Angel's divergent

Chapter 11 The video of a new beginning

Four's P.O.V.

Today we did the final stange of intiation. I faced my fears of Confinment, heights, My father, and shooting someone without reason. But when I faced that fear the woman I had to shoot looked a lot like angel. Angel...... That name still fresh in my mind. Oh God!....... I miss her so much.

After everyone went through their Fear-Landscape, we all gathered at the pit. Max stood on one of the tables and everyone became silent. " Initiaties, congrats! You completed Initiation." Everyone around me bangs on the tables and shouts in exciment. " now it time to see who really made it in Dauntless." As if on que the screen turns on and shows the list.











James got kicked out for trying to pull a deadly prank on a leader. Zeke pats me on my back. " Yo man congrats your number one. she would be proud." I look at him and he just shrugged. "Yeah....Yeah I know." I reply. We have an hour before the party starts. I take talk to past the time. I realizes I'm headed for the tattoo parlor.

I start to hear a beeping noise. I look around and its the watch One gave me the day before she died. I press the button that was flashing and a hologram of an arrow that points to the tattoo parlor. Angel what are you up to? I walk inside and the arrow disappears. I look you and see Tori. She look sad and happy all in one. "Hey"


"What's going on? Angel's watch lend me in here."

She smiles. "Come with me."

We walk to her office and I sat in the chair. She types in something on the computer and and a folder pops up. It says 'Four2One' I clicked on it and a message saying that its locked pops up.

"What's the password?" I don't know she said you would know it."

I typed in 'One' incorrect 'Everton' incorrect I try to think and this time Tori was gone. 'Tobias' incorrect I see a message in the screen (hint: our future) then I remember the name she wanted to name her son and the name I wanted to name my daughter 'Dwayne Tobias' and 'Evangeline Crystal' when I finish typing a video popped up its Angel. Four, if you are watching this then I am dead there were people sent to try and kill me because I'm (4-9-21-5-18-7-5-14-20) . What the hell that supposed to mean I write the numbers down on a notepad.

"There is a lot to tell you but little time to explain 1: Be a leader not same be leader of Dauntless but I'm sure you can be. I mean be a leader that people look up to but also be afraid of at the same time. "You need to make sure the (5-18-21-4-9-20-5) doesn't find out about you and others that are (4-9-21-5-18-7-5-14-20) what do these numbers mean as she talks I don't hear angel I hear a soldier in command mode. One. I start to think about her in sorrow. "Toby look at me."

I look up and it's Angel talking now I can see it in her eyes. "I'm sorry I never wanted to leave your side after everything we went through you would have thought we were together forever please don't shut people out I'm not saying tell everyone your whole life story but have fun make friends even love again" She said the last part with a sigh.

"Also remember to be brave, selfless, smart, honest, and kind but not too kind." She says that with a smile seeing her smile makes me smile. "Oh and also remember one no one is fearless, I mean look at me the girl with one fear but always try to remember this 'fear God alone'. When she said that she lifts her arm and on the side of her bicep its tattooed in cursive. "It was my dad's favorite thing to say I hope you follow my advice it will not keep you unharmed but it will keep you alive. Protect each others and we will meet again one day. And punch Eric in the nose for me when you get a chance. Love you Four the Dauntless prodigy." She ends the video with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes.

I walk out of the office and sat on one of the chairs and took off my shirt and call Tori. "I want a tattoo" "Of what?" She asked while getting the tools. "The faction symbols on my back." "Alright, what type of design" "surprised me" I smirk "Ok let's get started."

I feel her draw each symbol cross my scars it doesn't hurt like they're opening it gives me a strange feeling like its not hurting me but helping me learn from them. I start thinking about the info angel gave me. What do these numbers mean." I whisper to myself. "Maybe it's Morse code." Tori says looking at the notepad over my shoulder. "What's Morse code?" "The letters of the alphabet are switched with numbers like D equals 4." I can't tell she smiling. "Haha! very funny." I say sarcastically.

"just try it D. I mean Four. remind me to give Zeke on her. I switch the numbers of the first word and I get divergent. The second word is Ertiude. the eurtide has something to do with the divergents. I never trusted them anyway then again I don't trust anyone not even myself. "What would it be like if there was no factions?" "I don't know. "

45 minutes later


She's finally done, she wouldn't let me see it she wraps my shoulder and my back.

"Don't unwrap it till I tell you so"

" alright how much do I owe you?"

" nothing"

" thanks" I smirk

I head to the party and Zeke pulls me to the side of him." hey everyone I like to give a shout out to all the initiates like myself that made it." Everyone starts shouting Zeke passes me a knife to me secretly "why do I need this?" I whisper. " Just trust me." he whispers back. " but I like to give a welcome to our first place initiate Four!" Everyone cheers even louder for me "hey, hey wait he doesn't deserve it the only reason he's first because One died." Eric shouts. Everyone becomes quiet. "Don't deserve it huh?" I say in a cold hard voice. I walk up to him punch him in the nose I grab the knife and hold it to his throat.

"Two words Eric...... Shut up." I walk to back. "If anyone else calls me out of my name, talks behind my back or compares me to One like I'm not good enough to be in Dauntless will have to deal to me.Got it?" They all not in unison." That's my boy Four the Dauntless prodigy and yes ladies he is single!" After he says that most of the girls start looking at me." What is that for." "She left me a letter in a few other stuff but anyway she said to look out for you so that you won't turn into Eric her words not mine." He replies. I chuckle. Yeah.......yeah I know. "Now come on let's go meet the ladies and drink some beer Zeke said as he pulled me into the crowd.


Hey everyone this is the end of Angel's Divergent. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. I'm thinking about doing a second story. 😉 Tell me what you guys think and Review

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