Chapter 12

Khushi blushed as she saw the cut on her lip and a little anger rose in her. He bit her lip like she bites jalebi and he kissed her... a lot. She liked it but still, like this, so many times and still not stopping even when she... she did say his name to stop.

He truly did like Lakshmi ji eats plants and kittu drinks milk...

She knows she did.

Khushi got ready and left washroom as she saw him get up. As she stood in bathroom, she saw how her neck has red bites evidences causing her heart to tremor. He bit, knit, and a lot more. He savoured her in ways she has savoured her jalebis.

He did so much more and so less too. The disappointment in her mind was too much to bear, even for her.

Khushi traced her finger on one of the marks and another shiver ran her spine in search of a relief tugging her core. Her hand fisted in little fists as she felt different than before. She felt truly womanly.

It was new and the feeling a little bit raw. She enjoyed this new fascination she grew with the love and bits.

Khushi got ready and covered her neck by wearing a high neck blouse. She was covered from head to toe.

Arnav looked up as soon as he heard the door click and he wished he hadn’t because she looked so serene, so new, so... beautifully raw with ripe red cheeks, beautiful dark eyes with fluttering of lashes. She was everything he wanted and everything he got all in a package of little lady with extreme innocence.

Her innocence just makes it more fascinating for him. She makes him seem like a crude person, he heard rumours in his office that an innocent woman got trapped by a beast of a man. He knew who that certain innocent woman and the certain man was.

Khushi looked at him still staring lost in his thoughts and shook her head. Such a weird person, I got ready for nothing.

Khushi realised as the thought passed her mind and again shook her head since when did she feel for this laad governor! feels! Where did the word came from?

Khushi wondered and was leaving when he pulled her back. Arnav bend his head and hovered his lips over hers before whispering “jalebis were very delicious.”

Khushi blushed the shades of red and looked at him with widened eyes and sweetly delicious smile. “but… but you are a diabetic.”

“That’s what made them that delicious.” Arnav grinned like kittu and went to get ready for work. He now just has to correct his sister’s world.

Khushi went down to see Anjali’s face filled with sorrow but lips stretched in smile and turned to see the Raizada’s were fawning over a male of thirties and having a smile pleasing everyone with words.

She knew the face, he was snake. Shyam. Khushi wondered what will happen to all the smiling faces that were very happy with their Shyam Bitwa coming home. What will happen once they get to know about his senile ways.

He had all the qualities of being the perfect brother in law, son in law and a husband on face. A perfect liar and soon this perfect liar is soon going to be revealed.

Arnav who was standing at the top of the stairs was very ready with the angry face but he did give a small smile to Anjali and moved away from all of them to have a peace of mind.

Khushi noticed the way his hands fisted and clutched harder, she noticed his eyes closing and the controlling ASR coming to life.

ASR looked over at the senile in front of him who was about to give him a hug but ASR with a complete urge of throwing the man controlled himself but didn’t hugged the snake and rather moved a bit back which didn’t faze anyone since that’s how he was. Controlled, emotionless and him in every way.

“Brother-in-law, congratulations on your marriage.” Shyam wished and smilingly asked where his bride was.

Arnav who was looking a bit unhappy introduced Khushi holding her hand to him tightly and keeping her close to him as if Shyam was some bacteria.

His heart roused with fire when Shyam greedily took in Khushi’s form causing even his family to look at him weirdly but he calmed and said “Di take Jijaji to his room! He is tired.”

Anjali who noticed what happened felt creeps on her skin and though everything in her was screaming to kick the man in the shin but she stopped and followed what Arnav has planned.

“Khushi ji, you are also from Lucknow?” Shyam asked as he sat down for lunch with the family and noticed the siren serving her husband.

The siren was so beautiful to him that he was lost at how did such a beautiful person married such a cold, ruthless, callous and brutal person. In his opinion, Arnav was nothing less of a beast. She should be with him, serving him, treating him as her husband. Then as he thought, his anger increased but then it stopped as he realised how he can make her his… soon.

Arnav who noticed Shyam’s not so subtle staring at his wife had had enough and was about to stand when Khushi held his hand to which he tried to calm but nothing comes before the lady who left her home, her family, and her life for him.

He stood and looked at Anjali who understood and bowed in shame which wretched Arnav’s heart and made him feel weak, he excused himself and held Khushi’s hand and took her with him. The Raizada’s were used to Arnav’s tantrum so they didn’t bother.

“Khushi, you are okay?” Arnav asked as he led the bundle of nerves in his arms and realised how untouched by the world she was. Suddenly feeling exposed was something that scared her and his anger came back.

He tightened his arms and kept her close when she said “Arnav ji, throw him away, please…” she pleaded with her hands reaching to clutch his shirt and he knew, he had to do it.

He kissed her lips and moved to the bathroom with her in his arms.

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