Angel's divergent

Dauntless Prodigy

Four's P.O.V

One did her rounds all ready. " since this is your first time. Shoot at my target first to see what needs to be improved." She whispered I shoot at her target. I look at One she has an unreadable look on her face. "What?" I say

Angel's P.O.V

I look at the target, then walked up to it. I point to a bullet hole that is in the center. "Right here is where my first shot landed. Were do you think your shot is?" He point at the bullet that's on the far edge of the target that Mia shoot. Awww he so cute when he think his not good enough. "No. Come look." We walk up to the target. I point at my shot. "Here." "But that your shot." He says confused.

I take my my nail and take out the bullet and I I guessed there's a bullet under it. " Your shot matched mine." "Really?" "Yeah babe" I winked. "Now make the more shots and come out side." When I get to the door his right behind me. "Done already?" "See for your self." I look at his target three center shots. "Very good." I say in a instructor voice. "Yeah good enough." Adds Amar. I look at him and wink. He rolls his eyes and looks away because he knows what I'm saying.

We step out to meet Shauna and Zeke. "Hey I know a place we can go to." I said. We ran to the train tracks. The train was coming we broke out running a jumped in the train. Four has gotten better I guess he belongs in Dauntless. I sit in the door way feeling the wind in my hair. I see a destination and whistle to get the attention. "Hey!" They look at me I slip out the train. I heard Shauna scream and Zeke cursed.

I am so Dauntless!


Hey guys, well comment of what you like and don't like about the story and make sure you share!!!

- Angel

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