Angel's divergent

Chapter 7 Blade's baby girl

Angel's P.O.V

I feel vibrating coming from my wrist. I look and it was the watch it's 5:30 am. I turn it off and went to go get ready. I take a quick shower and put on black long sleeve shirt that says ' Bravery v.s. Stupidity, black skinny jeans and my black timberland boots. I put my hair in a braid. I look in the mirror " No still not complete." I say to my self. I rip the sleeves of the shirt and take one of the sleeves and tie it around my right bicep. " Better" I smile

When I walked out of the bathroom I see Amar in the door way with a smile on his face. " Hey Amar." "Hey. You can either go to breakfast or you can stay and watch this" he laughs. I see a whistle around his neck. I smile knowing what he's going to do. "I'll stay" I walk over to Eric's bed then gives him the thumbs up. He blows the whistle and everyone freaks out expect for me and Four. When Eric sees me he smiles "Is this a dream?" I smile back "No. If it was would i have done this?" I lean in like was going to kiss him then as he close his eyes I punch him in the gut. " Not gonna happen." I laugh and so does everyone else. " He is so gullible. Morning Four.' I say while ruffling his hair and walked to breakfast.

When I walk in I sit on top of an empty table. Then I see two Dauntless borns coming my way. " Hey. I'm Zeke and this is Shauna." Says a tall, handsome bronze skin boy and points at a girl with blonde hair and two inches shorter then me.

"Hi. I'm One"

" Yeah we know who you are 'Blade's baby girl'." he laughs

" First of all!, I'm not a baby and second of all I don't to be known because i'm Blade's girl. I wanna make my own reputation you know." They both nodded. Then Tobias comes over with a tray in his hand. Oh no not now. "Four this is Zeke and Shauna remember from training. I introduce.



"Hi. Oh and thanks for helping me with the fighting moves."

"No problem."

" Surprisingly his a natural" I add

" One did you eat something?" he says sternly

"Yes. I had an apple." he gives me the I'm not buying it look.

" what color were the apples?"

" Green and yellow. Now stop treating me like a kid!" I say with anger

" I'm just worried about you. we need to eat."

I stand up and walk up to his face. " The way you and every other boy looks at me tells me that I'm perfectly healthy." I yell back

" Oh I feel some pressure between you two." says Zeke. me and four looks at him.

" You two sound like a married couple. Are you two together?" he adds



"Yes we are. She was my best friend in Abnegation. Then when we got here I realize that i'm in love with her. So now here we are." says four

" Aw that's so cute!" says Shauna. Zeke, four and I look at her like she was crazy.

" Anyway Four I'm sorry I guess I'm just uses to not eating."

" No I'm sorry I just care about you too much." He says as he pulls me into a hug. As we hug my stomach starts it hurt.

" Four"


" Can you pass me that granola bar?" He pulls away a little and hands it to me. I take a bite then two seconds later it was gone."

" Wow"

"That was-"

"Cool!" Zeke ends. We all break in to a laugh.

Amar walks in. " Alright in. Transfers and Dauntless borns come with me."

" I wonder what he has iinitiates store for us today." I say

" Who Knows?"

We walking in to the traning room. " Alright listen up! Today is knife and gun traning then tommorow you will do the fighting pairs. Tori here will do guns I'll be doing the training knives let get started." We each head to a target . We watch as he does the correct stance. " You don't always have to stand like this but for you beginners it's easier to start like this." Amar states then throws the knife. Bullseye. "Alright you try." I wonder who will make it first.


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