Angel's divergent

Chapter 5 You mad or Naw?


Me and One kissed yesterday I still can't believe it was real. I know I can't show it around the other initiatives especially Eric. I think he like her a lot. Well to bad you can't get her she is mine. 'Wow did I just say that' Today we are working on fighting. Amar is showing us the techniques we can uses for are matches. "Ok now that I showed you how to do it. Who wants to try it?" Amar says no one volunteers."Ok fine I'll choose."

He looks around the room and his eyes land on me and One. He smiled "One and..." please don't say me. "Eric." Ok please change your mind, please change your mind. Eric steps up to the mat and smirks. One takes off her leather jacket I got her. I see she took off the bandages that covered the tattoo. She has on black tights and a dark purple crop top so you see the tattoo and her sexy body." Damn she is hot!" One of the candors says. I give him a death look and he looks away.

"His right you are way to fine to be Abnegation ." Eric says while look at her with lust in his eyes. She laughs and stands in her fighting stance and says "well when your dad is Dewanye 'Blade' Everton you may have a perfect body." She says.

Amar looks at her and says "Your dad is The Blade Everton?" She nods her head " he is a Dauntless legend. Who knew he would have a daughter." She turns and smiles at me. "Ok on One. Three.. two... One go!" The next thing I know is Eric on the floor holding his jaw and One knuckles is bleeding. "Wow you are Blade's daughter." Tori says laughing. Then the Dauntless leader Max walks in. " I see training is going well. Who did that to him?"

"One did. Did you know that she's Blade's daughter?" Max looks at her and says " I do see the resembles." Looking at her body "How is he anyway?" "He's dead. he died eight years ago he was stabbed in the chest for the cash in his wallet even when he give it to him.

But he didn't die without a fight." She says. Eric gets up still holding his jaw. " how do you know that?" "BECAUSE l was there." Everyone became silent when she said that. "Oh and please don't give me that fucking kicked puppy look" "yep blade's little girl." Amar says laughing.

Angel's P.O.V

Wow they knew my dad I wonder if they knew my mom? Not that I care but she came from Dauntless also. "Max can I speak to you." I ask. "Sure come to my office during lunch." He says then walks away.

"Alright let's just practice the move on the equipment. One since you already know how to fight help them out." Amar says. "Fine but you are helping Eric, James, and Brandon." I reply back. He laughs and put a thumbs up. I went to the the mat and started stretching. "Four come over here." He walks over to me. "Yes" "Take off your shirt." "What?" He says with a priceless look on his face. "Take. Off. Your. Shirt. Now." I say back. " why?" He says. "So you can fight more freely." I reply.

When he does it all in unison all the girls stop what they were doing. "Damn, are all Abnegation this sexy?" Kia says. I give her a death glare.

"Hey don't try anything or you and One going to have a problem." Amar says

"No, we are not together his my best friend we are very close. Now can we get back to what we were doing?"

"So you mad (clicks tongue) or naw?" Amar and Tori says at the same time.

" I'm hella mad." I said and we all started laughing.

For the rest of the time we practice till it was lunch time. Me and Tobias walks in the dining hall and hell breaks loses. Eric walks up to me "hey baby I forgive you for almost breaking my jaw. So how about we go go back to the dorm I you can get me a proper apology." He says while trying to touch my abdomen. Before I can answer Toby goes in front of me " she's not interested maybe you can ask Kia"

"Are you two together?"

"No, she's like family to me and I won't let you use her body for your horny ass!"

Eric pushes four out the way to grab my hand but, four punches in the same place I punched him. "You son of a bitch" he yells out. I walk four to the pit so he can calm down. Now what am I going to do?


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