I Wanna Ruin Our Friendship

Chapter 2

Sunlight poured into the room that Harriet, Dahlia, and Hagrid slept in. The first to wake up was Harriet. She took one look around the room and cheered, succeeding in waking everyone else up. Well, who would blame her? She was afraid that the last night was a dream.
"Will you shut up?! I'm sleeping!" Dahlia buried her head further into her pillow. "Actually, it's time to go," Hagrid said, checking the time. "Ya'll go wash and change into these cloaks I got yeh."
The girls took a quick shower, got dressed sprayed some perfume, stole some of the hotel stuff, and walked out the door with Hagrid
Hargrid drove them to London on her bike, since Hagrid kept on requesting them to use the money she had for her and they decided not to take the train. After the ride, Hagrid introduced them to a pub so small that they barely noticed it. "It's charmed so muggles can't see it." She said. "Come on, let's get inside." The pub wasn't very full, just a few people. "Hey, Hagrid! I assume you want the usual?" The bartender asked. "Not now, Taylor. I'm doing business." Taylor cocked her head to the side. "Business? What kind?" She looked at Dahlia and then Harriet. Her eyes rested on Harriet's scar. "Merlin's beard… You're Harriet Potter!" Everyone in the pub turned their heads to look at Harriet.
Harriet must admit that she thought her hand would fall off from all the handshakes she got. One witch, Diggle if she could remember correctly, she had since before in a shop, so she told her so. Diggle couldn't seem more excited. "She remembered me! Did you hear that!? She remembered me!!" After a lot of handshakes a rather nervous looking witch approached her. She was quite pale and trembling. One of her eyes twitched as well. "Harriet, Dahlia, I'd like yeh to meet Professor Quirrell!"
"P-P-Potter," Quirrell muttered. "S-such an h-honor to m-meet you…"
"What do you teach at Hogwarts?"
"D-Defence A-Against Dark A-Arts. Not that y-you need it, eh, P-Potter?" The professor laughed nervously. "You're g-getting your s-s-supplies, I a-assume? I'm going t-to pick up a-a book m-myself." Whatever book she was getting it must be scary, judging by the look on her face. "Well, It's time to go. Say bye to everyone if yeh want to." After get a dozen farewells, they managed to escape the pub. They went out back and stood in front of a brick wall. Hagrid took her pink umbrella and taped a few bricks. An archway appeared in the middle of the wall.
Past the archway, with the most magnificent array of shops Harriet and Dahlia had ever seen. Both girls wished that they had multiple eyes. There was just so much to look at! "We'll be gettin' yeh money, now." They made their way though the busy crowd to a white building that towered over all the shops. "This is Gringotts, the wizarding bank." When they reached the doors of the building, they were greeted by a strange little creature. "That's a goblin." Hagrid whispered to them as the goblin bowed. They were faced with another set of doors, but this one had a warning carved into it.
Enter, stranger, but take heed
Of what awaits the sin of greed
For those take but do not earn,
Must pay most dearly in their turn.
So if you seek beneath our floors
A treasure that was never yours,
Thief, you have been warned, beware
Of finding more than treasure there
"Yeh'd be mad if you tried to rob Gringotts." Hagrid told them. A pair of goblins bowed then through the second set of doors. Once past the doors, they were in a hall made of marble. There were about a hundred goblins sitting on high stools behind a long counter either writing in ledgers, weighing coins, or examining expensive looking stones through eyeglasses. Hagrid lead them toward the counter. "Hello, we're here to take money outta Miss. Potter's safe."
The goblin at the counter looked at her over the book on the counter. "You have her key?"
"Yeah, right here." She pulled a small golden key out of her many pockets. The goblins examined the key closely. "It seems to be in good condition."
"Also have a letter from Dumbledore, about what's in vault 713." The goblin read the letter and then addressed them. "Very well, I'll have someone take you to both vaults. Runestone!"
Another goblin, Runestone, led them toward one of the doors of to the side. Harriet wanted to question Hagrid about vault 713 but she knew better
One crazy cart ride later the trio and their goblin got out of the cart. Dahlia threw up while Hagrid looked like she was trying her hardest not to. "That was the worst roller coaster ride I've ever been on…" Dahlia mumbled. "That's probably cause you've never been on the more extreme roller coasters." Harriet stared at Runestone as she slid her finger on the vault door. The door melted, revealing an empty room, except a small package that lay in the middle of it. Hagrid, after calming her stomach down, went into the vault and grabbed the package. "What's so important about that crummy package, anyways?" Dahlia asked. "Can't tell yeh. Hogwarts business." Hagrid stuffed the package in one of her empty pockets. "Time to go to yer vault, Harriet."
Another cart ride later, in which Dahlia started coughing painfully as she no longer had anything to throw up, they reached another vault. Runestone opened the vault with the key, and inside it was a huge pipe of coins. Dahlia let her jaw drop. "Forget raising money, we could buy a mansion with this!" She happily exclaimed. "Now, Dahlia, we don't need a mansion. Just a small house and made some entertainment will be sufficient. Maybe I'll take care of that while we're shopping." Harriet took the bag that the goblin gave her and called out, "A million galleons!" and the amount she requested flew in to the bag. "I didn't know yeh could do wandless magic!" Harriet smiled. "I can do a lot of things, now let's go, I'm bored!"
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