I stopped him and went to my walk in closet. I got out a pair of black cotton shorts and a red sports bra. I walked out and saw liam. I thought here we go.

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