Chapter 11

“Arnav ji, aap thik hain?” Khushi questioned hugging him close as she tightened her wrap around him and he too willingly hugged her tighter. In her embrace, he felt all the things he was missing today, his peace, his heart, and most important, his soul. His love. (Arnav ji, are you okay?)

“Hm...” He pulled her more closer and she let him. Suddenly, Arnav realised what he had in his arms. His universe was shook and something in him moved and his grim face got the smile that was missing with a spark in his eyes. His eyes twinkled as he held her close, closer.

Khushi, the rabbit, felt sad for Arnav, the lion. Khushi patted his back and soothed his hairs while whispering “I won’t leave you, I’ll always stay with you, Arnav ji.” Arnav tightened his hold and smiled while burrowing his head in her neck.

Khushi too put her head close to his and patted his back slowly. Poor Arnav ji.

The innocent rabbit put itself so close to lion, the rules of the jungle says not to fall in the trap but the rabbit unaware of the circumstances walked right into it. The lion grinned and ran for the kill.

Arnav pulled back with his face having fear on it, the fear of losing someone. Trapping her was never difficult. He enjoyed the feel of her softness in his hardness as she initiated the hug this time again and he held her so close that even air couldn’t pass between them.

Arnav almost felt sad for khushi but this was for their future, and she won’t mind if she gets to know this.

If this act can bring her closer to him, he would always act that way.

As if god agreed to his thoughts, air started following and thunders struck harder making khushi jump.

He held her even closer as he felt her fear and pulled her back to cup her cheeks.
“What happened, khushi?”

His voice was husky, and he held her waist enjoying the feel of skin but still willingly caressing her to provide his support to her fears. Keep the thunders going, don’t stop until she falls asleep.

Arnav almost cringed at himself for he was one who never believed in god but now when he looks at the woman in his arms, he wonders if this was a gift by god to comfort him in his ever-dark life.

“It was dark, thunderous like this one.” Khushi whispered lost and scared making Arnav held her even close and he listened to her carefully soothing her the way she soothed him and she wrapped her arms around his neck too.

“They got into accident and nobody came back.” Khushi poured her heart infront of him while he caressingly took all of it in, soothing her to sooth her pain, her heart.

“My Amma, my baba, they... they both died in an accident when I was 8. I... I was with them, there in the car but I was saved by Amma. She covered me and I was just scratched.” Khushi whispered as tears fell on her face and Arnav supported her and wiped her tears.

He held her close and took her to bed and made her lie on it. Khushi looked at him with vulnerability when suddenly thunder struck and a sob came from khushi as she pulled Arnav on bed to hug him as he fell on her completely.

She held him close as her eyes teared not noticing the weight crushing her, not fearing how she walked in the trap he was laying.

Arnav felt her softness crushing under his form, he closed his eyes tightly to control himself and think of something else but as she pulled him more, his control snapped too.

He rolled and changed their positions giving himself to her. Khushi still didn’t knew of the beautiful danger she has encountered and in her fear she held him closer.

Arnav held her tightly and wished the thunder stop or else the rabbit might be eaten by him, completely.

Unexpectedly the thunder did stopped for some seconds making khushi and Arnav sigh in relief when suddenly khushi pushed herself off him as her heart started thudding and she looked in Arnav ’s eyes.

Khushi stared in his eyes laying next to him and felt something crawl on her skin, it was pleasant but still unpleasant. Her heart raced at the things she saw in his eyes, they held her eyes the way she does to her jalebi. Her Arnav ji’s eyes looked at her and touched her. She felt him touch her, she felt the burns and she touched the placed that burned with fire but nothing was there except her cold fingers and her clothes.

She tilted her head still looking in his eyes as he silently turned to lay on his side to face her when suddenly thunders struck making khushi grab a hold of his hand and he pulled her to himself to hold her, breathed in her scent and closed his eyes.

“Arnav ji...” khushi whispered and Arnav hummed as he felt her whispers hit his thought as if the words were her hands, holding him and caressing him making him awake in places he couldn’t describe.

“Don’t look at me like I look at jalebi and kittu looks at milk.” Khushi told him holding his eyes with hers still her wrapped around his waist.

“...” Arnav kept looking at her to which she felt those unspoken things again and she put her hand on his eyes to stop him from staring at her.

“You are doing it again. You are like Lakshmi ji.” Arnav wondered why when khushi continued. “You look like her when she stares at plants with her eyes.” And Arnav started laughing pulling her closer to him.

Khushi looked at him wondering why he was laughing when Arnav looked at her and said “I guess I should show you how much I am like that goat and your kittu.” Khushi looked at him confused.

Khushi opened her mouth to ask when it was shut in the most effective way by Arnav as he used his mouth to hers. All the confusion, burns and tingles were solved as her mouth was held captive by his and her feelings strangled with his.

Her mouth burned and she... liked, loved, that ache. The tingles spread to whole of her and the night was still young.

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