Angel's divergent

The death of a lover and friend

Angel's P.O.V

Nine weeks later........(The last week of initiation)

Today is capture the flag. I can't wait! Yesterday they showed use our rankings this is the list.

1: One

2: four

3: Eric

4: Zeke

5: Jason

6: Mia

7: James

8: Shauna

9: Brandon

10: Adrian

11: ZoeLi

12. Sarah

There was two other people but they got cut. I look for Toby and we head to the train is now 8:35 the train comes in 5 minutes. We grab our tranquilizer gun and wait. Without looking back I break in to a sprint and a prefect timing jump in the cart. When everyone else is there they look at me. "What?" "You are show off" says Amar "no I'm not I heard the vibration of the train and started running" " yeah whatever" says Eric. I get up to stretch and the train hits a crib and smack my face against the wall. I start to see black spots and I cover my face. "One let me see." Amar says "leave me alone." I reply Angel, baby let me see please." Whispers Four

I remove them and max rips part of his shirt and hands it to me while laughing. "What so funny?" Four asks for me. "This same thing happened to her father when we were younger. After I cleaned up up all the blood from my mouth I spoke. "Really?" "Yeah. Alright let's pick teams. Four your with me." "One come to the winning side" Amar says.



"Eric" oh shit don't kill him four......yet.



"Zeke" I high five him when he comes over.

"Shauna" Four does the same to her.




"Alright, Amar jump first." Max says we jump and head to the carousel and they all look at me. "What" "make the plan I'm sure your dad taught you something." "Fine, Four of you stay and guard and the other four split up to look for their flag." They both in agreement. I'm in the group that's looks for the flag. I see a bright light in a tree. I walk towards it. It's the flag and no one is guarding it. The I hear shots and yelling.

I never told anyone but I have powers. I don't know how I got them but I had it since I was six I can control earth, wind, ice, fire, and water cool right I know. I use the wind to shake the trees branches to get the flag. When it falls in my hands I smile. When about to yell in victory some grabs me from behind and whispers in my ear. "I know what you are." I recognize that voice.


No. That jerk. He cant know what I am. He doesn't know I'm divergent. He smells my hair. "You smell nice today.." I gasp. "No I dont! " wait...I do.. I try to punch him but I fail. He holds me tight. I want to kill him so bad now. But I cant. I have to go. Go fake my dead. So I just play along. "Okay Eric you're right. I like you. Kiss me.." he leans in for a kiss. I grab his face in my hands and it starts to burn. He screams and let me go. I grab the flag and run toward the others. Since I have to "die" I will say goodbye to toby.

Four's P.O.V.

Angel walks towards us with the flag. I smile at her. Even though her team won the game I'm still happy for her. What would I do without her? She walks to me and kisses me. When she stops she whispers "I'll love you forever. Remember that." I nod. It almost sounded like a goodbye. But she isn't leaving. I would die if she left me.

--next morning--

I wake up and climb to angel's bunk bed that's above me. She isn't there. That's weird. I walk to the place she likes and she's not there either. I look for her in the pit and there she is. She's dead. No. No. "NO!! What happened to her?!?!" Who could have done this?! .. Eric. I run to Eric and push him to the wall. "YOU JERK!! Why? Why? Why?! " I stare at his face and hear a noise. I look down and see that his pants are wet. Pansycake. Then I get the feeling it isn't his fault. I mean he did like her. I let him go and run to look for Amar. But he missing to. I ask Zeke. Hey, where's Amar?" "Haven't you heard? He's dead. Suicide. I gasp. No . My friend and girlfriend. Both dead. This is a nightmare. I'm still asleep. I pinch myself. It hurts. And I realize. This isn't a dream. It's real.....

Angel P.O.V

I feel myself being carried. Then I am outside. I hear Amar and I open my eyes. "Hey, you alright?" He asks I nod my head. We get in a truck and head out to go outside the fence. "He will be ok, he is strong" "yeah I know. But I'm not"


Hey everyone as is just a heads up that this is the last chapter before it comes to a close. Boo I know right...But I may do a squeal let me know what you guys think. Please comment I would really appreciate.

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