What We Do for Love

Chapter 2

"You love me?" I spit out. I can barely get it out through my clenched teeth.

"Tris, I know this is sudden. I know you have feelings for me, too. You haven't been seeing anybody since we broke up. You looked like a deer in headlights when I caught you with Eric. You thought I wouldn't take you back if I saw you two together."

"Tobias, where are you getting this from? I don't love you. You're my best friend and only that. I haven't been dating anybody because I'm not interested in anybody."

He just humphs. He slams his body back on the net. I see his eyes glisten. A tear falls down his smooth cheek; the sun reflecting off its surface. I bring my hand to wipe it away.

Before my nimble fingers can swipe it away, my phone vibrates in my pocket. I pull it out of my pocket looking at my caller I.D. It's Eric. I press "accept".

"One second, Four." I speak clearly into the receiver. I don't want Eric to call me a loving name or give away that we are together. Tobias would probably hear. I hear him humph in the background.

"So, when can we go over the training schedule, Tris?" Eric retorts. I look forward to hearing his loving voice at home. Right now he is being an ass.

"Eight pm," I bite back.

"Take it easy, stiff," Eric tersely says.

"Who put a stick up your ass?"

"Be a dear and pull it out?"

"I plan on it." I quickly end the call.

I lay my head on Tobias' chest. He wraps his arm around me, pulling me flush against his body. He's warm, like the heater in my apartment. I draw random shapes on his abdomen. He clamps his hand over mine.

"I'm sorry I assumed, Tris." I can feel his voice rumble through his body. "So there isn't any lingering feelings you have for me?" He sounds so desperate. I hate I'm the one to break his heart.

"I'm sorry, Tobias. I don't." I whisper against the fabric of his shirt.

"Are we still friends?" He chokes out.

"Of course we are. You can't get rid of me that easily."

After we cuddle on the net, we pull ourselves to our feet. I jump on his back, clinging to his neck. He wraps his arms around my thighs and takes off.

"Where to, Trissy?" Tobias chuckles.

"To the bar we go!"

He runs through crowds of people, bumping into a few. I love this feeling. The air whipping against my face. Not having to move a muscle. It feels like I'm flying.

Tobias barges through the door to the bar, catching the attention of the sober people. The drunks are singing karaoke or making out with each other.

He sets me down on a bar stool, and sits down beside me. He spins around on the stool like a three year old.

"So, what did Eric want?"

"What do you mean?" Why would Tobias want to know? Did he hear it was Eric? How did he know it was Eric?

"I saw the name on the caller I.D. You sounded pissed. What did he want?" he prods.

"He just wanted to know the training schedule."

"Then why didn't he call me?”

"I don't know, Four," I sigh. I don't want the surrounding drinkers to hear his name.

"I don't think you should go. Actually, I'm not letting you go. Got it?" he scolds. I wish he would stop fathering me. I don't need someone to walk me across the street or monitor who I see.

"Fine, I won't go." If you can't beat him, join him.

I walk down the dark hallways of the Dauntless compound. The musky smell has become comforting; like being wrapped in a warm blanket straight out of the dryer and rocked by your mother.

I hear water droplets hitting the concrete floor, seeping through the cracks of the foundation. I have always worried it will cause a mold infestation.

I come to the door I'm looking for. The steel door sporting many dents, forced inward from angry passers by. The bottom of the door is scuffed from being kicked too many times.

I bring my hand up to knock on the door. I hear scuffling on the other side. My heart leaps into my throat. I have missed him.

Eric opens the door in only a pair of black sweat pants. He pulls me into a hug. I melt into his body. His strong arms protecting me. He places a kiss onto my head. I hear a mumbled I love you through the curtain of hair. I kiss his chest, making him shiver. I lift my head up, looking him in the eyes.

"I love you, too, Eric." I hum.

He leans into me, capturing my lips. His kiss is heart warming, comforting, loving. I drag my tongue across his bottom lip. His lips slowly part, granting me access. Our tongues battle for dominance: twisting, turning, scraping against our teeth.

His mouth leaves mine, trailing down my jaw to my neck. I hum in satisfaction. He sucks at my pulse point, claiming me his. His hands travel down my back. His cups my behind and lifts me up. My legs instinctively wrapping around his waist.

He kicks the door shut with the sole of his foot. It rattles against its hinges. He abruptly slams me into the closed door, catching my head before it cracks against the steel. I moan his name into his ear. He growls in response.

I pull his hair making him claim my lips once more. Before he can penetrate my mouth, I kiss down his jaw, along his neck to his shoulder.

His shoulder is my favorite part of him. It is sculpted from many hours of training. A tattoo traces the veins creating an elaborate design.

I trace my tongue over every line. He moans; I can feel it vibrate through him. I kiss a trail back up to his lips. Before I can lose myself in him fully, there is a succession of knocks on the door. I can't help but groan. Eric smirks at my disappointment.

I dismount from him, giving my best pout. I walk into his bedroom, laying down on my face. I don't want whoever is at the door to know I'm here.

"What do you want?" I hear Eric snarl.

"Stop being such an ass. I came to discuss the training schedule." Why does Tobias have to be the one at the door?

"I already talked to Tris about that," Eric replies. Oh shit, Eric doesn't know I told Tobias I wouldn't come.

"She came here? Damn it! If I find out you laid a hand on her, I will kill you!" Tobias growls out. If only he knew how sweet Eric is to me.

"Oh, fuck off, stiff. She can do what she wants." I hear Tobias growl in response. "You can leave now."

My phone starts going off when the door starts to creak close. I hear a hand slam against the door and boots stomping toward the bedroom. I throw the phone down on the mattress and slide under the bed.

"Why the hell do you have Tris' phone?" Tobias shrieks. Please catch on, Eric.

"She probably left it here." Eric remarks.

"Well, I would be happy to give it to her."

"No, big boy. I got it." Shut up, Eric.

"Why are you so interested in her, Eric!" Tobias inquires.

"Get the fuck out of my house." Eric says stonily.

"If I find you even looking at her, you will regret it." I see his combat boots stomp out of the room, followed by the steel door slamming shut, rattling the room.

I crawl out from under the bed. I notice Eric still holding my phone. I take it from him, looking to see who called me. It was Christina. I don't even bother to check the voicemail. It's probably about the double date.

I fall back on the bed. A tear slips out of my eye, falling down my cheek. I wish I could be that tear. Then I would be able to fall away from the imperfect times in life.

Eric's thumb wipes away the fallen tear. He lays beside me, pulling me close. I lay my head on his chest. I can't hold it in anymore; I just can't hold the tears one more second.

One tear drops. It is for the difficulty of breaking my best friend's heart.

Another slides down my skin, landing on Eric's pec. This is for having to hide my relationship with Eric.

A third falls; Eric will never be safe.

The dam cracks, not able to hold the tears anymore. The cheetah is finally free from its confines. It runs away to never return. I can never take back the tears that fall.

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