Angel's divergent

Chapter 2 choosing ceremony

Angel's P.O.V.

The next day me and my mother go down to the Hub for the Choosing Ceremony. When we get there I see Tobias and his father Marcus. When they see us they start walking towards us. "Hello Marcus, Tobias." said my mother with a nod. "Nice to see you Emily and Angel." when he says my name he says it with a seductive grin and look at me up and down as if studying me. I get a shiver in my spine but I act calm. I look at Tobias and smile at him when mom is not looking, and he does the same.

When its time to choose our faction. My mother goes and sits where the Abnegation section is. Then Marcus goes to sit next to her. before he does he comes up to me and put his lips next to my ear and says "No matter how far you run and hide you and your body will be mine." Then walks away. Then someone goes to the front to make the speech. "My name is Max I am one of the leaders in Dauntless. Today is the day are youth pick where they belong in this community. I will call your name and you will come up and cut the palm of your hand hover over either Abnegation the gray stones, Candor the glass, Amity the soil, Erudite is water, and Dauntless is the lit coal. Youth choose wisely.

He start to call names and I zoned out and thought of which faction I was going to choose. "Eaton, Tobias." I look up and see Tobias cut his palm and hovers his hands over the burning coal. Then the dauntless members broke in to a cheer loud as thunder as if glad the have a new member. he walk to where they are with blood dripping from his hand because he cut his hand to deep.

"Everton, Angel"

As I walk to the front and pick up the knife. I cut my palm and look at Marcus then at my mother. I stand up straight and hover my hand over the hot steaming coal. Then again the Dauntless cheer that sounds like a lion's roar. I go and stand next to Tobias who looks straight ahead. So I did the same thing with my hands behind my back. Then I feel someone grab my hand I tense then realize it was Tobias. I look and see my mother with a upset look on her face. I smile at her knowing that maybe I'm finally free from her at last. Or am I?


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