I Wanna Ruin Our Friendship

Chapter 3

"So, where are we going first?" Hagrid asked the two little girls beside her. Harriet looked over her supplies list. "Maybe we should get our robes first. Do you know a good tailor?"
"We could go to Madam Malkin's. Come on." They walked for what seemed like twenty minutes. Harriet was too busying staring in awe at the shops around her to see where she was going. She suddenly bumped into something, or rather someone. " Oh my, I'm really sorry!" She said, her eyes cast downwards, to whoever she bumped into. When she looked up, she saw a girl about her age. Short red hair, blue eyes, light skin tone. She had a bunch of cute freckles as well.
Harriet stared at her for a good minute before apologizing again. "I'm sorry. I wasn't looking at where I was going."
The girl smiled at her and shook her head. "No worries, it was partially my fault. I should have moved. Anyways, have you since a little boy who looks kinda like me?"
"No, why?"
"He's my little brother. He ran off when we were heading for Flourish and Blotts."
"We'll keep an eye out for him," Hagrid said. "We have to go, I hope you find him." The girl nodded and ran off.
"Who was that?" Dahlia asked as they continued on their way. "A Weasley. All of them have red hair and freckles. She's most likely the second youngest. I spent half my life chasing her twin sisters away fro-"
"Isn't this the place we're looking for?" Harriet pointed at a shop to their right. "Yeah! Alright, let's go!"
Inside the shop was full of wizards and witches picking out robes. One witches even order one of everything!
"Going to Hogwarts?" A shop assistant beamed at her. "There's another young lady being fitted right now who's also going. Maybe you two can chat."
The young lady mentioned had whitish blonde hair and stormy grey eyes.
"Hello, are you going to Hogwarts too?"
"Yes," Harriet replied. The girl looked at her cousin. "Is she your sister?"
"She's my cousin, Dahlia Dursley."
"Oh. I'm Dracine. Dracine Malfoy."(A/n: Tell me if I should change it :P)
"I'm Harriet Potter, it's nice to meet you." Harriet held out her hand, but Dracine didn't take. Instead she gawked at her. "YOU'RE Harriet Potter?"
"I heard a lot about you. Defeating You-Know-Who when you were just a baby and stuff."
"It seems everyone knows more about me than me."
"How so?" Harriet told Dracine about her life at the Dursleys(With the help of Dahlia), and how unfair it was. Dracine was very angry at this. "Who would put a famous witch in the hands of muggles?! I swear, my mother will hear about this!"
"Where are your parents anyway?"
"My mother's next door getting my books and my father's getting my supplies."
Harriet opened her mouth to say something, but the shop assistant announced that she was finished. "Well, I'll see you at Hogwarts. Goodbye."
Harriet rushed over to Hagrid, who just went to get them ice cream. She took the two cones in Hagrid's left hand(One raspberry and chocolate, one vanilla and caramel. Both had walnuts.) and gave one to Dahlia. She told Hagrid about Dracine. "The Malfoys are said to be followers of You-Know-Who. I'd be careful around her, if I were you. Make sure she doesn't lure you into anything. Oh, by the way, I want to get you a birthday present!" Hagrid grabbed Harriet's arm and dragged her towards Eeylops Owl Emporium. Hagrid told her to browse the owls and pick one. "Hagrid, you don't hav-."
"I want to. Now pick one before I pick one for you! And pick one for Dahlia."
Harriet, in fear that Hagrid might pick an ugly owl, scurried away toward the display owls. She was stopped in her tracks by a very big owl. It had light brown feathers with dark brown streaks on them. She read the sign next to it.
Species: Blakiston's Fish Owl
Gender: Female
Weight: 7.2 kg.
Length: 70 cm.
Wingspan: 187 cm.
This owl is very protective of it's owner. She can carry packages thats about its own weight.
Harriet smiled at the owl. She would need a protective owl at Hogwarts.
She snatched the owl's cage off of the counter it was on. "Harriet! Come here!"
Dahlia held up a cage with a beautiful snowy owl inside of it. "It's very pretty." Harriet poked her index finger inside the cage and let the owl nibbled at it. "Unlike yours, why did you get such a big owl?" Harriet's owl hooted angrily. "See, now he's mad. Also, I might find him very useful thank you very much." Harriet grabbed Dahlia's cage and carried both of them to the front. "We would like these two." She to Hagrid. "Good, now put them on the counter and go get your books. I'll pay for 'em
At Flourish and Blotts, Harriet and Dahlia found the red-headed girl. "Hey, it's you again!" She exclaimed. "I found my brother looking at racing brooms. Sorry for all the trouble!" Harriet smiled at her. "No worries, I'd be worried if I lost Dahlia." The girl frowned. "Who's that?"
"My cousin." Harriet pointed to Dahlia, who was browsing the bookshelves.
"Oh, my name is Rhoda, by the way. Rhonda Weasley."
"I'm Harriet Potter, nice to meet you!" Rhoda's eyes wider. "Really? Do you have a… Umm…" Harriet giggled, and lifted her bangs, showing Rhoda the lightning bolt shaped scar in the middle of her forehead. Rhoda stared at it for a second before looking Harriet in the eye. "I heard you went to go live with juggles, how were they?" Harriet's expression darken. "Horrible, they treat me like a lowly slave. Only Dahlia loves me for who I am." Tears filled Harriet's eyes. Rhoda wiped her tears away with a handkerchief. "Don't cry, I'm sure you wouldn't have to see them anymore. Now that you're here." Harriet nodded. Rhoda pulled Harriet into a gentle hug. "If you like, I could ask my dad if he'll adopt you."
"Really? You would do that?"
"Of course. No one deserves to be treated so awful." Harriet buried her face into Rhoda chest. Surprisingly, Rhoda's breasts were rather big for her age. "Thank you." She whispered.
"You're welcome. Now, we can't just stand here all day, we have books to buy!"

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