Angel's divergent

Chapter 6 Flashback

Angel's P.O.V

I look at Tobias after the fight he had with Eric. "You okay?" I say while holding his hand his knuckles are split. "I'm fine. You really are an Abnegation at heart." he replies. I come closer to whisper in his ear "Yes I am and apparently and three other factions." He freezes and looks in to my eyes they turned darker almost black and it means two things lust or concern and I don't thing lust is the answer. " Y-Your D-D-D-" I stop him before he says anything else. "come on I found this place last night I wanted to show you it can be are secret place like back in Abnegation." I say smiling. He follows me through a tunnel that leads to the back of the chasm.

"Wow!" he

"I know right." I sit on the floor with my legs crossed and four sits right next to me. "Who knew something so dangerous can be so beautiful." I yell out because the water is splashing against the rocks. He beckons me over closer to him. " I'm looking right at her." i pretend to be shocked.

"No I am not! Well i am beautiful but people look at my body then me personally." I say as I look over at Four and I see his look at my stomach and my chest. I punch him in his chest. " Ow you see this is what i'm talking about you are dangerous." He says while rubbing his chest. " i am not dangerous. I'm just stronger and tougher then most girls. i say as I leaning back against the wall.

When i look over i see his hand on a rock. i put my hand on top of his and squeezed. He looks at our hands then at me and squeezes back. i smile and I look at his eyes. ' his eyes are so powerful yet beautiful.' i say to my self. " Thanks your eyes are beautiful too." 'Wait did i say that out loud.' "Yes you did" he says laughing. " Oh shut the hell up!" i yell back. " Make me." He whispers and puts his fists up.

" All right then" I push him hard against the wall and put my foot on his chest. I lean over towards his ear and put his hands above his head. " I win" I said before I leaned in to kiss him. As I kiss him I feel him tense up then kiss back with the same passion. As we kiss I feel his hands going to the zipper of my jacket and unzips it. His hands touch my bare stomach and back and pulls me closer. i trace his bottom lip with me tongue asking for entrance he gladly lets me in.

Then he started kissing up and down my neck. it felt so good but then i remember the conversation with Amar yesterday night.


I can't sleep I having nightmares. Well I always did but for some reason it's bothering me. so I decide to take a walk around Dauntless like a did back home. I pull the sheets off of me and climb down the ladder of the buck bed. I check if I Four is awake when I am sure he's not i put on my black timberland boots and I look for my leather jacket.

I couldn't find it then I see something silver coming from Four's bed. I look closely and he is sleeping on top of my jacket. I smile I can't believe he still does it. Ever since our first beating we would have each other's clothing such as a sweater or shirt and have it for confront when we are not together. so I grab my black hoodie and head out.

As i get to the i hear footsteps i try to run and hide but someone catches my arm. I flinch and get ready for a hit and nothing comes, I look and its Amar. "Amar! you scared the hell out of me." i say while yanking my arm from his grasp. "What are you doing up so late?" he says with his arms crossed over his chest. I should ask you the same thing. i reply while mocking there stance. He raises an eyebrow at me. I roll my eyes " Fine, I couldn't sleep so I deiced to take a walk. Now what are you doing up?" " I was coming to get you."

" What? Why?"

" To tell you that your not safe here for long."

" What did I do?" I say with a hint of scared and a dash of anger.

" Calm down girl! Now come on with me there are cameras."

He starts walking down a hall with me behind him. Then he stops in front of a door and unlocks it. When i walk around i see its a room of computer monitors.

"Is this the control room that controls the electronics?'

" Yeah it the only place without cameras."

" wow they are really some dumb mother fuckers." i say laughing

" I know right but that's not what i wanted to talk to you about."

" So what's going on?"

" There is a woman named Jennie Matthews. She's the leader of Erudite and she plans to wipe out all Divergent. She says that they are dangerous that we cant be controlled. And tha-"

"Wait, Wait, Wait. We? Your divergent too?" I say surprised

" Yes i am. now i meet people who can help us. But they have to do something in order for us to be safe."

" What is it?"

No answer

"Amar! What is it?"

Still no answer


" We got to fake our death!"

I freeze did he say what i think he said. Fake my death? That means i got to leave Tobias. I can't do that. The only reason i'm still alive is because i'm staying alive for him. I have been trying to keep him alive.

" I cant do that, But after we do what happens next?"

"We go outside the fence they say there's a place we can go called the Bureau of Genetic Welfare. they will explain everything."

" Fine. When is capture the flag?"

" How do you know about capture the Flag?"

" My dad left me memories."

" Oh the day after visiting day which is in week nine of training."

" Alright I'll do it after capture the flag."

" OK. Oh and here its a watch it has a alarm the instructors use to wake up 30 minutes before to wake everyone else up. It vibrates so no one else will hear it" i grab the black and dark purple watch and fix it on me wrist.

"You don't have one for Four he is your crush after all." i say with a smirk.

" I don't like four i'm not gay!" he says blushing

" oh yes you are don't worry your secret is safe with me." I say walk back to the dorm with my finger on my lips.


I pull back from our kiss. " Come on they will wander where we are." i say helping Four up and we walk back.


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