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HEMOPHOBIA [vkook/taekook]


Taehyung is a normal boy who is a kind person. But he suffers from Hemophobia, wich is a fear for blood. And that when a famous serial serial killer assasin or if preffered 'hit man' got its eyes in him and decides to kidnap the boy. This story includes includes: -blood, violence -smut -boyXboy -murder -topkook -bottae -happy end

Action / Romance
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1: Hemophobia

Location: Busan- 9:00 pm

"again a new day where the police had found two more victims that were killed by the 'Bunny'. One of the serial killers that is on the run for more than 7 years now.

A man and a women were found dead near the sea. Their faces have been left unrecognizable making the police unable to identify the victims.

But the marking in their neck is the sign that it was the 'bunny's' work. As you can see here. There had been left the letters 'J K'

The police don't know why this man leaves those names on his victims but the police it doing their best to catch him and have some answers.

This is all we have about the yesterday murder. We will be back tomorrow at 7 am and late at night at 9 pm.

Have a nice evening this was the news of 9 pm."

The tv was abruptly shut off As soon she was done. Taehyung had been listening to the news from the kitchen. But he couldn't watch. Listening was already hard to to since she was explaining the details. Taehyung couldn't handle that.

He had Hemophobia. Even the image of blood would be enough to make him panick or feel sick.

Taehyung lived alone in a small apartment in Busan where he moved two years ago when his parents died. He had a grandma that lived in Busan as well he didn't have a lot of family besides her so he moved to be closer and see her more often.

He didn't have any goals for the future yet. But he hoped to be able to move out here and live bigger later.

But first he needs to save up enough.

Lately his grandma was telling him to be careful because Busan wasn't a safe area anymore. It was the hometown of the Bunny killer. Ever since the killings started happening taehyung had been feeling not so safe outside at night.

But he had to go out often for work. He worked at a movie theater which was open until late. He was mostly the one that closes off because he had been working there for his two years here and was good trust worthy.

He had been studying medics at first but he had to quit because his phobia got in the way. He thought it wasn't that bad. Well that was until they had to practice and have examples. It was too much for him. That was years ago when he was a teenager.

So after that he didn't know what to do next. That was what he wanted. He wanted to help people but he wasn't able to.

"bunny.....Hm" taehyung dried the last plate and walked to the couch flopping down. He had been wondering who Bunny would be. He hears a lot about him but no one got a face.

Only one or two pictures where he was wearing a dark face mask making him unrecognisable. But taehyung could see his hair was black. Well.... basically everyone here had dark colored hair so that wasn't anything special. And the only thing that was the most recognisable was the tattoo of a bunny on his wrist.

Someone had seen it when being attacked. That person was the only one that survived the bunny so far.

He called himself bunny for who knows why. But it was a cute name but because it was named 'bunny' it would send a shiver down someone's spine. It was like a fake nice name. Like a illusion of kindness.

Taehyung tried to follow the news but lots of times he had to shut it off because of the images that were shown. So now he listens to it more than watch. To make sure he doesn't pass out when he is alone.

"strange figure" taehyung said and put his phone away. He had work today but wasn't looking forward to it. It would be busy for sure because there was a famous movie playing.

But his shift wasn't that long. Only a few hours so that was a plus side. He only needed to clean after five movies and then close off with his work partner.


"no get new water" taehyung said seeing his friend use the dirty water to clean the table.

"but it's so far" the other complained.

"you are just lazy, it's bad to clean with dirty water, you are just spreading the ew things"


"good" taehyung smiled and the other rolled his eyes but smiled back.

His friend came back with new soapy water and started all over again.

"hey Tae, did you hear about bunny today?"

"I did" taehyung said while throwing away a empty bottle.

"i wonder when they will catch him. He is like a ghost"

"yes, buy your boyfriend works for the police right"

"yes he does, Hoseokie is very good detective" the blonde said with a smile and sparkles in his eyes.

"Jimin we need to get this done we have ten minutes" taehyung said seeing the time had passed quicker than he thought.

"ah shit you are right, speed mode on" jimin said and went super fast with wiping everything clean.

They were done within the ten minutes and were now on their way Out.

"when do you work again?" jimin asked when they walked out and locked the door.

"In the weekend. I'm free the rest if this week" taehyung said

"nice, i have only tomorrow and saturday"

"i will head home now, see you saturday i think?"

"yup, bye!"

They waved and taehyung started walking home.

As always he walked through the streets.

And as always he was unknown of the eyes that were watching him every day.

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