Angel's divergent

Chapter 3 My New Life

Angel's P.O.V.

After the ceremony all of the Dauntless members started running down stairs to go to the train which leads to the Dauntless compound. Tobias and I are the first Abnegation to transfer to Dauntless in more than a decade. When we get outside then I lose sight of Tobias. I look around and I see him talking to a woman black and silver hair. I run towards him and smile at him. "You're a pretty fast for Abnegation that is." she says to him. Then she looks at me and smiles, "Hi there. What's your name?" "Angel Everton and you?" "Tori Wu" "Nice to meet you." I say

"You two know each other?" she says. "Yes we are close friends. What about you too?" "She did my aptitude test." Tobias says "Oh okay." I said "who did your?" tori asks me. "I can say who did it?" I reply. "Yes, but you don't have to. She says. Maybe I can trust her. She looks trust worthy. 'But looks can be deceiving.' It worth a try. "A Dauntless named Amar." she smiles "Amar he is really cool he will be your instructor."

"You know what's going to happen next, right?" She turns and points at a light in the distance, fixed to the front of an oncoming train. "It's not going to stop. It's just going to slow down a little. And if you don't make it on, that's it for you. Factionless. It's that easy to get kicked out." She says to me and Tobias. I see the train coming and it started slowing down. We were so close to it that the screeching sound from the tracks hurt my ears. I see tori starts to run and Tobias was watching her. She grabs the handle and swings herself in the cart. Tobias does the same thing but not that graceful. I run a little faster and jump in the cart with ease.

"Wow" Tobias says I smile but it fades when I see him holding his nose. I give him a What-Happen look. He shakes his head and smiles I nod ok. "Smooth," one of the Dauntless inside says to Tobias. He's younger than Tori, with dark skin and an easy smile. "Finesse is for Erudite show-offs," Tori says. "He made it on the train, Amar, that's what counts." "They are supposed to be in the other car, though. With the other initiates," Amar says. He eyes Tobias, but not the way the Erudite transfer did to him a few minutes ago. He seems more curious than anything else. "If he's friends with you, I guess it's okay. What's your name, Stiff?"

"You can call me 'Stiff' for all I care," he says. I was shocked by his respond. He looks at me and tori that means 'Please don't say anything.' We were both said silent. "So, Angel you picked Dauntless I see?" Amar says "yes I did." "Why" "You ask too many questions, be careful Amar." I say in a playful serious voice. "I should say the same thing about you."

He walks up to Tobias "Get up, Stiff," he says, not unkindly. "It's almost time to jump." "Jump?" he says. "Yeah." He smirks. "This train stops for no one." "Let the initiate off first!" Tori shouts. "What are you doing?" he demands, scowling at her. "I'm doing you a favor!" she answers, and she shoves him toward the opening again. The other dauntless step back for him, each one of them grinning at him like he is a meal. He shuffles toward the edge, grabbing the handle so hard that tips of his fingers start turning White. I see where I'm supposed to jump up ahead, the tracks hung the roof of a building and then turn. The gap looks small from here, but as the train gets closer, it seems larger and larger. His entire body shakes as he sees the Dauntless in the cars ahead of us make the jump. None of them miss the roof, but that doesn't mean he won't be the first. Then he jumps and lands on his hands and knees. He made.

The other dauntless go ahead of me. When it's my go I take a running start and leaped off the train. I land on my feet the impact shudders through me and caused me to collapse to my knees. I see Tobias walking over to me but Amar gets there first. He helps me up. "You are a natural, Are you sure you are Abnegation?" he asks. "I'm pretty sure I am" I laugh.

"Welcome to Dauntless!" Amar shouts. "Where you either face your fears and try not to die in the process, or you leave a coward. We've got a record low of faction transfers this year, unsurprisingly." The Dauntless around Amar punch the air and whoop, bearing the fact that no one wants to join them as a banner of pride. "The only way to get into the dauntless compound from this rooftop is to jump off this ledge," Amar says, opening his arms wide to indicate the empty space around him. He tilts back on his heels and waves his arms around, like he's about to fall, then catches himself and grins. I pull a deep breath in through my nose and hold it. "As usual, I offer the opportunity to go first to our initiates, Dauntless-born or not." He hops down from the ledge and gestures to it, eyebrows raised. The cluster of young Dauntless near the roof exchange looks. Standing off to the side are the Erudite boy from before, an Amity girl, two Candor boys, and a Candor girl. There are only seven of us. "I'll go." I said "no I will." One of the Dauntless says and steps up, a dark-skinned boy who beckons cheers from his friends with his hands. "Go, Zeke!" one of the girls shouts.

Zeke hops onto the ledge but misjudges the jump and tips forward right away, losing his balance. He yells something unintelligible and disappears. The Candor girl nearby gasps, covering her mouth with one hand, but Zeke's Dauntless friends burst into laughter. Amar, grinning, gestures to the ledge again. The Dauntless-borns lines up behind it, and so do the Erudite boy and the Amity girl. I'm in front of the Erudite. I heard sniffing and I feel someone to close to me. 'Is he sniffing my hair?!' Tobias is right at the end of the line. Amar looks at his watch and cues each jumper at thirty-second intervals. When it my go I turned around so that I was facing the others I looked at Tobias he looks sacred because he knows what I'm going to do. I smile at him then I jumped off the edge. When I landed in the net I notice that I was laughing I rolled off the net with two large hands helping me. "The Stiff!" He claps me on the back, making me flinch. "Nice to see you made it this far." The others jumped in to the net including Tobias. "Another one I guess Abnegation didn't cut it for you huh? Go join your fellow initiates. Amar will be down in a second, I'm sure." Max says laughing

Behind him is a dark tunnel with rock walls. The Dauntless compound is underground. I try to walk down the steps and over to the other transfers with Tobias. The Amity girl smiles at us. "That was surprisingly fun," she says. "I'm Mia. You okay?" she asks Tobias. "It looks like he's trying not to throw up," one of the Candor boys says. "Just let it happen, man," the other Candor boy adds. "We'd love to see a show." His response comes out of nowhere. "Shut up," he snaps. To my surprise, they do. I guess they haven't been told to shut up by many of the Abnegation.

Tobias and I made it. Now we have to keep it that way so we don't be in last place.


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