Angel's divergent

Chapter 8 My Anger is my Demons

Angel's P.O.V

We stand in front of the targets. Me and Four practice throwing without the knives. Then Eric walks over to me. " Hey have you changed your mind about being called 'Eric's girl'?"

"No I didn't and I never will. Now move before I throw this knife at you.?" He stands in front of the target and says " I like to see you do it." I grab a knife and pretend to throw it, he flinches I laugh "Coward" I say I turn to talk to Amar then I feel a sharp pain in my back.

Four's P.O.V

Eric gets sick and tired of One embarrassing him that he takes a knife and cuts her on her back. She yells out in pain spins around and pins Eric against the wall pointing a knife at him. "I should fucking kill you for that!" She yells out. I takes me Amar and Zeke to pull her off him. " Amar take her to the infirmary and get give her the peace serum but only 10 mg or it will back backfire." Tori says cautiously. One tries to go after Eric again but Amar pulls her back and puts her in a headlock and walks out. I turn to Eric

"What the hell was that for?"

"She needed to be taught a lesson" he replies

" She could have killed you if we didn't get her off your sorry behind!"

" She a girl I could have overthrown her a long time ago."

"I'm not so sure about that." I say

"Alright! Continue training." Tori commands

I walk up to the table with the knives and grab four knives. I walk in front of my target, takes a deep breath, pulled my arm back and as I breath out I threw the knife it lands a few centimeters away from the center. "Good, for your first try" says Tori I smile at her she smiles back.

Amar and One walks in, she look like her self she just has a new scar on her back. I can tell she's happy that it wasn't from her mom. I stare at her she gives me the I'm okay look. I nod as my respond. "OK now we will do gun training." Amar yells. As he starts to make his way to the table he stops dead in his tracks. One is setting up the gun and giving them to the initiatives. "What are you doing?" Amar asks. " We all have demons in our lives, one of mines is my father's abilities and anger."she replies while putting ammo in her gun. " So, your telling us your were born to be Dauntless?" says Eric

Angel's P.O..V

"What you don't believe me?"

"No, I don't" he states

"Alright then. someone go get Max I need him!" I yell. A few minutes later Max walks in. "Max, I need you to help me show this ' Mad cuz he want to be a true Dauntless' loser something" I says while pointing at Eric. He smlies and says " Alright, only because your dad was my best firend." he replies

"Ok try to shoot me guys you may want to move out the way." He pulls out his gun and shoots without warning.

Four's P.O.V

He shoots and she ducks. She smiles and winks at him. He starts to shoot repeatedly she runs across the room and dodges the bullets. Eric tries to trip her but she does a front flip landing on her feet. She grabs a knife and throws it at Max he dodges it. When his not paying attention she kicks the gun out of his hand trips him so he lands on his back then kneels on his Rib cage, grabs the gun and knife points the gun to Max then throws the knife at Eric so fast that no one didn't see til they heard a thud and saw Eric frozen. She looks at him then says " Now you where saying?" Everyone starts to cheer. " wow just like your father." Max says as she helps him up. " Really I never noticed." She says sarcastically. As she goes to the targets. I over hear the boy transfers and Dauntless-borns talking with Eric.

"She got you good Eric."

" yeah and did it looking sexy as fuck."

"She is waaaaaaayyyyy out of your league. I mean if we made a list pretty boy Four over there will be first, everyone else, the dead, roaches, then you."

"Oh shut up! She will be mine, but if I can have her no one will." Eric says as if it was a fact.

I start to walk over there when One grabs my collar. "Hey come four. Amar says if we shoot four( LOL) in a row we can leave early. I want to go and do something fun." She whispers the last part in me ear. I give her a confused look. She just winks an me and does a very sexy walk to the gun range. I finally get it walk behind her and whispers

"Let's get started."


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