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Chapter 1

“haye re nandkishore! When will you get up, sanka devi? I don’t understand what that ladka(boy) saw in you? Bechara bhola bhala kaam se gaya.” Madhumati Gupta sighed at her niece of age 19 still sleeping without the care of this world and thinking about the boy who wants to marry her, and will come with his family today to see this niece of her who acts like a baby all the time, can never walk in one line and if she tried to walk in straight line, Madhumati ji is sure that out of 206 bones, 100 will definitely be broken.

She feels sad for the poor guy.

“bua ji, hume nahi pasand vo, aapne dekha hai unhe, his face is like ice, no expression and his eyes are so dark and beautiful yet always angry. When I saw him na, I felt I’ll be burnt with one look only, my heart was racing buaji, acidity ho gayi thi hume. I can’t handle his one look, agar unke sath hi rehna pargya to hum to gaye.” the sanka devi, Khushi Gupta got up and answered her ever so shouting and haye re nandkishor buaji. (Bua ji, I dont like him, did you saw his face.) (If I had to spend my life with him, I’ll die.)

They heard the bell rang and another round of ‘haye re Nandkishor’ was heard from buaji and she ran to open the door while shouting at her niece to get ready fast.

Khushi who was hurt by her buaji’s behavior thought how her buaji doesn’t consider her opinion on this marriage, she doesn’t understand that her niece might get a heart attack by being near that khadoos Arnav Singh Raizada, that man is acidic.

Khushi still got ready after scolding Arnav Singh Raizada in her mind for so many times.

While on the other side, Buaji was welcoming her soon-to-be damad ji with happiness and his family, she noticed how he was anxiously looking around for her dear niece. She laughed and said, “Arnav bitwa, Khushi will be here in a while.”

Everyone around Arnav laughed at Arnav and his sister, Anjali said “Arnav, are you in love with Khushi ji?” while cupping his face and laughed when she noticed her brothers slightly red cheeks. she is extremely happy for her brother, she has known Khushi ji from the same time as her brother, she also saw her in the wedding like her brother. When she was talking to her, she saw how her brother looked at the girl like she was the only one in this world, she told Khushi to look after her brother for a while giving a look to her brother who smirked and shook his head.

she was the reason why her brother got the girl of his dreams.

Arnav again looked around for the signs of his dream girl who has been haunting him at nights lately, in his room sitting on the bed, laughing looking ravishing in her red saree with hairs open, waiting for him. He wants that dream to turn into reality.

Khushi finally came into his view after a while, dressed in a pretty blue saree, looking marvelous and greeted the elders by folding her hands and wished them.

Anjali stood up and limped towards her new friend and hugged her, telling her how happy she is and Khushi is looking beautiful.

Arnav was constantly looking at khushi and Anjali finally taking pity on her brother told buaji to let the pair talk and understand each other to know if they are compatible, Khushi’s buaji agreed and told khushi to go with her favourite Arnav Bitwa.

Khushi spoke with a half smile “aayiye” (come.)

Arnav nodded and walked to her room behind her and simple closed the door leaving a bit of space. He saw khushi holding her chest and mumbling something.

why is she always speaking to herself? main itna bura to nahi hu. she never smiles at me...
(I am not that bad.)

“Raizada ji, I don’t want to marry you. Please take your proposal back.” Khushi spoke with teary eyes.

Arnav looked as if he almost died and then resurrected. He moved towards her asked one reason for not marrying him.

Khushi in dilemma looked at him and spoke with sadness “whenever I am around you, my heart beats so fast that I feel like I’ll get a heart attack, I feel acidity and... and I feel like I’ll die. I want to live Raizada ji, Aap ye shadi tod dijiye.” (Please break this Marriage.)

Arnav looked at her and nodded saying “I’ll do best for us then, you wait here and I’ll give others answers outside. Okay.”

Khushi nodded. Such a nice man, he must find a better girl for himself. Hum faltu main kyu mre bhala. (Why should I die in vain.)

"khushi and I agree for this marriage and the marriage have to happen in four days as I have to leave for work afterwards for three to four months, if you guys don’t mind, we’ll keep the wedding in Shantivan.” Arnav spoke and everyone hugged him and smiled at him.

Every one got ready for the wedding...

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