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perfect// daniel seavey


isabella has been friends with jack since the first day of 2 grade. they been through alot. but jack leaves to go to la to start his music with the boys. isabella moves to florida so she can get on with her life. three years later jack finally shows up to see isabella and meets daniel. isabella and daniel have feelings for eachother but dont show it til 3 weeks after she moves in. they have their ups and downs. they have trust issuses too so it gets really complcaited and with isabella past that only jack knows about it gets scary and daniel starts to worry about her. read to found out what happens to isabella and daniel

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facts about me

my name is isabella kahl

im 20 years old

my birthday is april 20 1999

im besties with jack avery

i live in miami, florida

i have a bunch of siblings

my siblings names are Madison , Addison , Mason, Stella, Ashton, Carson, Lucy, Nate, and Mackenize.

Madison is 26, Addison is 23, mason is 29, stella is 15, Ashton is also 15, carson is 13, lucy is 28, nate is 16, and mackenzie is 6

i live with Addison and her boy friend Austin.

addison and i are very close with eachother.

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