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Pure heart valley (Book 1)


This book is about the story of pure heart, where are of the sweetie pies live. There are some characters that are just calm, and some that seek adventure...

Action / Adventure
John Appleseed
Age Rating:

The beginning

Welcome to pure heart, a place where any sweetie pie can come to- what’s this? A flying object? Let’s check it out..

Chapter 1: The beginning

Adorabat: Look at that cloud!

Lucky: what cloud

Adorabat: That one! *points* it looks like a scary monster with big tee-

Lucky: Ok stop! You’re scaring me. I’m gonna go home. See you later.

*Cut back to the flying object*

??: I’m going to defeat the sky pirates and finally complete the prophecy!

??: Can’t I just drive?

??: No! You drive like a grandma...

*lands on ship*

??: *shoots grappling hook* Lets go.

*The two heroes go up into the ship*

??: I am orangusnake, leader of the sky pirates. Roll call.

*calls out all his crew*

??: let’s attack with your arm.

??: no!

??: what’s that over there? *points*

??: Where??

??: *messes with robot arm*

??: What did I tell you about messing with my arm!!

Orangusnake: Excuse me, this is a private function, can you please leave.

??: *Fires arm cannon and breaks ship*

Orangusnake: No! My crew!

Orangusnake: I only have 3 crew members left!!

*Orangusnake sees the rest of his crew*

Orangusnake: Were doomed..

??: *Flys off ship*

??: Hah! I told you we could-

*Crashes into ruby pure heart, breaks it, and disables the barrier*

Adorabat: Woah! Who is that!

Adorabat: I want to be that!

??: be what, a hero?

Adorabat: YES!

??: Ok, names mao mao and Badgerclops.

Adorabat: Cool!

*Sky pirates return*

To be continued...

End of chapter 1

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