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[ongoing] ✎_A story of two roommates and a complicated, one-sided love. After complications with his previous roommate and ex-boyfriend, Kim Yugyeom, Jeongguk's best friend, Min Yoongi, sets him up with a replacement, Kim Taehyung. Although he found him irritable and cocky, they became friends-with-benefits. © Copyright 2020. All Rights Reserved. Abigail Miskey (GgukieBottoms). also available on: Wattpad and AO3

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Jeongguk carefully strolled towards his small appartment, and adjusted the various shopping bags balanced in his arms as he fished out his house keys from the back pocket of his black, ripped skinny jeans.

“Yuggie, I’m home.” He called out once he opened the door, “I got you those American snacks you like so much—took forever to find them.” He tossed his keys into the empty porcelain fruit bowl in the corner of the kitchenette countertop. “Yuggie, you here?” He received no response.

With a shrug, he packed the groceries into its respective cabinets. And oddly enough, he heard a peculiar sound occur from his bedroom. Strange, he thought. Out of curiosity, he crept towards the source that increased volume as he gradually neared. The ivory skin between his linear brows scrunched together. He pressed his ear against his bedroom door and listened with rapt attention.

His eyes sprawled wide, jaw slackened, at the lewd, muffled moans. “No, it can’t be...” he muttered, in a state of denial. “He wouldn’t.”

He treaded back slightly, heart restless in his chest. After he gathered enough courage and inhaled deeply, he reached for the metallic doorknob and twisted it.

“You bastard!” His world stopped.

Rage rippled though his entire being and it was evidently red across his face. He could not even look at the disgusting, crude sight before him—his four-year boyfriend on top, inside, of another man. He swallowed thickly and gnawed on his lip to keep the tears at bay, but they slowly shed and he covered his mouth with his palm. He spun on his heel and stormed off to the lounge, which was connected to the kitchenette.

“Jeongguk!” Yugyeom called, he followed after Jeongguk and reached for his arm. But Jeongguk pushed him away.

“Don’t fucking touch me!” He yelled. “You were just inside another man. I can’t believe you—”

“You had to see it coming.”

“No, I didn’t! I thought you—I thought we were—” he choked on a sob.

“Our relationship got stale, Jeongguk.”

“So that’s why you hit me yesterday?” He hissed, a look of distaste and disbelief flared across his delicate features. “Because our relationship became stale?”

“I did that because you were acting like a bitch! How long’s it been since we’ve had sex? Three months? Four? You starved me into this,” Yugyeom growled and coiled his fists.

“I ‘starved you from sex’? Seriously?” Jeongguk almost scoffed, he ran a frustrated hand through his long ebony locks that had blue tips. “You were the one who suggested we take a break!”

“That doesn’t mean you can’t try! It was meant to spice up our sex life.” Yugyeom grabbed Jeongguk’s narrow wrist and the latter thrashed and tried to jerk out of his callous grasp. But as he struggled, his elbow accidentally whacked Yugyeom’s jaw. He gasped in fear.

“I-I’m—” He yelped in agony when Yugyeom’s large hand collided against his cheek, so hard he collapsed.

“You monster!” The man, whom Yugyeom cheated on Jeongguk with, screeched and rushed to Jeongguk’s side. He helped him to his feet. “He never told me about you,” he confessed softly. Jeongguk was unsurprised, at this point. Tears cascaded his face and somewhat soothed his cheek that still stung.

“Get out,” Jeongguk but merely whispered, eyes downcast.

“What?” Yugyeom scoffed.

“I said get the fuck out!” He hollered. And the man who helped him up flinched at his harsh tone. “Leave!” A fraudulent sense of confidence overtook him and he marched up to Yugyeom with fire in his eyes.

Although he resisted, Jeongguk shoved him towards the door. He did not care about the thin linen sheet on the ground, that Yugyeom was stark naked outside. Screw him! He slammed and locked the door hastily, then slid down against the solid surface and cradled himself.

“Jeongguk, let me in this instance! This is my apartment, too,” Yugyeom roared and continuously pounded his fist against the door.

“No, it’s mine. You just moved in.”

“You know what? Fuck you. You’re fucking pathetic, anyway!” Yugyeom berated. Jeongguk winced and squeezed his eyes shut as Yugyeom delivered one last blow to the door.

“I didn’t know, seriously. I’m sorry.” A soft voice spoke. Jeongguk looked up at the timid man before him, his electric bed-hair fell over his innocent dragon-like eyes messily and his swollen lips were caught between his teeth—a tiny gap in the middle. Jeongguk smiled up at him pitifully.

“It doesn’t matter. You didn’t know.” Jeongguk hugged his knees to his chest. “You can take a shower if you want, I’ll even wash your clothes afterwards. I’m not opening the door until I’m sure he’s gone.”

“Are you sure I can shower?” The orange-haired man fidgeted with his fingers.

“Yeah,” Jeongguk confirmed. The man waddled over and sat beside him, thankfully his lower half was dressed. “What’s you name?”

“Minjae. 22. And you are?”

“Jeongguk. 21.” Minjae grinned and shook his hand.

“Nice to meet you, Jeongguk-ah.” He smiled. “I’m going to take a shower, now?”

“Alright then. It was nice meeting you, too.”

Jeongguk stood up and watched Minjae wander around his apartment and stop at the end of the hallway which had three closed doors. He turned to Jeongguk. “Uh...where’s your bathroom?” He asked timidly.

“The single door to your left,” Jeongguk directed. Minjae nodded and entered said room after he thanked him once more. Seated on the couch, Jeongguk whipped out his phone and dialed his best friend since primary school, Min Yoongi, who arrived shortly after the call.

“I knew be was an asshole,” Yoongi grumbled once he unlocked the door with the spare key Jeongguk gave him a few years ago.

“Yet you introduced him to me, Hyung.”

“Doesn’t mean I liked him,” Yoongi retorted and occupied the space beside him on the couch. Jeongguk bestowed his gaze towards the the framed picture of he and Yugyeom, situated on the small bookshelf on the side. In the picture, Yugyeom’s dark shaggy hair was damp and scattered across his forehead, a huge smile on his face. And Jeongguk laughed into his shoulder. They went to the beach that day—their second date.

“He hit me, Hyung. Yesterday and even today.” Jeongguk chewed his lip. Yoongi slipped his pale hand into his and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

“Why didn’t you tell me? I would’ve stabbed him, if I had to.”

“I thought it was accidental. I mean, we were arguing and it sort of happened. It caught both of us off guard and I...I forgave him. Then he cheats. His mistress is taking a shower right now, actually. And claims to be clueless. I believe him.”

Yoongi growled. “He fucked you over, that shit-head.” Venom dripped for every syllable.

“I know.” Jeongguk groaned and withdrew in his seat. “How am I supposed to keep up with rent, a part-time job, and school? I can’t!” He held his face in his hands and tugged at his hair. Yoongi consoled him and assured him that everything would work out. After a minute of silence, the shower water stopped.

“I think I know a guy.” Yoongi cleared his throat.

“Does he have any interest in men?”

“Yes, but—”

“Then no,” Jeongguk blurted. He did not want another potential back-stabbing prick that might be mildly attracted to him, to be his roommate.

“He’s a good guy,” Yoongi assured. “And he wouldn’t want to hook up. He likes to screw people he doesn’t run into daily.” Jeongguk huffed and plunged his face into one of the navy blue establishment pillows. “Listen, Gguk. If I could, I’d move in. But I’ve got Hobi. I couldn’t do that to him.”

“I understand, Hyung. Why don’t you call that guy? He can check out the place tomorrow. You decide if he’s good enough. I’ll be out.” Jeongguk suggested.

“Gguk, don’t you want to meet your roommate?”

“I’ll meet him if you think he’s deserving. I’ll be at work, and when I come home and relax, and he’s not here, then he isn’t good enough.”

Footsteps resonated from behind them, they turned their heads. Minjae smiled, his hair was still slightly damp, but mostly dry. He adjusted the strap of his tog bag. “Thanks for letting me shower. You don’t need to wash my clothes, I brought extra. I’ll go now, bye.” He bowed and exited.

“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.” Yoongi stood up and stretched out. “Stay safe, Gguk-ah.” Jeongguk followed suit and embraced him in a hug.

“Will do.” He whispered.

As Yoongi opened the front door, Jeongguk flopped back onto the couch and reached for the television remote to forget about the events that occured prior.

“Oh, and uh...he’s name’s Taehyung, Kim Taehyung.”

“Sounds like an asshole,” Jeongguk scoffed. Yoongi rolled his eyes, even chuckled a little before he made his egress.

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